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  1. I suspect it's just personal preference. For me the 147's make the action feel slower.
  2. It might also matter whether you're using a fast or slow burning powder.
  3. GMR-13: - firing pin. Didn't even realize it was broken until I pulled the retaining pin and it came out in two pieces. Gun was functioning fine.
  4. https://www.primaryarms.com/holosun-hs512c-enclosed-2-moa-reflex-sight-65-moa-circle
  5. Like a lot of things, it's personal preference. I like the large window of the 512, the ability to run it on the solar panels to save battery life, and the choice of dot/circle/circle dot reticles. I went with the standard red version at $350. And for me, the dot is close to a dot; with my astigmatism, not all dots are.
  6. I ran it this weekend at a Steel Challenge match. The short answer is it's a 510 that won't wash out in the rain. I don't see any real difference in performance, other than the LED emitter is shielded.
  7. Having run a 510 in the rain, I'm leaning now more toward the 512. Nothing wrong with the 510 until you get water on the LED emitter...
  8. ... plus 1.5 seconds to transition back to the strong side?
  9. Forgive a stupid question, but why would you want something like that?
  10. The record is 24 rounds stuck in the gun. Take a look at JP Rifles' post about loading for PCC. They recommend to be very careful with heavy bullets and small amounts of fast powder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEkSPidQpdA&t=330s
  11. Different barrel lengths. My experience with fast powders in my JP GMR-13 is that it doesn't work as well as slower powders. Much more inconsistent velocities within a group with faster powders. I'm *guessing* that the faster powder burns up before the round leaves the barrel, but in a pistol that isn't the case. Don't assume that the PF is the same with two different types of guns.
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