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  1. I always had that feeling as well.......till we started doing extension prototypes that we had intended to be made from aluminum.....on the 3d printer. The prototype would work great, but once we went to the mill with aluminum.....we found that brass and aluminum don't play well together....even if you anodized the aluminum. We saw a tremendous amount of drag. So, one day we happen to have some thicker delrin (for another project).......and get basically a hold my beer and watch this thing. WOW......the inherent properties of the delrin as far as friction goes was next to nothing!!! We decided at that point all new extension designs would be delrin. Now our first one.....we kinda when overboard on the bulky side for the MPX and that thing has been flawless. The new Glock was slimmed down, just a little bigger than the aluminum design....but boy oh boy.....they feed well!! We are going back to re-design the exterior of the MPX and coming out with one for the AKV as well. Yeah, we will probably never do another mega capacity extension out of aluminum again. The bonus of doing delrin from a manufacturing point is tool wear is practically zero, no post surface process and faster machine times.......what this means is we can offer a better feeding product for less cost.
  2. Delrin only......friction free. Afraid of polymer magazines? like magpul, lancer, etc, MPX, etc?
  3. two words: spring life Just because you have the ability to run 56 rounds......don't make a habit of it, you'll wear out springs in no time. Same is true with 33's and a plus 10 base pad......run it at 40 rounds and you will wear the spring out fast. BUT.....take a 56 round mag and put 35 to 40 in it and your spring will last for a very long long time.
  4. There's a lot more out there like you........45ACp is awesome!!! I run one with the TACCOm 45acp ULW barrel as you only need 5.25 for 45acp. I can help you getting parts.....call me at the shop sometime
  5. OAL don't mean a thing for our extension......if it runs in the parent mag, it will run in our extension. The extension will add about 5.8" to the OAL of the magazine Tim We are presently out of stock.......and I believe this makes for a good opportunity for us to redesign them, using delrin over aluminum as we've found that is a much slippery material to use for these extreme length extensions. Tim
  6. When we get a customer that has a problem child like that......we spot weld both sides. It's rare.....but sometimes it happens.
  7. I would have to say that our barrels are not short throated, we do use a Manson reamer and they are known to have longer throat. I do know that a lot of reloaders use some pretty interesting bullet ogives and that may cause issues but we can't ream for those, we need to keep on the high end of SAAMI spec. This is pretty normal for 9mm barrels. The good news is, you can throat ream them with ease, should you feel the need to. We do set up our barrels so that any factory round that can be loaded into a Glock magazine will chamber with ease into our barrels. One thing we do not do in house is to polish the entire chamber and I suspect that if you were to polish the chamber and break any sharp edges that mmmmmmay have be left behind, you will be good to go......we do inspect every chamber so I'd have to put a stake in the ground and say we do not have those burrs......but we are human and you know how that goes. I am happy to say that we now have thousands of barrels out there. the biggest issue I've seen is reloaded being to fat......make sure that you have your crimp die set properly. First thing I tell customers that have that issue is to measure the case mouth and compare it to 'factory' ammo.....if it's bigger.....there's an issue. I know a lot of people here use dillon dies and they are top notch!! But the savoy people use a Lee Factory Crimp die, if you aren't using one, consider going that route. Unless you are actually having issues with bullets getting stuck in the rifling, you may have an issue with your crimp die. Just my two pennies from what I've been seeing out there. Lastly......as a reloader, you are loading for the barrel at hand.....it's a bad idea in general to make a round fit in every 9mm you have, unless you are mmmmmmmaybe duplicating factory ammo.
  8. it's ok......you don't really know is what your saying.....cool
  9. wait for our feed ramp, don't f#ck up your barrel
  10. SO what is it........your comp or your crown......don't compare apples to oranges......you mentioned crown, NOW you say comp? You do know there is a difference, right?
  11. The reason for that is the system moves faster and is lighter, which you can do because of the delay.
  12. never had the need to clean the crown on mine, and if I did have to......cotton ball on the end of a wooden dowel does the trick with ease.
  13. no such thing as a 1911 style trigger for the AR9 style PCC......if you mean flat trigger, that's different. But flat triggers for the Ar platform rotate on a pivot point.....they are NOT straight pull back like a 1911. Anyone that thinks it is.....well, is just plain wrong. Hyperfire does a cool pad that is adjustable, CMC and JP have a flat trigger. I'm not saying flat triggers are bad or anything like that......but on a flat trigger, unless you have something to key off of, your weight and/or travel is different depending on where you place your finger on the trigger. Curved triggers, for the most part pretty much take care of that as you comfortably gravitate to the same point every time. I do like flat triggers that have a 'bulb' on the end as that is where I key in my booger hook. But no, there is no trigger on the market that mimics the straight pull back of a 1911 trigger.
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