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  1. Hey guys.....on the extreme feed barrel, you can go in there on the left side on the bottom side of the ramp and clear that out for the bho. You will still have a ramp.
  2. Just something we say to do for break in.......comes from my Bench rest days......now, I slap the barrel on (it's 9mm!!!) and shoot the crap out of it!!! Mmmmmmight clean it at the end of the season....HAHAHAHAHA. But I'm the manufacturer......don't you do that!!!
  3. we went away from the wave spring......we are using the internal spring now. It's just a better design and less expensive. Don't get caught up on this wave spring craze.....a spring is a spring is a spring and in the proper application, they work great, no matter the design of the spring. FYI.....the internal spring on our recoils system is as spring or stronger than the wave spring.
  4. 45 or 90......or anything in between.....is it really going to make you faster? 95% of the starts are off the belt.....by the time you get it up to your cheek.....the safety is gonna be off. However, if it makes you think you are faster.....put it in. Some of this stuff is a total mind blow and if YOU think it's better.....then it IS better.
  5. It's your trigger.....put the factory hammer spring back in. In fact, put ALL the factory springs back in. I put a volquartsen trigger in mine......ran blazer ammo perfect, but was getting a few hammer follows, not really too many, but a few.....but when I switched to PMC ammo, the primers must be a little harder and I was getting failure to ignite, put the factory hammer spring and trigger reset and have had zero issues since.
  6. Yamil Sued did a video showing the TACCOM ULW Hand guard for the Ruger PC Carbine......what he didn't mention is the brake that he is using is also from the same company......all in all.....it looks to shoot flat and the hold looks nice too.
  7. Don't over look the TACCOM barrels with the extreme feed ramps......lots of selection in barrel length
  8. What issues are you having? I'll be honest......normally, the issue is not with the extension, but rather the parent magazine. Try this once.....load 40 rounds.....if the first 5 rounds push up slow, then start to speed up......it's the magazine. Remember, these magazine were not designed to feed round thru the bottom of the magazine. Last year, I assembled 4 with my extension (TACCOM) and ended up going thru 6 mags to get 4 to work......the other 2, will never be anything more than a 33 round magazine (which is fine). I personally thing the MBX is not a bad designed set up.....I did things a little different, but over all the MBX is not bad. If I would do anything to an MBX, once on the parent magazine, I would duct tape the joint to just to strengthen the inter-phase between the mag and extension......needed? not sure......but for my own piece of mind I would, just like people did for the Nordic +18 PMAG extension back in the day.
  9. Locally, we've seen them......the traveling form one state to another, while not a huge PIA, it is a PIA to plan......no spur of the moment thing at all.
  10. You could have just called us What you got is fine......CHOOTEM'
  11. Done right (the feed ramp that is).....Colt lowers feed HP's well........Glock? Not so much. Someone mention using our GLock feed ramp......yes, it really helps a lot!! So do the extreme feed barrels.
  12. This one is easy.....don't use blue bullets and comps. Don;t care what power you use......at the point that the back of the bullet leaves the barrel, the gases (probably fire) will flame cut that back corner all the way around the bullet.....and you get molten lead (and blue plastic) spitting forward into your comp........gonna do it no matter what powder you use. Go back to FMJ
  13. AHHHHHH.....my bad, was thinking the Glock lower. And yes, the TACCOM upper will work with the QC10 Colt lower as well. Sorry, I was confused. Tim
  14. Not sure what you are buying, but all new qc10 lowers are not ramped.
  15. Decided to go with two versions right out the shoot.......We've got this little itty bitty mill with a 20K rpm spindle and a 'simple' rotater. Hooked up a vacuum to it, found awesome cutting tools and there we are!! We actually released it today for back order, shipping next Thursday.
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