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  1. probably the same firing pin......that being said, we've had VERY good service with our present firing pin offering.....but you know how it goes, if you have a spare...you'll never break one.
  2. no clue on the sprinco kit, taccom has an extractor that comes with a pin, milspec spring and rubber post
  3. one thing I am finding out about the ARV........you can short stroke this beast and still have LRBHO, if that's that important to you. Now, some triggers will reset better than others when you go to short stroke this to the extreme......I've been having good luck with the JP trigger and a triggertech, I am short stroking so that the face of the bolt just comes behind the BHO feature......hyperfire didn't even begin to rest at that point. Also......you may want to pay attention to the extractor spring. That is all they come with, a spring....no donut, no rubber post. I installed a milspec extractor spring and the rubber post......ZERO issues.
  4. On most 9mm Bolts, with the 223 style extractor......a complete strip down will expose some of the firing hole.....specifically at the extractor pocket. Compressed air will pretty much blow any gunk out of there. Additionally, and this should be a VERY rare thing to do......you can go with the next size drill and clean out (enlarge) the firing pin hole in the face of the bolt as well. I personally do not recommend doing that, however I have used the correct size drill to clean out that hole.....could be that you had a burr on the inside edge that didn't rear it's ugly head until after many cycles.
  5. This has just made the AR-V a very capable race gun.......
  6. really tight on the castle and red loctite
  7. and use all the factory springs for the most part
  8. This......works fine in the pc carbine; https://volquartsen.com/products/168-hp-action-kit
  9. On the TACCOm barrels for the ARV platform......You will need to have us cut off the lower feed ramp as the ARV has a cone shaped feed ramp built into the lower to feed from the true double stack magazine, and if you want to use the supper feed insert, you'll need to send the ARV bolt into us for modification (free of charge) and we typically turn that around in a day or two.
  10. yes.....it's no different than a glock set up in that respect. I will say that with the improved flat wire spring.....it's working great with 115, 124 and 147 grain ammo
  11. I know a place!! Soooo.....if you get any of our barrels, make sure that we remove the lower feed ramp as the ARV lower actually has a kick butt feed ramp already. We can modify your bolt (free of charge). And we have all the rest as you know.
  12. I bought the ARV essential receiver kit with bolt. Installed a TACCOM XLW super feed barrel with the ramp removed, but modified the bolt to use the Super Feed option. Been using it for a few weeks now with zero issues on feeding what so ever. Over here at TACCOM we are designing and making a funnel, extended magazine release and bolt release......not sure when they will be in the mill.......too dang busy at the moment. Really like the platform.......been running solid with the PSA 35 and 50 round magazines.
  13. I would contact TACCOM and see if I can help you.......it works for other customers
  14. yep.....we pretty much settled on 1016 as being optimal.....1316 being on the extreme end of it. We pretty much only deal with 16" barrels, but don't be surprised if we offer a 10" or 13" solid barrel in the near future
  15. I think you need to re-read that.......JP's are probably one of the few out that has the reputation of feeding very well. I am happy that yours feeds 100%.....still doesn't mean they got it right. And yes......people have installed our feed ramp on JP PCC carbines as well as our barrels, so much for 100% for the masses eh?
  16. On the Ruger PCC.......you want the ejector to be as close as possible to the bottom of the bolt, touching is good even, I break the edge on the ejector so it doesn't catch. One thing a lot of people over look when they start to have ejection issues is make sure the machine screws that attach the stock to the receiver are TIGHT and that there is nothing (dirt) between the receiver and the stock. As the ejector is in the stock.....stuff like that has to be looked at. Mag catch is a pain, we took care of that (somewhat) with the huger oversized mag catch and someone came out with a cool finger release recently. Yeah, as for the bolt release.....I took mine out.
  17. Even JP does not have it right......they are closer than anyone else (except TACCOM and Ruger with the PC Carbine).......No one has actually figured out that you need to look at how a glock pistol feeds and duplicate that. Bottom line.....if your magazine is not almost touching the feed ramp like a Glock pistol......it's not right......period. And there are only 2 manufacturers on the planet at this time that do that for the glock mag AR9's
  18. Because, at the time.....that's the only thing that was reliable enough. So I've just built up a PSA ARV......uses the Scorpion style magazines. I am using the PSA brand and with ease you can get extensions to make 50, 60 and even 75 rounds. My company is developing a funnel, mag release and bolt release for the platform. Based off the AKV that we've been shooting......that magazine platform has been super reliable, much more so than the Glock......still a work in progress but I believe that this may well be a very good platform to run with. The PSA magazines are built well. The major hurdle at the moment is having an efficient magazine release. At the moment, the Glock mags are still king supreme for the PCC format. FYI.....we sell over 200 glock feed ramps per month to fix feeding issues on Glock lowers.
  19. trudat!!.....I will say that we've had a couple 5.25" barrels snap off the end when customers used crush washers.......one reason we went away with QPQ (too brittle) and went back to black oxide
  20. wrong math batman.....divide that by 2 and that is your wall thickness and yes......scary!!!.....oops, someone else caught that
  21. You can snap the end of the barrel off if you use a crush washer and need to go more than 1/4-1/3 turn to time the comp......1/2-28 on 9mm is THE dumbest thing ever!!! It should be 5/8-24.....change my mind
  22. If you port the barrel......as a rule, yes, you want to get rid of the rifling after the port. If you port at say 14"......you probably would not need to drilling out the rifling......but at 6" absolutely. I personally would not go that far back......in the testing we did, 8 to 12 is the area you want to look at, with 10" being the sweet spot.
  23. SO we've been working on a new nut for the 15/22 to use our Extreme HG. The barrel is available now, we recommend 'sharpening' the factory extractor or getting the Volquartsen. The factory extractor will sorta work as is.....only functional as the pivot point when the gun is firing, but will not take an unfired round out of the chamber. It's just not sharp enough and we will NOT cut the extractor groove as close to the chamber as S&W does.....that's just crazy what they do!! I've not compared the weight between the two HG's.....but I am sure they are within an ounce of each other.
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