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  1. I think this is a situation where muzzle awareness and trigger finger awareness are important. I have fallen a couple times in matches in mud or loose rock and all I can remember is as I was falling to keep the muzzle down range and trigger finger out of the trigger guard. That way you can get back up and keep shooting.
  2. I replaced both of my SV ambi's on my SV guns after they broke with Lonestar Innovations safeties. They have a lifetime guarantee and the notch under left side safety makes it easier to remove.
  3. I would agree that clear lenses would be best for indoor regardless of fiber color. However, racing red and green FO is a great combo outside on a sunny day. Cloudy day go back to a clear lens.
  4. I used to use Ghost until the retention got sloppy in them and all my mags fell out while running through a stage. I use DAA exclusively now. the SS ones, the plastic racers for production and the aluminum racers for limited. The Aluminum mag pouches are top notch and a little more expensive. Bullets out or forward is personal preference. I used to go bullets out in production but didn't like it for SS so I went back to bullets forward for everything.
  5. I'd say it depends on the barrel. Most custom barrel manufacturers say break in is not necessary as their barrels are hand lapped and most of the roughness is removed. Factory barrels ie. Remington, Browning etc may need some break in to prevent excess copper build up as their rifleing is going to be much rougher.
  6. This is what I've done with WSP's . May or may not work for you. First I don't use the top that you pour the primers through. It limits the vibration plus I can make adjustments on the go without it. I pour the primers out of the box into a Tupperware of some kind and then into the RF. I use the "A" plastic top piece which is suppose to have a little larger opening and is really for large primers. Adjust the opening so some of the primers are going through and some are falling out even if they are in the correct orientation. The goal as mentioned above is to have the primers come into the filler tube a little slower so not to get flipped. Play with the rheostat to find the sweet spot. It takes some tinkering but you'll figure out the combination. CCI's run through like butter. Certain primers just work or don't work as good as others. Federal LPP are a no go in my RF but Winchester LPP work great. Nature of the beast I guess.
  7. I would agree with this whole heartedly. Make live fire practice similar to match practice including the mental game. Visualize in your live practice as you would in a match. I try to practice my mental game as much as my shooting game. As Smithcity said put a large emphasis on cold live fire practice.
  8. Blue bullets have been very consistent. I believe they also give Enos forum members a discount. Don't hold me to it but I am sure they did at least at one time.
  9. 230gr RN with Hodgens Clays here but I here Ramshot Competition is usable as well. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  10. Yup reloading dry fire practice is a must. Biggest downside of SS but worth it to gain the speed needed.
  11. The 45 is nice and to me easier to shoot than the 40. The guns usually run better. The only hiccup I've had with a 45 is a broken extractor. The 9's and 40's never seem to get through several matches with out a hang up. Stage planning to me is a little easier with SS major but I'm a simpleton. Shoot 4 targets (8 rounds) reload, shoot 4 targets reload and so on. Yes, 45 components cost a little more to reload but so what if it's what you enjoy. Good luck with the 45 SS.
  12. Another vote for EGW U die for sizing and decapping. From there the bullet feeder expander and Dillon seater and crimp dies. My ammo has been very consistent with this setup.
  13. Thanks guys. Trying to help a buddy set up his gun and I haven't had a Tanfo in years.
  14. As the title says, what recoil spring is recommended ? Thanks
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