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  1. Same case brand/year, or random cases? That has an effect on the results because of alloy and neck thickness not being consistent among manufacturers. I rotate the case while pressing into the trimmer, then every so often run a q-tip through the case holder to clean off any debris or layer of schmutz that accumulated. I get pretty consistent results.
  2. Test it yourself. Seat your bullet into a sized case you use, no powder or primer. Measure the cartridge overall length. Place into magazine, seat mag into rifle with bolt to the rear. Release bolt catch. Slowly extract the uncharged cartridge, and measure the OAL again. Did the measurement change? That will help determine if you need more neck tension or a crimp. I like to run the same cartridge a couple times to make sure the length remains the same.
  3. LC brass. Deprime, swage, cut, wet tumble, anneal, size, trim. Found wet tumbling after sizing and/or trimming causes peened case mouth.
  4. Reently completed a pistol 9mm AR. 7.5 oz buffer, longer supposedly for 9mm, 7.5" barrel. I tested 3 different buffer spring: JP tuned 223 carbine spring, 308 rifle spring, Tubb 308 spring. The standard 308 spring kept the bolt from going all the way to the rear, and was also the harshest on recoil and bolt reset; I assume coil bind, but the reset was excessive. The JP tuned spring was pretty good, no real complaints. The Tubb 308 spring had the softest (most pleasant for recovery) feel of all 3. Not by much over the JP 223 spring, but I could feel it. Did not use the timer to test. I'm
  5. AR platform 308. Using a Magpul product for pistol grip that I'm familiar with for standing and moving. The 308 is not intended for the same. From a bench or bipod on ground, the same grip feels like the hand is being inappropriately angled "forward" from the traditional A2 style grip. Instead of going through a pile of grips, I'd like to find out what those of you who have used an AR308 in precision shooting matches have liked the most for consistent trigger placement, control, comfort, etc.
  6. Great photos and tech. What did you do to get the 223 case to sit like that? Use the primer holder? I've messed around with it a bit, and I still get 223 cases piling up on each other once in a while. I did the primer holder trick on the funnel. Definitely does the job keeping the small cases in line. Before that, 9mm cases were all over the place. I used a clear 12ga hull over the drop tube. Works like a champ. Wiggled the crimped part of the hull over the tube to give a friction fit. I liked it more than using the pvc. I have a camera squeeze blow gun next to the press to blow thin
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