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  1. Interesting. My results with that same barrel were different than yours. I’ll try retesting it with different loads over the next week or two. Also, I’ve had very different results with different brands of bullets. Perhaps it’s time to try that with better quality ones with this barrel. Not sure what I used before. With the 14.4” barrel, using good bullets I can pretty much drop rounds on top of each other at 10 yards, but with Brand X I’m seeing more like 2.5-3.0” groups.
  2. ... unless you’re trying to hit the head of a USPSA target at 15 yards, which seems fairly common at matches. Different solutions for different problems. Of course, if it’s Steel Challenge, that’s a whole different situation.
  3. In my experience 5” barrels are less accurate than 14.5” ones. But that’s only a single data point, so take it for what it’s worth.
  4. I keep reading that 9mm doesn't have enough gas to really drive a comp. My barrel is 14.5" + comp.
  5. When I tried it last year all I got was more recoil, but I'll do an experiment later in the week to see what I can come up with.
  6. I’ve put a Magpul PRS stock on my GMR-13. It puts more weight in the gun, but against my shoulder, so it doesn’t affect swinging the barrel at the next target. It also lets me dial in exactly where my head is in looking at the sight.
  7. Take a look at the MBX mag extensions. They work well.
  8. I got Holosun's riser for my HS510c. For me, it was too uncomfortable to bring my head lower; with the riser, my head position is perfect. YMMV.
  9. Ah. I haven't seen any 180 gr. 40 rounds myself...
  10. Hmmm. With 40 a conversion barrel in my G20 I've found shooting factory 40 is snappier than 10mm downloaded to around 40 power.
  11. The nice thing about the 508 is that if you don't like the circle, you can just turn it off. I tend to use the circle/dot for USPSA and just the dot for Steel Challenge. Not exactly sure why, but I seem to like it like that.
  12. The circle makes it easier to pick up the dot if you're not used to using the sight. If you see the bottom of the circle, tilt up the nose, etc.
  13. I love my Gen 2 G20. Added Talon Grip rough texture grip tape and did a lot of internal mods to the trigger system. Get competition springs from Wolff and maybe the trigger from Charlie Vanek.
  14. My solution to older eyes was to get glasses that have a reading diopter lens in the top left corner of the right lens, with the rest of the lens and the entire left lens just clear glass. For me +1.25 was about right, but you can get whatever magnification you need. lets me see the front sight without losing everything else. https://eagleeyeshooting.com/
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