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  1. Interesting thread. I just shot my Tanfo for the first time. I just put in 10 lb recoil spring, 14 ib hammer spring and fiber front sight. I really like the gun. I think the trigger pull is just fine. Not as good as my 1911 with a trigger job but I don’t believe I will notice once the buzzer goes off.
  2. I use Sport Pistol for 9 mm and 40 major. It is more difficult to find locally than the others. Right now it is just plain difficult to buy on the internet. Just picked up some WST locally yesterday to load 45. I’ve run out of small primers and have some large primers left over from years gone by. Good luck.
  3. Thank you for the comments. How is the apex accuracy with coated bullets? I reload blue bullets. Right now I have 147 gr. With sport pistol.
  4. Interesting I have the almost same story. Bought mine around 2009 when there were very positive reviews on the internet. Seemed to be the gun to have for production. Only ran a few boxes through it. Moved to NY and left it with my parents. Left NY 10 years later and decide to start shooting again. I get on the web and discover it doesn’t have a good rep. Not sure what I’m going to do with it. Get an apex barrel or just cut my losses and get something else. Perhaps a Glock 34. Haven’t decided yet
  5. Looks like the new uspsa production rules allow for a 9mm conversion barrel in a g35. Good news for me.
  6. Why do you think the barrel lug failed? What happens when a lug fails?
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