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  1. Tactical Tailor committed to send $500 worth of gear to be an obstacle sponsor - but then actually sent me almost $1,300 worth of gear. So I'm bumping them up to a full Stage Sponsor, of course! They sent 3 each of their covert rifle cases, shooters mats, and gym bags - and they look to be super high quality! Be sure to thank them and don't forget to look to them if you need any great RNG gear. https://www.tacticaltailor.com/
  2. Some of you planning ahead and paying attention noticed a small blurb in the Course of Fire (downloadable on the Practiscore match page): "Get yourself and all your gear over a 6’ high wall" and had some questions and concerns. I'm posting here to make it fair for everyone. Yes, there will be a 6' high wall. Getting over a wall is a very real-world applicable skill and is something I definitely want to test. It will be vertical - no angles. It will have NO ropes, steps, handholds, etc. - it's just a wall. It will be 8' wide to allow more than one competitor to go over it at a time. But still - if you're struggling with the wall and another competitor comes up behind you, give them some room and learn from how they get over - then copy them! There is no "bypass" or "take the penalty and go on" provision for this or any other obstacle. You must complete it in order to continue. My ROs on-site have the authority to modify the challenge on a case by case basis as necessary - but only in very extreme situations (such as if a competitor has no arms). Make plans to figure out a way to do this, using only the gear you carry and your body itself. You are more than welcome to use a ladder - but you have to carry that ladder throughout the entire course! My hope is that everyone easily flies over the 6' wall this year, and we raise it to an 8' wall next year. Here are some good examples for techniques you might want to try:
  3. I am pleased to announce Resiliency Outreach, Inc. will have three shooters running with the Staff on Friday, and CEO and former 5th Special Forces Group Sergeant Pat Russell will be on hand to talk about his various projects helping veterans on Saturday and Sunday. Money is always appreciated, but there are many other ways you can help if you want to get involved. Check out https://resiliencyoutreach.org/ for more information.
  4. So you want to know who you're up against? We have 157 total competitors (81 5k and 76 10k), including staff. 23 of these nuts are going to run both races for the "15k Challenge". We have people coming from TWENTY different states to our little piece of Kentucky at what I like to call "Disneyland for Grownups" - better known as Rockcastle Shooting Center. Below are some basics on the competitors. If you haven't already, please visit your match management link on Practiscore and be sure your information is complete and correct. It will help me do more things like this going forward!
  5. Matt in TN

    Armalite Brake Weight?

    Curious - why do you prefer the JP over the Armalite? What's different?
  6. Being a small part of someone else's "life changing event" has been the biggest surprise and is now my favorite part of hosting these matches. FB settings made sharing this difficult, so I faked it with a screenshot and permission from Jackson. This dude poured every ounce of energy and willpower he had into the course last year - and now he's down 70 lbs and crushing triathlons! Who will be next???
  7. Matt in TN

    Armalite M153GN18

    I have the 308 version of this and it's awesome. I say "Merry Christmas!"
  8. Just a reminder - registration opens at 10:00am central time tomorrow morning. The 5k sold out in 17 minutes last year. Get in while you can! 5k link: https://www.practiscore.com/5k-rockcastle-run-n-gun-2019/register?fbclid=IwAR0uc0KuRLvd_dYoJGpAKgvGgQgEj0O0tLtFacROgY_Z2sKKz36Q1vXdj4M 10k link: https://www.practiscore.com/10k-rockcastle-run-n-gun-2019-clone-1/register?fbclid=IwAR34-UcIOSizv5IxPAuQ0bU1WypupMl4CGL2uBXFyxjT6CVtSUmtDRXIMIc
  9. I am thrilled to announce Magpul Industries Corp. is back this year as a Stage Sponsor. They will bring you Rusty Trumble's evil Stage 2: Magpul's Improvised Support. https://www.magpul.com/
  10. Registration will open two weeks from today at 10:00am Central Time on Saturday, December 15th. Full payment is due when you register. Last year the 5k sold out in 17 minutes and the 10k took a few days to sell out - so make plans to be near a computer with a credit card when it opens if you want to get in! Here's the 5k registration link. Total required hit count for the 5k is 38 rifle and 30 pistol (24 if you listen well). Yes - the round count is low. This is a simple skills test, not a hose-fest. You will be well tested. https://www.practiscore.com/5k-rockcastle-run-n-gun-2019/register Here's the 10k registration link. Total required hit count for the 10k is 44 rifle and 42 pistol (36 if you listen well). https://www.practiscore.com/10k-rockcastle-run-n-gun-2019-clone-1/register A full Course of Fire, Map, and rules are available as downloads at the registration link on Practiscore. You will need a Practiscore login to register - don't wait until the 15th to get one.
  11. Everyone simulates shooting from a boat with a wobbly platform - we're really going to do it! Stage 5 (10k Only): Maritime Operations The Pond On the buzzer, climb into the jon boat and pull yourself forward in the pond using the supplied rope until you can see the six rifle targets in the distance: two skinny sammies and four 10" flashers placed from 50 to 200 yds. Make one hit on each target. Pull yourself back on your run time. It being March, I will not require you to get wet. If you fall out of the boat it's on you. And no, you cannot just plunge into the pond and shoot the targets while standing in the water.
  12. I am thrilled to welcome Samson Manufacturing back for their third year as an obstacle sponsor. Samson does so much to support the shooting sports, and makes some really good gear too - check them out and see if you can return the favor. Big thanks to Bryan Ray and Brian Vaught for being excellent ambassadors for them and always being up for a new challenge! https://www.samson-mfg.com/ This week's stage comes from the evil mind of Rusty Trumble: Stage 2: Improvised Support Cowboy Town Begin in the barn, with three targets at 40-50 yds – stage is all rifle. On the buzzer, drop to prone on a wobbly platform. Make one hit from the right shoulder around the right side of two cones. Make one hit from the left shoulder around the left side of the cones, and one hit in the center between the cones. Put the rifle on safe and set it down facing downrange, then sprint 40 yards (out and back). Retrieve your rifle and move to the car door, where you will repeat the right, left, center pattern using the car window as a support from approximately kneeling height. Safely ground the rifle and sprint another 40 yards. Make one hit from the right shoulder using the right side of the barn opening as a brace. Make one hit from the left shoulder using the left side of the opening as a brace. Make one hit using a strap strung across the opening as a brace – all at approximately standing height. "Sprint" may have different meanings for you depending on your fitness level. You'll know you're pushing hard enough if you really NEED the improvised support to make the hits. Photo, of course, by Lisa Stennett
  13. I'm happy to announce Dillon Precision Products, Inc is back for their second year as a sponsor, and has stepped up their level of support to be an Obstacle Sponsor! This week's stage is the "old standard". I've promised to keep doing this one until everyone complains it's too easy: Stage 4 (5k) or 6 (10k): The Rifleman Powerline Cut Hit two 10" targets at 100 yds from Standing, two 10" targets at 200 yds from sitting/kneeling, and two 10" targets at 300 yds from prone. Photo by Lisa Stennett
  14. I haven't announced the official time yet. It's coming -