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  1. My stock-as-a-box-of-rocks STI Marauder
  2. Yep, I've given up on waiting for a Sphinx Production. Hey Kriss USA--Look at Eagle Imports with their X-Calibur/K100 X-Trim to see how it's done. They have brought a gun that shooters are excited to run, been pretty transparent with the process, and are working to get parts and aftermarket support.
  3. Kriss USA told me that they do not sell parts, if I wanted to get the pin replaced I would have to ship the gun back. This is kind of disappointing.
  4. Just installed the CGW spring kit in my SDP Compact, it made a huge difference. Can't wait to get it back out to the range. One thing tho- I noticed that my firing pin retainer pin (the pin that goes cross-wise through the slide) has a dent where it has been being struck by the firing pin, most likely due to my dry firing.
  5. Nice! I have an Armalite AR-24 (Turkish Tanfo' clone) with the same style front sight and dovetail. I'm gonna have to order one of those from Dawson and try to fit it.
  6. I've looked at all the photos of loading port work done to the 1301, and I have a few questions- - Is anyone doing any smoothing/radiusing around the entry to the magazine tube? - When I quad load, I noted that periodically I get shells stuck on a lip on the side opposite the shell latch. Has anyone radiused this area? Any other photos that you may have taken before installing the lifter would be appreciated, I'm trying to finalize my plan. I did my SX2 and learned a lot, just want to make sure that I am doing it right. Thanks. Josh
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