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  1. You could drill two opposing ports at a time.
  2. This is hard for humans to embrace. I am burned out in other areas of my life, so why try to do it here... I think this is my life motto regarding USPSA. I realize I do not have the psychomotor skills to be a M or GM, that is an assessment of my place in life. I have seen the performance of the highest level shooters and I do not have that focus or determination, I still am in awe of that skill set. I shoot a different gun frequently because I want to master my gun safe, not an individual gun. My daughters own guns and occasionally shoot, not because I want them to be top level USPSA shooters, but I want them to teach their sons and daughters how to shoot (if they marry some panty waist skinny jean wearing idiot). I am a better gun handler because of this sport. I enjoy it every time I do it. I try to encourage women and youth participation when ever I can. I have seen some of the high end shooters who cannot embrace the new shooters. While that may be an individual choice, we do not have that luxury with the world today. As a group, lets not discourage the inheritors of this sport.
  3. dogtired

    CZ 22 fun

  4. dogtired

    CZ 22 fun

    No mention of the Shadow 2 on the CZ website blurb, and advice Stuart?
  5. I just received mine, pulled it out of the box and shot some of my reloads. It functioned perfectly and will need the sights adjusted but I ran out of ammo. I am impressed. Nice black finish as mentioned already. Grips are nice.
  6. People will emerge as fellow visionaries as they want to build things but don't have the energy/strength to push the stone up the hill by themselves.
  7. I have been there, lots of in-fighting about what type of gun you enjoy shooting. I was somehow made President of the Club and the first meeting I stated several points out loud: We need more members, we need to accept all shooters regardless of what they like to shoot, the world is working on OUTLAWING gun ownership and we need to embrace anyone that wants to fling ammo in a safe fashion, we need to be the answer to any gun question in the community. There were a few other things. I am very blunt but they really all understood where I was going. In my involvement membership went to record levels, classes like Women on Target and Concealed carry were held, tactical and LEO classes, all generated revenue and all were held in a Professional manner, cash was in the coffers. . Build your volunteer base as you will need like minded people to assist. Too many times it becomes a one man band and burnout occurs, or petty dictatorships rule. The AR15 is an issue with this group, so many will not embrace their ownership and use but they may understand that this is where the gun world is today. Try to be a unifying voice regardless of how the bastards can get you down.
  8. There are some screw on turkey sights that may work for you.
  9. I assembled one recently using a Tennessee Arms poly Glock Lower. It was $40 so I built a gun out of it.
  10. I saw this, no knowledge or affiliation. Adjustable stock
  11. I couldn’t resist, I bought one.
  12. I used a Wilson, the RIA channel was tight so I had to fit the Wilson a hair.
  13. I am a great fan of the RIA but the cost of your mods undo what the RIA is good for.
  14. Small frame 12 round full size
  15. I tried searching but no avail... I am thinking of trying open with the VR80 and need an idea of what variety of mags I need. I already have 2-5’s and a 10. Thanks
  16. I own one, and 5 dawsons (Springer was OOS when I bought) They are both quality.
  17. Sorry, I meant these: https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-Rock-Island-Armory-9mm-EZ-25-base-pads-SP0650.htm
  18. The Taylor Freelance Mag extensions should work also.
  19. I just googled this so have no experience: https://optics-info.com/footprints-on-red-dot-sights/ Shield RMS Shield RMSc Shield RMSw Shield SMS Leupold Delta Point Pro Holosun 407K Holosun 507K
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