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  1. The rules say that internal parts may be modified or replaced, and that external parts "... triggers, ... MAY be replaced with OFM or aftermarket parts." The external part of the trigger looks pretty much like the OEM one; the major changes are internal., and are allowed. But no, this isn't an official ruling on the Timney, but it seems reasonable.
  2. Let's assume I have a JP SCS buffer with the standard spring and at least some steel weights, and I want to increase the resistance of the buffer (dampen the recoil more). What's the tradeoff between more weight and a stiffer spring? Yes, I could actually just test this myself, but I assume at least somebody out there has already done the testing. Thanks.
  3. The web site says that it's not currently available. Is that correct?
  4. Confirmed. Pulling the trigger just releases the sear, which releases the already compressed striker spring. No slide movement on my gen 3 G34.
  5. With the Timney trigger, when the trigger is reset the striker spring is fully compressed. It's essentially like a 1911 single action trigger. Pulling the trigger doesn't compress the striker spring more, so it shouldn't cause the slide to go out of battery. I'll have to actually test it to confirm...
  6. Sorry, I'm not entirely clear what you're asking. On the recoil side, the striker spring is being compressed along with the recoil spring, so the force is the combined force of the two springs. When the slide moves forward, the striker spring remains compressed (unlike with the regular Glock system) and only the recoil spring pushes the slide.
  7. Sort of... The laser can come in in handy for: - close tight shots, where your point of impact is effected by height over bore. My laser is sighted in at 7 yards, so it can be a good reminder of where to aim at a target with only the head area available. - anytime I can't get my head behind the sight, such as hard left leans. Used it once where I would have had to go down on my knees to shoot through a low port. Instead, I just put the rifle at the proper level and saw through the wall where the laser dot was aimed. But no, it's not vital.
  8. You definitely want a green laser; brighter, and easier to see if you have a red dot sight. If your sight is green, then you have a hard choice between brighter and a different color.
  9. Ignore [most of] what others do and just develop the best load for your rifle using whatever bullets and powder you want to use. Definitely try different weight bullets to see what both you and your gun like. With pistols I generally use 147 gr. bullets with a light powder charge. Discovered that for whatever reason my Glock 34 performs better with 115 gr. bullets with more powder. Go figure. All that matters is what works for you/
  10. I have a GMR13 and for me the barrel seems a bit tighter than others I’ve used, and requires more powder for the same velocity. That might explain JP’s powder recommendations. I use 115 gr. plated bullets with 3.8 gr. of VV N320 with my Taccom barrel. Jacketed bullets seem to require more powder. The best thing to do is experiment with *your* gun, powder, and bullets and see what works for you.
  11. Emailed Timney and they said they’d send out the new trigger spring. Will report after I get to test it.
  12. Mine just came in. Disappointed it didn’t fit my Taccom upper, but at least it does fit my JP upper. I’ll report when I get to try it at the range.
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