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  1. I like the Holosun HS510c, with the circle dot reticle. For fast shots I use the circle rather than the dot.
  2. I have a GMR13, and the barrel consistently produces lower velocities than other barrels (Taccom , etc.). AFAIK the barrel is noticeably tighter than the others.
  3. How is this different from the Scheel buffer system?
  4. FWIW I’m running a Dillon 650. Had issues with the powder funnel sticking when I dialed in the case expansion. My solution was to use the powder funnel for dropping powder only, and adding an expander die in the previously open station after the powder drop. Now I can set them to do one function only and have much better results.
  5. I had an issue when I installed one. The trigger return spring wasn't positioned correctly. Make sure the two legs of the spring are where they should be.
  6. I've started to use a pair of M14 flash suppressor nut pliers to remove the buffer: https://www.fulton-armory.com/flashsuppressornutpliersm14.aspx It allows me to easily put pressure on both rollers at the same time. Makes tinkering with the adjustments much easier.
  7. Okay, just got in my buffer for my Steel Challenge gun. Any suggestions for where to start with the springs (aside from using the lighter recoil spring). I'm currently using #1/heavy #2/light for USPSA, but haven't had enough time to really experiment. So far that's working well. ETA: what do you use to force the rollers to retract when you have it set up for heavy recoil? I find it difficult (may be just me) to push in both rollers with strong springs installed.
  8. How long are you loading the rounds? I had the issue with 380 ACP bullets loaded short, and the gun didn’t like it. FWIW, I took apart my bolt once for cleaning and discovered the firing pin had broken. Gun still worked. Doesn’t mean it can’t break and stop the gun from firing.
  9. Exactly, so if it works in one it should work in the other. I don't have a G35 but my G34 likes it just fine.
  10. I can't see there's any significant difference between a G34 and G35 in terms of the trigger...
  11. Sounds like it. As an experiment try putting in the heaviest recoil spring you have and repeat manually cycling the action.
  12. I put one in my G34 without any issues. Make sure the adjustment screw at the bottom of the Timney sear unit is tightened after you put it into the Glock housing.
  13. What about trying a Wolff 14# recoil spring? https://www.gunsprings.com
  14. Mine came in yesterday. Very impressed with what I’ve seen. I installed the buffer and buffer tube and will do the required break-in rounds next week, assuming my range isn’t underwater.
  15. Temporarily un-fixed. Apparently trying to find a bank that will deal with gun parts.
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