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  1. TRUBL

    GMR 15 magwell

    haters gonna hate. I thank God you are in the minority.....we've sold 15 the first day we brought them back.....not bad for mediocre junk. Please take it off line from this point....ok?
  2. TRUBL

    GMR 15 magwell

    uhmmmmm......no.....YOU SHOULD BUY THE ALUMINUM ONE, YOU DESERVE IT LOL. You'll just whine and complain about the techwell too
  3. TRUBL

    Ruger PC Carbine

    Do the fix I listed above...no need to change the ejector or extractor every 500 rounds....we now have 6000+ rounds thru this rifle.....works great, very reliable. As for the trigger......we put the volquartsen 10/22 parts in, but use the factory springs......zero issues
  4. TRUBL

    GMR 15 magwell

    Yes......and only for the GMR15. We announced it on our FB page. As a rule, when you hear a company say "We've been getting lots of calls......." that a bunch of bo-hunck!! Not in this case.....once we stopped making the 3D printed funnels, THE one funnel that we kept getting calls about was the one for the GMR 15. I honestly believed that the GMR15 deserves a better looking funnel, much better looking than the 3D printed abortion we made.......sorry, calling a spade a spade. I've always said......our funnels are not the prettiest girl at the dance, but she is the most popular. And to that end.....yup, I get it. While not pretty.......it fits like a glove, is flexible, will not break, aligns perfect with the factory hole and will not break......PERIOD. Heck.....$24??? You know what you are getting up front. I'll put a stick in the ground.......while ours is not pretty.......the ones that are out there? I guess thats why we got so many calls and emails......so it's back.......if you buy one, know that it is going to probably work better than anything else out there. If you don't.....well you can spend more and there are a few options out there for sure. https://taccom3g.com/product/taccom-gmr-15-funnel/
  5. TRUBL

    Glock 33-Round Magazine Deformation?

    sweet Beven!!....... The Glock feed ramp we came up with also supports the front of the magazine and gives a little pre ramp as well. It was purely by mistake one day I was looking at the design of the feed ramp on an upper with a barrel attached.....and said......why the hell can't we do that on the barrel in this day and age of CNC wizardry!! And booom!!! the Extreme Feed barrels were born
  6. TRUBL

    New Barrel Shopping

    zero.....ohhhh maybe 30fps
  7. TRUBL

    Removing the bolt weight

    Things to do to get less bolt bounce, in order......We are going to assume that you already have that pet load whether it be factory or reloads and you have your fav trigger installed. 1) Using a stock carbine buffer and spring, short stroke the system and drop about $3.00 to $3.75 in quarters in the buffer, making sure that your trigger will still reset (this is kinda important) 2) Install an awesome 9mm recoil system......(go figure, I am partial to TACCOM) 3) Short stroke the awesome recoil system 4) If you have a bolt that you can remove the slug......try it both ways......inherently, it is not dangerous either way, but instead of asking; Can I?, Should I? or is it better? Do the friggen leg work, get out to the range and try it. Absolute best bang for your buck for reducing dot bounce???? Quarters or some sort of spacer in the back. Anything else will absolutely work better.....the question and the 'feel' is how much will it improve dot bounce. Tim
  8. TRUBL

    Glock 33-Round Magazine Deformation?

    DILLY DILLY Beven!!! No support means that the mag can blow out the front!!! FYI.....the new TACCOM Extreme feed barrels have a patent pending feed ramp that supports the front of the Glock magazines. No more potential blow outs....breakages!! Good to see that you are still alive old friend!! Tim PS.......Also, people that use the TACCOM Glock feed ramp are not only getting positive feeding, yup......it too supports the front of the glock magazine
  9. If you ever find someone that shot the Pa. World shoot in 2012, then you will know.
  10. nononono....but they did do biathlon targets, and knock down targets.
  11. Posted this in the Rimfire Challenge Group......evidently, someone thought it was a dig......so it got deleted and I was banned.
  12. yep....saw that......you done good and I appreciate the good feed back!!
  13. We did that and while it did work......we have so many of the wave springs we tried doing the spacer/spring combo in the front and it worked so much better that we went that way. But yes, adding a spacer in the back really helps too!! side note.....yeah.....doing quarters makes you realize that the bottom of the tube is not flat
  14. At TACCOM, we actually have a spring cushion on both ends of the buffer, the short stroke kit really enhances the front end for rebound, but also splits the total weight of bolt/buffer upon recoil. Also, the short stroke kit pretty much shortens the stroke required to cock the trigger......it is the bare minimum. The part that replaces the steel plunger is made of delrin, so while it is 'plastic' it it pretty much an engineered polymer. As for comparing it to the blitzkrieg? As good or better now basically, just as smooth (but it is oh so personal), less cost as this all fits in a standard carbine buffer tube, and being pretty much 100% mechanical and the fact that we engineered the spring travel (won't wear out).....our system is not going to break in a match.
  15. Benny did an awesome job turning the flash hider down. I've always told people that on the 13.5" barrels you need to remove it to install the HG nut. And then it's good time to put a muzzle brake on. But dang......that turned out nice!! As a rule.....we show them out of stock, so if you want one.......call me direct at the shop Tim