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  1. Will there be a heavy optic division? Will there be a limited division?
  2. Will there be a heavy optic division? Will there be a limited division? Need 10 minimum to make a division.
  3. The Vinci will float a round just like the m2. Not sure about the ghost load.
  4. Knights sr25 ACC Gold Medal Match shoots at least MOA in the ACC's 16in CL pencil barrel. I'm running a SiCo harvestor big bore break. Makes the felt recoil similar to a bird cage AR carbine Runs all ammo I've tried & doesn't blow up when freedom munitions sells crappie 308 filled to the top with powder.
  5. Marshmallow ARs are pretty popular it seems. & Hillary likes the way the marshmallow cream tastes
  6. Safariland ALS holsters built for springfield operators can be fitted to any wide body 1911 incuding 5.4 SVIs.
  7. Don't get anything AJAX can't get rid of
  8. The taran bases give +6 on the 40s. & +5 on 30s & 20s. I love my 25rd mags for real short rifle strings.
  9. On that note its also very easy to remove if your running into the next position & have the extra time. I've dropped mine on accident many times and the shell holders are very resilient.
  10. Yup swaro 1-6 will be gone forever soon. Trolls smashing them on rocks as we speak. Send me your old swaros and I'll turn them into Razors to please the trolls.
  11. Good question. I don't see offset irons used, well, ever. Scopes and reticles are getting better all the time, it seems that offsets are dying off quickly. Personally I have yet to see offsets with a Razor. The eye box and lack of fisheye at 1x is the best reason the RazorHD excels for 3g. The razor is faster and more precise than irons in the active environment that's typical of multi gun.
  12. Any reason the 1x on the razor bothers you? The dot is nice & bright also.
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