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  1. TRUBL

    Ruger PC carbine

    1 week out
  2. TRUBL

    Ruger PC carbine

    yes.....are you?
  3. TRUBL

    Ruger PC carbine

    are we saying the PC Carbine is not competitive.....even with all the TACCOM upgrades? Uhmmmmm......bull
  4. TRUBL

    .45 ACP buffer and spring recommendations?

    I've been running mine (TACCOM 3 stage recoil system with the SS kit) since day one on mine.......over 7000 factory rounds (full boat federal 230 ball ammo) with zero hick ups.....oh yea, blew out a hyperfire trigger and full auto too.....now THAT was fun!!
  5. Check to make sure that your ejector is as close as possible to the center of the receiver as it can be.......it's actually ok if the ejector is lightly rubbing on the bolt. As a rule, if the tension on the case is good, the bolt is coming back back enough......then the only thing it should be is that the case is not hitting the ejector properly. Tim
  6. TRUBL

    Opening Mpx gas port

    I guess I really do not understand......when reloading, or at least the way i was taught. You reload for the weapon and not make the weapon for the reload. AND.....in the case of the MPX, there is absolutely zero reason to shoot a bunny fart load in that system......well, unless you want the gun NOT TO CYCLE. All the top guys that run the MPX are NOT running light loads......they are running loads at near factory specs. Ya know why? 1) the system was designed for that and 2) the system with near factory or at factory specs recoils WAY less than any comparable AR9 that is blow back.
  7. TRUBL

    40S&W PCC....are you nuts!!!!

    Yep......I've got a 650 set up for 40sw and I really do not want to change it over.....ever!!! And I think there are LOTS of limited shooters that are of the same idea. So when you think about it.....for USPSA......a PCC in 40 kinda makes sense
  8. TRUBL

    40S&W PCC....are you nuts!!!!

    And everyone will want to try it out too......that's what happens when I show up with my 45acp PCC
  9. TRUBL

    40S&W PCC....are you nuts!!!!

    I would say that capacity is NOT an issue in USPSA
  10. I've got to say......the Gibbz bolt is......rather interesting
  11. bunny fart reloads? Are you getting stove pipes?
  12. You'll be regulated to going to a gunsmith then I suppose.......but for most others, it's an easy replacement
  13. TRUBL

    Taccom ULW 9 mm barrel.....

    some guys have taken shim stock and 3M VBH tape to do the trick
  14. TRUBL

    40S&W PCC....are you nuts!!!!

    I went with KCI mags from gun mag warehouse........they run great!! Same angle as the 9mm magazines. A lot of people say that a brake does nothing for 9mm and I believe that is debatable.........however, for 40?.....even less effective......especially at minor
  15. We are finding out that some (if not most) of the extractors are actually hitting the back of the round and not snapping around the rim. Here at TACCOM, we've been prepping all of our extractors on a scotch brite wheel to get rid of the front flat and blending a nice radius so that the extractor does snap around the rim. As for using the O-ring or not? If you can use it....then use it. If there is too much tension, remove it. It's a pretty binary decision......it either works or it doesn't Hope this helps. Tim