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  1. Are you running it on auto mode or manual? I find that running on manual mode you get the brightest dot/circle......I do that with all my holosuns. I went from cmore to vortex to holosun and am NOT looking back at all.
  2. I'v got both and run the 510C on my PCC and for the most part, run the 507C on pistols.........that being said, i do have a 507C on a Ruger PC carbine and on one of my PCC's . I actually prefer the 507C for steel challenge due tot he circle being 35MOA and not 65MOA
  3. For a very long time, we did not provide any washer......but the public had spoken and while I personally am not a fan of using washers, we made a command decision to start providing peel washers with all of our 1/2-28 and 1/2-36 brakes. Tim
  4. FROM THE TACCOM FACE BOOK PAGE Crush Washers for timing brakes and muzzle devices on your 9mm can be a VERY BAD IDEA!!! Has anyone ever snapped the end of a barrel off trying to time a brake on a 9mm barrel? It has happened. The drawing pretty much gives you an idea of what the representative wall thickness is for a 1/2-28 thread and the major bore of the 9mm barrel.......basically .050" which is not much at all!! if you are timing a brake and you need to do a 3/4 turn......chances are, you will snap your barrel off. So what to do??? Personally, In our opinion, the absolute best way is to time the brake in a lathe so that you have maybe an 1/8 turn to proper line up. There are other ways as well..... 1) peel washers....yes, they are a 'layered' washer (we provide them with our muzzle brakes)....each layer is .002" and represents about a 16th of a turn (4 layers = 1/4 turn) approximately. SO if you are a 1/2 turn from top dead center.....start with removing 5 or 6 layers and crank it up with a wrench. 2) time your brake with sand paper.......we've taken 150 grit sand paper, laid it on a flat surface and would stroke the back end across the sand paper......rotating the brake 90 degrees each stroke to keep it square 3) Sand your crush washer......while I am not a real fan of this, it can work, same thing, 150 grit sand paper/flat surface....'large end' of the crush washer.....stroking in a figure 8 pattern to keep the surface square. Bottom line unlike the 5.56 where you have over a .100" wall thickness, the 9mm bore and 1/2" threads are very fragile and you should never tighten a brake to your barrel over 1/3 of a turn to be safe. Hope this helps!!!!
  5. From running years of Ruger Rimfire, steel challenge, USPSA and 3 gun........I've found this may not be a super simple question to answer. A few things we've developed for the sports however shows winning promise. Ruger Rimfire/Steel Challenge: HE who has the lightest front end, swings the fastest......we opted for barrels that weigh under 1 pound and carbon fiber hand guards in the less than 6 ounce area. When we were heavy into the ruger rimfire.....our 13 ounce carbon fiber tension barrel reigned supreme. Now.....our 16" UWL barrel that is hands down the lightest and original (14 ounces) for 9mm has been the standard for the steel game. my present set up for steel challenge is right at 5# for 9mm PCC....and it balances right about at the trigger guard. USPSA PCC.......I personally still like the UWL barrel and CF HG.....brings the Center of mass in closer to me and swing is still fast, I've gone to LUTH-AR stocks....a little heavier and seem to mitigate recoil nicer as I can pull the line of bore in close to my chest. My main gun is just under 6#, and another is just over 8#......I like both run both fine, but the lighter one seems to do better with classifiers. Both firearms balance at just behind the magwell. Another good choice is a 14.5" barrel with a pinned and welded brake......still a light barrel at 1.3 pounds and brings the center of the rifle right to the magwell. I also have a 40SW PCC with an 8" barrel/shrouded to 16" that shows promise.....it comes in at 6.1 pounds and balances at the back end of the magwell. 3gun......well, this gets more into 223 and I have been playing with guns that run in that 7# range that balance right at the mag well.....great for hosing and still more than stable for the long distance shots......keep in mind as a rule, you are shooting supported at long distance for the most part and this is why I went with a lighter configuration.
  6. To be honest......the factory trigger is mainly a BX25 factory trigger and is not that bad for PCC
  7. PSA is in the process of doing a +15 extension for their magazine to get it up to 50 rounds.......HOPEFULLY, they will be stackable so you can get 65 Of course I already have tons of Scorpion mags and have a few with the TACCOM coupler to get 50+ rounds, so I personally am set (for now). Anyways.......I did take the AKV to the Hornady Zombie match and it worked flawlessly!! Got home and finished up tot he build today: Zhukov-U forearm, K2 grip, Luth-AR stock, TACCOM mid brake barrel extension, ALG trigger, Bushnell Lil Pris and a left hand charge handle......as well as a new yet to be released recoil cushion has made this AKV a formidable choice of weapon for USPSA PCC competition!!!....And yes, it has been drop dead reliable with the Scorpion magazines too. I'll be switching the optics over to a Holosun as well as cutting off the front sight (it's obnoxious). Comes in at just under 8#......would be less if I swapped out the stock for something somewhat lighter. Recoil is light and comes back stupid flat.....Overall, impressed with the performance.
  8. I just went with the volquartsen trigger parts for the 10/22 and used the factory springs.......more than enough for the pc carbine and right around the $100 mark. I would not put anything Mcarbo in that gun.
  9. I put the ALG trigger in and a MAGPUL K2 grip as well. Waiting on the MAGPUL Zhukov-V fore arm. I did take it to the Hornady Zombie match last weekend and it ran 100% was very quick and accurate too. I'll be using it most of the season this year I think. PSA is going to come out with +15 round extensions for their magazine to get a total of 50 rounds so it will be a viable platform. I am going to install a left hand charge handle (personal only) this week. Probably do a magwell (personal only) and extended mag release as well.
  10. This newest version has been drop dead reliable and as you can see from the video......stupid light recoil and pretty much zero muzzle flip. I'll get back to you on the current offerings for AK triggers as a factory AK trigger absolutely sucks huge balls!!
  11. Yes, I made it into a legal rifle.......I understand that they are coming out with that same set up as a rifle soon, but I am sure it will have something other than the Luth-AR stock on it. I never did weigh it, it is not too bad, very light in the front end of course due to the TACCOM extension I put on it. As for making aftermarket parts.......yeah, why do you think it's not moving under fire? It's got a super secret squirrel recoil system in it.
  12. They've been putting them up on their website weekly and they sell out within hours. So far, I've got over 1000 rounds thru it since I've installed the buffer system and it has yet to fail.....today i will be cleaning it, too make it ready for this next weekends match.
  13. If you are on FB......check this video out......pretty dang flat and as soft as a 22....serious. The trigger on these thing is worse than terrible, but that is being swapped out next week.
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