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  1. Upright, especially on the rifle. Use the American Defense Manufacturing quick mount with it and you have the best setup.
  2. 4.5 with optics works best for most, but I see more people going to the 6" with irons.
  3. Most people are going to the Nelson .22 conversion for the 1911. Great product.
  4. 38 Super is allowed in Steel Challenge matches. We shoot it in our revolvers all the time.
  5. Correct. Unless you are a Female, Junior or at least 60 years old, you are classified with the rest of the pack.
  6. Most PCC shooters I've talked to said they developed loads that reliably work the action and are somewhat accurate.
  7. I have three rifles set up for steel plate shooting. All of them have a C More Railway red dot with a 12moa dot .
  8. Yes. I had Kidd make me one of his Super Grade .22 rifles using that stock. It's pre drilled for his removable barrel system and it works well in Steel Challenge.
  9. Volquartsen makes all the pieces you'll need to build your RFRI project.
  10. RTS2 C More ( 6'8'or10moa) LT WT stock from Kahr used on their switchbolt gun and a trigger from Kidd at 1.5 lbs. Any barrel that swings well is good enough.
  11. Get him the youth model Ruger 10/22. You can restock it later if he keeps an interest and wants to upgrade.
  12. I must have gotten lucky with mine. Power Custom did the work on it for me and said the barrel is .355. I shoot 356 38 Super 147 grain from Berrys and the shoot great.
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