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  1. Official photos are up! There are two folders this year as she was shooting two cameras (her "pistol" and her "rifle"!). As always, feel free to use these however you wish, but PLEASE give photo credit to Lisa Stennett if you do. That's all she asks in return for all her hard work. Commercial use must have permission first. https://www.flickr.com/photos/lstennett/albums/72157716046502433?fbclid=IwAR1JuPqP6QEiEoaGZDqJBj1Oa61mYOLrVv2T-SOIeYgiAfQhGqDwt-allhk https://www.flickr.com/photos/lstennett/albums/72157716046700958?fbclid=IwAR0JUz9svTPjuAYTHkLBZE32YcMBvgjeBLLiBGBNF-LAkxvX3tvlM
  2. Scott Berger not only shot well, but was the luckiest man of the weekend when his new best friend pulled his name out of the bucket to win the Barrett MRAD. Rumor has it he's going 338 Lapua. Big thanks to Barrett Firearms (https://barrett.net/) for the donation! If you didn't shoot that M22 in 300 Normal Mag, you really missed out. Amazing piece of machinery that you just have to experience to understand.
  3. Sorry for the delays, but I'm just now getting home and back to internet service after spending all day cleaning up the course. Scores are posted: 5k Scores: https://www.practiscore.com/results/html/285b1124-15fd-4ba5-9e4c-3f6bdc8c8c1d 10k Scores: https://www.practiscore.com/results/html/92225121-8cf4-4462-a7cc-1d76c5076a5b Now for a shower and bed. Much more to come as we unpack and process pics and video. Thanks everyone!!!
  4. I'd like to take a minute to publicly thank Innovative Targets for helping me once again with targets for this year's match. If you're in need of high quality and, well, innovative designs - look no farther than Innovative Targets. ESPECIALLY if you're in Middle Tennessee! Check them out at https://innovativetargets.net/
  5. We’re a little less than a week from match day. I’m guessing several of you are second-guessing yourselves right now. Maybe you didn’t get in as much training as you’d hoped. Maybe you trained you’re a$$ off and didn’t see the results you wanted to. Maybe you’ve seen all of these crazy hints and promises about what’s to come, and are intimidated as hell about trying to do all of this while 30-ish bada$$ Special Forces soldiers and even more Run N Gun regulars stand by and watch you. Don’t be. If you signed up and just SHOW UP to start this race, you’re already better than 90% of the s
  6. Emails just went out to all approved competitors with your final details. If you didn't get one but think you should have, check your spam filters first then let me know and we'll track down the problem. Read it ALL and come prepared! And no, you can't swap run times with anyone. I hate it for you if you're last (or not where you want to be). Blame Excel's random number generator and your general bad luck in life! And on the WTF? side of things, what's going on with the stellar weather forecast??? I'll believe it when I see it - I'm still waiting for a hurricane, heat wa
  7. I am pleased to announce Nightforce Optics is donating two 50% off certificates to the prize table. These are good for one scope and a "reasonable" amount of accessories to allow toolkits, rings, bases, etc. Their most expensive scope is $4,400 - so these things have some serious value! Be sure to check them out at https://www.nightforceoptics.com/ if you're in need of super rugged optics of the highest quality.
  8. Stage 5: Maquis, WWII The Jedburgh Teams and Operational Groups from the OSS worked closely with the Maquis (French resistance fighters) in WWII to organize, equip, and lead them against the Germans. The OSS is usually talked about as the “precursor to the CIA”, but in many ways it very much foreshadowed missions typical of the Army Special Forces. Heavily armed members of the French Resistance to the Nazi occupiers, these Maquis are typical of the irregular soldiers who inflicted heavy losses on the Germans and kept thousands of them from the front lines. OSS often cooperate
  9. I am pleased to announce Timney Triggers has signed on as an Obstacle Sponsor and pledged $1,000 in product for the prize table. Please check them out at https://timneytriggers.com/ for all your trigger needs. Better yet, buy one from Alan's Arsenal LLC (http://alansarsenal.3dcartstores.com/), who is a Timney dealer!
  10. Stage 4: Special Reconnaissance, Operation Desert Storm [excerpt taken from a Master’s thesis written by Major William M. Johnson] The first mission was conducted by a split detachment, comprised of three SF soldiers from 1st Battalion, Detachment A-532, and commanded by Master Sergeant Jeffrey Sims. The team had wanted more low-level reconnaissance planes to photograph the infiltration sites just prior to D-day but the Air Force had been busy with sorties for the two Army Corps. The infiltration, conducted on the evening before G-Day, 23 February, by MH-
  11. I cleared up some of the onsite camping confusion while I was there clearing trails today - I know some of you have called and not received a great response on the phone. Onsite camping at Dead Zero Shooting Park will be PRIMITIVE (no power or water hook-ups, only portapots for bathrooms) - basically pitch a tent or park a camper in the grass be self-sufficient. This will cost $10/night. Please email info@deadzeroshooting.com and let them know which nights you want to stay. This will help us have some kind of idea how many people to make arrangements for.
  12. I am pleased to announce Devil Dog Arms has joined on to sponsor Stage 1. Not only are they loaning us the pistols that will be used to make this stage more authentic to the original story, but they are donating an $1,149 pistol for the prize table! Check out their website at https://www.devildogarms.com/ And just to address this head on: the person involved with the Stolen Valor scandal that happened at Devil Dog is no longer affiliated with them in any way, and all new leadership is there now. I had to be absolutely sure of this before I could in good consciou
  13. Stage 3: MoH Recipient Sergeant First Class Melvin Morris, 5SFG Medal of Honor Citation, awarded March 18, 2014: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty: Staff Sergeant Melvin Morris distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty while serving as Commander of a Strike Force drawn from Company D, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces, during combat operations against an armed enemy in the vicinity of Chi Lang, Republic of Vietnam on S
  14. I am pleased to announce Tactical Solutions, Inc. has joined us as an Obstacle Sponsor, and will be providing a TS 10/22 for the prize table. Be sure to check them out at https://tacticalsol.com/
  15. Reminder: You will need eye and ear protection and a stopwatch of some sort in addition to your rifle, pistol, and all your ammo. If you show up at a stage without eye and ear protection you will not be allowed to shoot and will get a zero for the shooting stage. If you do not have a stopwatch, you will have no way to measure any "wait time" you may receive while waiting for a shooter ahead of you to shoot. IT IS NOT THE RO's RESPONSIBILITY TO MEASURE YOUR WAIT TIME. Bring your own watch.
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