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  1. I must have gotten lucky with mine. Power Custom did the work on it for me and said the barrel is .355. I shoot 356 38 Super 147 grain from Berrys and the shoot great.
  2. I believe there is some factory ammo available for the 929 that makes PF. You will need to ask others on the Forum about that.
  3. Mine has a .355 bore. I actually had a 38 Super cylinder fitted to it and shoot it as both, depending on what match. I'm going to.
  4. The 9mm 929 will shoot factory ammo all day long. Mine does, and has been since I bought it 3 years ago.
  5. I shoot the CCI Std and decided to try the new Clean (Blue) ammo. Worked the same as the Std. but did not get the same accuracy. Switched back to the Std.
  6. Whatever works reliably in the gun.
  7. My club has a state of the art 25 yard indoor range so I take advantage of it. My Volquartsen Lightweight Rifle, Scorpion Pistol and CMMG Guard 9mm PCC all sighted in at that distance. Works great.
  8. Stick with the DVC. No power factor in SC, so just come up with an accurate load that works consistently. Good luck.
  9. I have a new Scorpion Pistol and a new Lightweight Rifle from Volquartsen. They both shoot great with CCI Std. Velocity (1070) ammo.
  10. If you have any thoughts about shooting a 1911 center fire gun at future matches, the Volquartsen frame .22 is a great way to use the same equipment each time. Set them up the same, then it's just a matter of caliber.
  11. All of my SC guns (.22 pistol/rifle and 9mm PCC) are sighted in at 25 yds. Seems to the best compromise for all targets.
  12. Get the TacSol rifle. Its ready to go. Needs nothing and they shoot great.
  13. If you have any intent to get serious about Rimfire/Steel Challenge, get a rifle made for that type of shooting from one of the top rifle makers for the sport. I recommend Volquartsen. I have one and with the right ammo, performs flawlessly.
  14. Contact John Allchin. He can solve both issues for you with one of his comps.
  15. For me it would be RO moving with squad. Gives both sides a chance to learn how each reacts. The RO's timing with the buzzer. Shooters reaction times. Etc.
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