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  1. I am a little late to the party but I was able to make a 27 round reloadable mag using a Promag 20 round, a Grams extended magazine spring and a Plus one extension I found out on the web. I tried a plus two am some milling but ended up destroying the base pad. Some smoothing is required but it works pretty well. Total cost was about $70. ProMag CZ-75 / TZ-75 9mm Magazine 20 Rounds Blued Steel CZ-A4
  2. Since this post is back from the dead, I have found that my 870 would get hard to rack using the shells I shoot with my Beretta. I fixed the problem by using Remington field loads that I ran over to Walmart for. They seem a little stiffer and that seemed to be the issue.
  3. Remington mags are $20.
  4. I had that happen, just turned out to be dirty as hell.
  5. I saw one of these on the shelf recently for $399.
  6. I hate to be the guy, but with good prep and rust inhibiting primer, Krylon camo works pretty well.
  7. You can convert that Shadow 2 for I would guess a grand.
  8. I dropped down to 46 rounds and the mag works well in limited testing.
  9. Yes, pro shooter sponsored by RIA, can’t remember his name currently.
  10. CTJer, I might tear mine apart for lack of use/need, let me know...
  11. https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/category-s/411.htm
  12. Oldie but goodie https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/166814-benelli-m2-20-ga/
  13. Safety and charging handle is all I replaced I think...
  14. The funny part is most of these models did not exist when the law was passed. The ban was listed as specific models. Call the ATF and most likely they will not have a clue what you are talking about.
  15. I have a Stoeger 20 and all the benelli parts for the 12 fit. I did not try a lifter. If that helps.
  16. I just drop a 155 grain 40 bullet in the case instead of a 180 and magically a soft shooting 40 minor load. It still runs a 140 PF but very soft.
  17. I couldn’t find a Noveske cup in stock and bought one of these: Flush cup
  18. https://advancedtactical.com/products/parts/1911-parts/1911-grips/grips-ria-hc-g10bl-grips-black-long
  19. I bought a piece of Jessup Skateboard tape off ebay for $5. Still have most of it. Warm the tape, clean the grip and use Vet wrap to have it mold.
  20. For clarity, this is what I meant: You can take the grips off completely and wrap the frame in grip tape.
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