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  1. 15-25 yards for pistol, PCC, and Shotgun 100 yards for rifle. Rifle being an AR15 in 556nato. Heavier calibers swing it faster. From my timed testing, I found shooting the top then the bottom was always faster. BUT.. I am not waiting for the plates to get to vertical before shooting em. If you wait for a vertical plate to engage, then your shots will be behind vertical. Timing to drive the plates is how you push em over faster. Example 1: Starting top plate with Shotgun, 2 fast hits, then 3 hits to the bottom. I start shooting the bottom plate as soon as it is presented enough to shoot at. I don't wait for it to get back to vertical before shooting at it. Gun and ammo details also matter. 18" barrel with improved cylinder choke, federal 12G #8 1.1/8 at 1145FPS. Most matches I go to have a #6 and 1300FPS load limit and a massive penalty for knocking the spinner down with too hot ammo. Because of those limits, I don't waste time on special ammo to do the work. Example 2: Starting top plate with PCC, 4 fast hits, then 4 hits to the bottom. Again I am not waiting for the bottom plate to get back to vertical. I beginning shooting at it as soon as it is presented enough to make hits. This pattern and style drives the bottom plate much faster and makes the spinner spin. Gun and ammo details. KE9 16" barrel using 124gr federal Syntech TSJ factory ammo. Example 3: Starting top plate with Pistol, 2 fast hits, then 3-4 hits to the bottom. I can consistently double tap the top plate, and triple tap the bottom plate. Gun and ammo details. glock 34 using 124gr federal syntech TSJ factory ammo.
  2. double and triple taps depending on gun type. No single shots unless it is the back side of a plate driving it over.
  3. top first with all types of guns. I own an MGM spinner and have practiced all of this out on the time clock. Figured out the patterns that work with the least amount of down time waiting for the plates to be in a shooting position. with shotgun birdshot: 2 hits top, 3 bottom, its over. with rifle: 3 hits top, 3 hits bottom, its over. with pistol: 2 hits top, 3-4 hits bottom, 1 hit top, clean up back side of bottom plate, its over. with PCC: 4 hits top, 4 hits bottom, its over. Of course that pattern is what I have figured out and works for me with my gear.
  4. Its easily done. Get it eye ball straight then go to the range. Get a group on paper and adjust the windage side to side by loosening one side and tightening the other side. Once good, tighten down evenly on both sides and recheck the zero.
  5. Alternative front sight post suggestion: https://www.fulton-armory.com/frontsightbaseforgedpowerwedgewsetscrewswobayolug.aspx these work and allow for gross windage adjustment at installation.
  6. Here's the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHX6LX_-urg Announcing open registration for Desert Brutality 2018, sponsored by InRangeTV and Varusteleka.com! This will be a two-day match with 8 long stages of physically intense competition in both bay and field conditions. If you like 2-gun, you will love Desert Brutality. We have a great prize table lined up,which will be awarded at random - everyone has an equal chance at winning something awesome. Divisions are Classic, Scout, Sport, Armored, and Armored +P - see the match registration page for details: Practiscore Registration
  7. Another solution: don't place rifle steel targets closer then 200yards. Or as stated by ericm, steel targets are also a consumable item and will need replacement more often when used at closer distances.
  8. Hits on paper is Prolly stage specific. Watching videos from last years ROK, the selector was stage dependent.
  9. DIVISION choice will limit what you can use. Both listed guns with no optics and 30rd mags will put you in Heavy Kalash division. Add and optic or 40rd mag and welcome to OPEN Kalash division. You seek the "AK operators union 4774 (AKOU)" YouTube channel and store. These guys have the better selector lever (on the AK it is a dust cover), and muzzle devices for you to choose from. RS regulate for optic mounting system. lots of options for type of optic being used. AKOU has em all and some interesting package deals of mount and optics. Personally a 30rd mags should be sufficient for the match. For coupling mags together: use a bit of wood and lots of tape. just remember to offset them or you wont be able to charge the weapon on the reload. I too plan to be at the ROK-2017 match.
  10. Match DQ offence. The trigger pin broke and walked out of my Saiga-12. Gun slam fired on reload, jammed, then again slam fired while trying to unload the gun to make it safe. No one was hurt, but it did end my match. ***Shooters note: on all AK type guns, if the trigger pin comes out of the gun, there IS NO WAY TO MAKE IT SAFE UNTIL ALL AMMO IS OUT OF THE GUN. The safety selector wont stop the hammer from falling. With the trigger pin out of the gun there is nothing to stop the hammer from falling. I broke a bolt lug on a 6.8SPC rifle 8 shots into a stage. Gun locked up tight. Same gun, funny accuracy issues. Upon deep cleaning found two cracked bolt lugs (above and below the extractor cut out). Replace bolt, accuracy comes right back. I've had the gas key come loose from a few AR15 bolt carriers and cause funny intermittent short strokes.
  11. Facespace round posting 270 rifle, 3 spinners, and 30-ish rounds long range 300 pistol 200 birdshot, no SG spinners 8 slugs rifle slings needed SG slings not needed
  12. In this thread we find out who can shoot with finesse and not just speed. Too difficult for new shooters: So the match should be geared only to the lowest common denominator? It takes too much time: learn how to shoot it! Its not different then any other target system. But unlike most, the spinner requires the least amount of reset on any given stage. I need special ammo: HAHAHAHAHAHAA. G34 with 115gr nothing special ammo. In practice regularly it is 9 shots fired. At matches huffing and puffing it is 12-15shots. I guess coming into shooting from 3gun has taught me how to be a better overall shooter then the pistol only guys. I don't fear any target system nor waste time complaining about it. Learn to shoot it.
  13. Watching people have that part break on the clock in "quality" factory guns, I have decided to remove one more part that can fail and really screw up a stage.
  14. Thx for the info. In this day and age, who actually runs a buffer detent in ANY hard use gun? One less part to possibly fail and lock the gun up on the clock. Seen it happen too often.
  15. You gotta nail down the proper grab of the new mag, and the getting the front catch on the mag into its slot in the magwell. Its all gross motions. Assuming you're a right handed shooter. You can also use extended mag release catch so your trigger finger can release the mag in the rifle. If a lefty, use the new mag to hit the mag release on the reload stroke.
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