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  1. I didn't see a particular difference in my chrono results, but...
  2. Ran an experiment with N320 and 115 gr. heads and didn't see a significant difference between 1.125" and 1.140".
  3. Can't help you about an immediate replacement, but they're a wear and tear item, and should be replaced periodically. JP sells a maintenance kit that includes them.
  4. Haven't seen a problem with MBX extensions at 1.130".
  5. I'm curious at what barrel length the N320 powder would be completely burned up. It may be at a longer length than a pistol but shorter than the rifle. Again, just a guess, I've never tried to do the experiment.
  6. Perhaps https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/JP-Extractor-for-JP-9mm-Bolt-Assembly-P5022.aspx
  7. Sorry, wouldn't it slow down the bullet and cause a drop in PF?
  8. My very un-expert opinion is that the VV N320 powder was completely burned up well short of the end of the barrel, so the rest of the barrel just provided drag on the bullet.
  9. I'm going with N320. I'll use the same load for both PCC and pistol.
  10. I find N320 excellent in pistols with 5" barrels. In a rifle with a 14.5" barrel I get different results.
  11. My rifle seems to like n350 rather than n320. The extreme spread for velocities shrinks substantially with the slower powder with my 14.5" barrel + comp. I'm assuming this is specific to my rifle rather than some kind of universal truth, but probably worth checking with your rifle.
  12. Running a JP GMR-13 with a short stroke SCS, using 125 gr. heads with VV N350 powder. Played around with spring weights and tungsten vs steel buffer weights, and wound up with the standard spring and 5 steel weights. Seemed to have the best feel and least dot bounce. As always, YMMV.
  13. I suspect it's just personal preference. For me the 147's make the action feel slower.
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