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  1. revolver45

    RO’s Stationary or Move With Squad

    For me it would be RO moving with squad. Gives both sides a chance to learn how each reacts. The RO's timing with the buzzer. Shooters reaction times. Etc.
  2. revolver45

    New format for Steel Challenge idea

    Ken. Maybe you need to shoot Rimfire Challenge instead of Steel Challenge.
  3. I have the 6" target model for iron sights and a switch top 4.5" with a comp and a dot for open.
  4. revolver45

    1911 vs 2011

    For me, it's the 1911 single stack with 10 round magazines in .45 or 9mm. Depends on the match I'm shooting.
  5. revolver45

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    Word is that it's not quite as easy to get aight trigger pull on the Rugers as it is on the Smith's.
  6. revolver45

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    I think that being the have started a new competition team, and they have a couple of good revolver shooters, that we may see some great guns for competition coming out of their shop.
  7. revolver45

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    I send all of my S&W revolvers to Ron Power at Power Custom to get tuned up for any planned competition. He basically replaces every part in the frame, then hand fits it all to perfection. Contact him with any questions. He makes all of the parts for the gun in his shop.
  8. revolver45

    New Compensator ?

    John Allchin parts are the best of the best. I have 2 of his comps. They came with a couple of different washers to assists with th he proper alignment. Dont hesitate. Order one now.
  9. revolver45

    Volquartsen 6" Upper - RFPI

    After having nothing but trouble with my MK3, I traded it in on the new MK4 Target, installed the Volquartzen tune up kit and been shooting SC ever since without an issue. Much cheaper way to go. Just saying.
  10. revolver45

    Mark at Pinnacle High Performance

    Mark built me a 627 for steel shooting. Custom 5" barrel, complete action job, the works. Never had an issue with it and still using it at matches. Mark was a great guy to deal with and got the job done in reasonable time. He had just relocated into his new shop and kept me up to date on the progress through the build.
  11. revolver45

    929 - firing pin bushing erosion

    I used 4.6gr of Titegroup with the 135's and 5.6gr of Power Pistol with the 147's
  12. revolver45

    929 - firing pin bushing erosion

    That is what Powers was referring to, however, I believe that increasing the charge defeats the purpose of being able to shoot a 130 to 135 PF round in competition. Any thoughts on alternatives with the rounds I mentioned? The 147 gr. bullets are real accurate out of both guns with the .355 barrel. Please advise.
  13. revolver45

    929 - firing pin bushing erosion

    I had Power Custom in MO. convert a NIB 929 over to a 9 MM/38 Super dual cylinder conversion. He cut the front compensator mount off and re-contoured the barrel and lug, and performed a complete double action only job, Every part in the gun was replaced with a tool steel replacement item and the cylinder stop and hand were refit using over sized parts. After about 200 rounds of 38 Super, same problem developed as it did with my other 929 9 MM. Firing pin bushing erosion or as I am being told, flame cutting due to the Federal primers. It happened with 124gr. Berry HBFP, 147gr. Montana Gold FP and 135gr. Bayou using Titegroup, Power Pistol and 231. The common items in each load were the following: Starline Brass and Federal Primers (of which I have been told by Ron Power) that he believes is the culprit. He believes that they are too soft for my application and suggested that I switch to CCI or Winchester. I am making the switch and will be feeding him the results soon. I will post it here also.
  14. revolver45

    Sideline Coaching

    Coaching to me is just that, coaching. It is done at the instructional level to those who don't know and are in the learning process. This, in my opinion is where it should be allowed, and in any discipline. ICORE; USPSA; IPSC; etc.
  15. revolver45

    S&W 929 Cylinder Lockup Issues

    I appreciate your input. I am waiting for my 929 to come back from Pinnacle in PA and will begin the testing process. I'm thinking that if the problem persists, i will have the gun converted to 38 Super. Time will tell.