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  1. Thanks guys. Trying to help a buddy set up his gun and I haven't had a Tanfo in years.
  2. As the title says, what recoil spring is recommended ? Thanks
  3. This^^^^^^^^^^^. And yes a LOT more fun.
  4. I've got some CCI primers coming. I used Winchester LPP with no issue either but I had these Fed primers and wanted to get them used up. I"ll mike them to see but I guess Federal LPP are a no go in the RF100. In SPP, CCIs definitely work better as well. Thanks Dick.
  5. http://www.1911store.com/lightningrodmicrodotstisv.aspx I put one of these on each of my SV sight trackers. I like the Brazos sight much better than the Infinity sight.
  6. I have used the RF100 with much success with SPP's and Winchester LPP's but for the life of me I cannot get Federal LPP's to work. A few will go down the tube but not with consistency. It's almost as if the Federal primers are a shade too large or maybe slightly out of round. I've done all the tricks as I've done all the tricks in the past to get the primer filler to work correctly. I guess my question is has anyone else had similar issues with Federal Large Pistol Primers? I've had to go back to loading primer tubes by hand.
  7. Give Thunderbeast a call or an email. They will get right back with you and taylor to your needs. Also their FAQ page is vey informative. My biggest concern was first shot POI shift since using them for hunting and on all my rifles I found none of that. They are a little more expensive but if you shop around for different vendors you can find a little better deal.
  8. The best way to explain is that I shoot large bore cartidges ie. 300WM, 28 Nosler, 7STW, etc with no ear protection and no recoil to speak of. The Ultra 9 is all I use on the 300WM but the 7 I use for all the 7's and 6.5's. My son uses a 7 on his 30-06 so I'm sure either of the 2 would make a 308 like a powder puff. Also, I use the CB breaks so I can transfer the cans between guns, The breaks themselves are adequate muzzle breaks without the suppressor making even the 300WM have very little recoil.
  9. Another vote for Thunderbeast Ultra 7 and 9. No first round POI shift and a wealth of knowledge from the Thunderbeast staff.
  10. I agree with this. And, I would use WST instead of WSF for 40 major. You'll get buy with less powder than WSF and shoot cleaner than TG.
  11. I used n320 in 9 minor when I first started and it is a great powder. I switched to WSF for 9 minor. Cheaper, just as soft a shooter and for some reason a little more accurate. In 40 major I use WST. Both powders considerably cheaper than n320 and shoot just as well. Disadvantage is be careful as both are slight reverse temperature sensitive. I've never had an issue at a match including nationals with chrono and never really changed the loads but always chrono just before a major match. Any who, these are just less expensive alternatives to n320.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Tourna-Tennis-Rosin-Bottle-oz/dp/B00EM2WW12/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1546183900&sr=8-3&keywords=rosin+powder I guess I'm a little different but the pro grip is too sticky for me. I prefer this over any I've used.
  13. I had this issue in a Stock 2 once. Very same thing. I was lucky enough to have a backup. I switched trigger bars and problem went away. The only thing I can figure is that particular trigger bar didn't fit that frame well. It's been several years now but hat I ended up doing is just not using the problem trigger bar and got a new one for the problem gun, polished and was good to go. Good luck.
  14. I agree with all the above. The Rock Chucker is probably the standard of single stage presses. Like Glock021 said "use it until you have a reason not to." Enjoy.
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