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  1. Word of advice.......if you are looking to lighten the Ruger PC Carbine.......do NOT buy the Midwest Industries Chassis......it's a friggen pig!!!
  2. I wish we could ship to Canada.......the whole ITAR thing and having to go thru the state department is not something we are willing to mess with at this time. Sorry about that.
  3. you would be wrong.......we have a spring made for us that has an open end that we use for both our DBRS carbine system and the VR80. The DBRS spring is used how they come and we clip coils to make the spring work for the VR80. I am not sure what the spring rate you have, but I am sure you can get it to work. But looking at the coil pitch.....I suspect that the spring you have is a heavier spring.
  4. Just so you know......the front end of the buffers on the VR80 is different than any other buffers......ALSO, you need to have a spring that will compress and not go solid due tot he fact that the buffers are so short. The flat wire spring is a little stronger than a std carbine spring, but not as strong as the factory spring......the big thing is that is will allow the buffer to come ALL the way back and not go solid. Not even the factory spring allows that with the factory buffer. About the only things you can do is either use the factory set up, factory spring with the TACCOM buffer or go to a flat wire spring with the TACCOM buffer.......many on them on the market, ours is set up for the VR80
  5. pretty much states that on the website.....sorry if you didn't see that. Just loose the factory buffer tube......unless you live in one of those states.
  6. No it is not. you can't use a carbine spring in the VR80, the solid height is WAY to long.
  7. TACCOM does not recommend using the flat wire spring with the factory buffer.
  8. The TACCOM brake will have little to zero effect on your pattern.
  9. Believe this guy.....he semi knows what he is talking about......even more so when you pour whiskey inside him!!
  10. The TACCOM Flat wire spring will fit in a Mil Spec or Commercial tube (the inside diameter is the same). It may or may not fit in the factory buffer tube as the Turks have A) seen fit to make their inner diameter about .040" smaller than anything else on the market and B.) it may even be smaller than that!!! I personally am not a fan of the factory buffer tube at all for the size problem and I just can;t did over the fact that it is a 2 piece tube and I do not know if it is threaded (fine) or swagged (not fine)......either way.....do yourself a favor, loose the factory tube......get the flat wire spring. If will allow for a much smoother operation. And we only recommend using it with our recoil system.
  11. It can.....if it's made wrong. Whose is it?
  12. yeah, I only got a sub 4 pound trigger with very good reset and over travel with the factory springs. probably would get less if I re-work the springs some, but I'm all about crisp trigger over light for shotgun....YMMV. But the JP trigger will work fine for this application.
  13. The Std JP trigger works just fine.....about $90 or so.......I used the factory hammer, disconnect and springs. Went with a longer set screw up front.
  14. Do you recommend Blue Loc-Tite on the brass set screw of your new comp for the VR80?

    I put 242 on the barrel threads did not cover all of the threads though, just a band all around the center), set against the shoulder, clocked it so the narrower of the space between the ports faces up and tightened down the brass set screw. It loosened up.

    So I redid the whole procedure after cleaning thoroughly with Alcohol and used more 242 (completely covered threads). Did not use on the set screw this time either. Will let it sit for 24+hours and try it with my new 20 round drum.

    1. TRUBL


      I think you and I talked.....we have it figured out

  15. while I love the 510C........do not over look the Bushnell Lil Pris. When you first see it you'll think, what a friggen joke, a toy!! But look thru it.....and WOW.....you'll be a believer. Never mind the seemingly super small size of the glass.....I'd take it any day over a vortex
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