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  1. Nevermind. Ghost has a warranty, so if a tab breaks, they'll replace free. Got them separated without issue. Ghost emailed warranty info just in case. Thank you.
  2. If they offer it in 6.5x55.......oh dear.
  3. What tumbling mixture are you using to achieve that result?
  4. Bayou and SnS samples arrived. Going to use TG and WSF to find an accurate, soft shooting load among the 3 weights I chose.
  5. Ordered coated 115, 135, and 147 samples from a couple places. I was running 3.2gr TG with 147 plated at steel challenge. What TG charges have people found appropriate for 115s and 135s? OAL with the SnS 147s I set at 1.14 to cycle in a variety of magazines and chambers (plunk test passed). Crimp is with a FCD set at case wall x 2 + bullet OD. Mixed yellow brass. I'm not looking to compare powders at this point. I'm more interested in testing out the different weights from different manufacturers. Tried Clays; didn't perform as well as TG for me with 9. I presume TG and WSF are also good in another high pressure round such as .40?
  6. After finding more sights to compare, theories behind them, I think the TTI would be the right direction to go right now. Just like optics and other parts, one winds up with a pile to sell in the classifieds hehe.
  7. I've never been to Meeker; IIRC, it's not far. I've liked how TG performs in 9. Haven't tried the WSF yet.
  8. G34, as stated in another recent thread, used for steel, 3gun, plinking, etc. Transitioned to coated from plated. I have been using 147gr SnS in it and another company's 9mm semi. Very pleased with the push instead of snap recoil. Using Titegroup, and sometimes PowerPistol to emulate standard pressure carry rounds. Recently shot some of a friend's Berry's 115 plated with a light load of 700x. Since it's a G34, recoil was minimal anyway. Even with the hotter loads, the 34 handles recoil with aplomb. Therefore, I'm more focused on accuracy and POA/POI than felt recoil (to a limit) with the G34. I only have 147s on hand; I intend to order some sample packs to compare. The friend's 115s appeared accurate. The SnS147s with 4.2 PP were just silly accurate. I've got some WSF on standby to try, since so many here swear it's the stuff in a 9mm. I am interested to learn what people running a G34 or longslide 17 have discovered concerning bullet profile, weight and accuracy. The 135s are intriguing, but I have not tried any. I intend to stick with coated for target and matches, whether it's SnS, Bayou, or Blue. BTW, the SnS feels far more slick than Blue bullets, but that means diddly comparing it between feeling and how it goes through a bore. I did do a long-ish search, but found a rather broad spectrum of opinions dating back a while, so I wanted to learn about current experiences. Thanks.
  9. I've been leaning toward the Dawson in your last statement. Have any of you noticed an actual difference between serrated and flat rear sights?
  10. Thanks. I wanted to show that I researched the topic before posting, and my intended purpose is important to the recommended use. The Warren has performed well, but I'd like to see more light transmission from the front sight, and a full face rear sight with no additional fiber optic or tritium.
  11. G34. Used for steel, 3gun tactical irons, plinking, etc. I have a set of Warrens on another firearm, and don't notice the lack of serrations, but I have not the experience to know if the rear sight serrations are a benefit. Since I am trying to learn to shoot with both eyes open, the scalloped edge of the Warren rear sight makes it difficult to focus for me. The full, flat rear sight seems to make it easier to focus with both eyes open. Since the G34 is used mostly for steel and 3gun, I'm not concerned with a 6 o'clock hold, or the traditional top of the front sight in line with half the bullseye. There are so many options now, I would like some experienced advice. I did notice some of the fiber optic front sights allow light underneath the fiber, creating a brighter front sight.
  12. I don't think it's been mentioned in this thread, but I separate the yellow from the nickel plated brass. The plating adds another variable, and cracks more quickly. There's a local store that has E3 on the shelf. I guess I'll grab a lb and give it a try.
  13. How does E3 compare to Bullseye, Titegroup, 700x, Clays, Clay Dot, Red Dot in terms of smoke, soot, accuracy, cost? It just started appearing around here, but I've got plenty of Clay Dot, Red Dot, TG, and Bullseye; a little 700x. Normally run TG for 9, Clay Dot for 45, Bullseye in either. I'd like to narrow it down to one or two target powders for 9, 40, 45.
  14. I would like to try a standard, non-pistol grip, stock on a 930 at events. I have not contacted Mossberg to purchase one; assumed it'd be pricey. Perhaps my search-fu needs a tune up, but I have not been able to find one online for sale. Before I call the manufacturer, I thought asking here would be a last resort. Thanks.
  15. Suggestion: box fan, 2 cheap-o fiber HVAC filters from store, some leftover plastic window screen; put screen over one filter, brass, second filter, fan under first filter, milk crate under fan. Fan pushing up, the second filter over the brass sitting on the screen; helps circulate air around and eventually push out. I almost bought a FA dehydrator until I figured I figured it was one more gimmick, I had parts at home, my fun area is already a mess, I can't spend more money, etc. If primers are already removed, dry brass in under an hour. If primers intact, I let fan run overnight. Very few spots on brass, even if I don't move the brass around by hand. Quite a few pieces can be completed at one time via this method.
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