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  1. I'll ask him at the next match... ... in 2021? 2022?
  2. No, the guy is a long-time competitor and reloader. He loaded his own rounds, and apparently used too little powder. It wasn't a squib followed by a normal round, it was a detonation.
  3. Don't know the powder or load, but a friend did manage to blow up a Glock with an undercharge. An no, he wasn't anxious to repeat that as an experiment.
  4. I've also had a friend blow up a 3rd party Glock barrel and slide. He called the barrel manufacturer and was told it was probably an undercharge. If you talk to enough people, you'll get all kinds of answers. All I can say is it has happened.
  5. With a full powder charge, the burning starts at the base of the powder column and burns more slowly. If the powder lies flat there would be more powder exposed to the air in the case, and it burns much quicker. More of an explosion than a controlled burn.
  6. ... or possibly out the primer hole? A major detonation could blow up the gun, but maybe a minor one just blows out the primer?
  7. According to the VV reloading data the minimum charge for what you're shooting is somewhere between 5.4 to 5.9 grains of N350. Perhaps you should up the charge weight. I'm no reloading expert, but could you be getting the occasional detonation? I know a friend blew up a barrel with an undercharge.
  8. People on this side of the pond like them for pistols, particularly in USPSA Production division.
  9. My JP seems to hate 147s, and groups much larger than with 115s or 124s.
  10. You may have to wait awhile, it's on a waitlist.
  11. I've switched from a 25 yard zero to a 10 yard one. It best matches the kind of distances I usually run into at local matches, and makes the closer targets easier to shoot quickly. Probably not a good idea if you need to go out to 100 yards - don't even know (or have bothered to test) what that would require for compensation.
  12. Be careful of IDPA rule 8.2.2.T which allows "Heavy or cone style barrels on firearms with barrel lengths of 4.25” or less." That means a 5" cone style barrel isn't legal, which I believe would rule out an STI DVC-L.
  13. I'm going to take a SWAG and say maybe the barrel rifling isn't fast enough to stabilize the heavier bullet.
  14. I had thought of something along that line, but the foam works well and is still lighter than the G10 alone.
  15. I'm running the foam handguard over the Taccom 14.5" barrel + comp. Had tried the G10 handguard but found it too slippery, but I like the foam one. Very light and easy to grip.
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