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  1. Not a game changer by anymeans, totally agree there. Lots less inexpensive ways to add weight just where you think it needs to be. Especially, if you have to go out and change a hand guard to use this new 'gizmo'
  2. FMJ's and JHP's should have zero issues shooting thru a shrouded barrel. Lead and polycoated bullets may......as the round just leaves the end of the barrel, the flame trying to get past the back edge of the bullet (under very high pressure) will act as a flame cutter and melt the poly and/or lead just enough to spit that molten mass into the shroud. And yes it will build up over time, but if you keep after it, brush it out, use a hole saw or that fancy PVC tube.....you'll never have an issue with build up in the shroud. Will FMJ's and JHP's build up in the shroud.....absolutely!!! But no wheres near to the extent that lead will, We shoot FMJ's all the time and in many of the barrels we have over 10K rounds thru them.....for the firt time this weekend, I pushed the PVC pipe down a few of them......pretty much zero resistance, meaning.....not very much build up and nothing to the extent of affecting accuracy.
  3. Lead tape Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Picture worth a 1000 words......18" long, serate the end. Works great on TACCOM and JP barrels. Just fits down the ID and cleans them right up.....keep after it with your regular cleaning and you will never have an issue. Cheap too!!.....get it from your local hardware store.
  5. Lube it up.....you may think the bolt can be run dry......but the aluminum upper needs to have a light coat of oil and it's easier to lube the bolt than to lube the inside of the upper.
  6. TRUBL


    We don't make the extreme anymore (only in the ESSB).....because we now have the standard bolt in either Black Nitride or Polished SS.....and now either flavour comes with the famous 'dog bone' stainless steel Key. So basically, the standard bolt IS the extreme with out the NiB coating......we've found that the Black Nitride cleans up very well, with out solvent and the same is true with the polished SS. And as everyone runs their bolts with a light coat of oil (or should), the NiB is just a redundant, expensive finish. All that.....and $40 less than the extreme.
  7. Cutting the notch in a CF tube is easy peasy actually........one way to do that is to tape up the area to be cut with masking tape and draw lines for your cut. Then take a drememl tool with a carbine burr and go to town. I'd use a mask (good luck finding one now) so you don't breathe in all the dust, it's not gonna cause cancer, but it's not good to breathe in to your lungs. Or use your GF's bra cup as a mask LOL. Finish up with a small grinding wheel to smooth the edges, then blow it off with compressed air.
  8. I use a 507C on my Steel Challenge carbine.......seems to bracket the plates better. For USPSA, I use the 510C
  9. one of the earlier ones.....we used to offer them both ways, now only with slots
  10. good choice!! Follow up to the ARMA Spec recoil system 9mm, the one I received......you can not tell the difference between the first and second stage......I mean ZERO!! Again.....nice concept, crappy application. I truely believe that the 2nd stage needs a spring that is about 5 to 8 pounds stronger than what is supplied with the system. Anyone one else have that system?.....try this, pull it out of your weapon.....close your eyes, push down on the system to collapse it......I'll bet you can't feel the second stage. BUT.....if you do, I'd like to know.
  11. The Ruger Hand Guard that TACCOM sells, has MLOCK slots.......any rail sections or attachments that are made for MLOCK slots will work with the TACCOM Ruger HG.
  12. Unfortunately, their ramp only comes back .100" and does not support the magazine......TACCOM's feed ramp comes back .170" and does support the magazine. The Glock feed ramp is a great solution for 'standard' barrels and should be in stock very soon. 1316 barrels, I understand are about a week or so out.
  13. Over here at TACCOm, we procure our competitors parts for comparison from time to time......the other day we got in a Arma SPec 9mm recoil system. On the looks alone, very nice and a decent design. AND....the price is right for sure. We've not tried it in a PCC as of yet, but the one thing we noticed right off is that we feel the that the main recoil spring seems too light. I'm pretty confident that it will work fine for factory 147s, but I would like to see a heavier spring for 124s and 115s (personally). Buffer weight, mmmmmmight be a little on the light side but at almost 20 ounces total for the bolt/buffer combined that should be ok. Of course, being the salesman and owner of TACCOM, I'm gonna tell you that our set is waaaaaay better......but int he end, you get to decide whats best for your set up and I'm totally ok with that. I'm just trying to give information so you can make a wise choice. I think that with near min PF loads it may be an economical set up. In your set up.....you may be sending eveything back way too fast and not giving enough dwell time on the dissconnect. Not a real fan of Timney triggers, have always found that I get a hard trigger slap on the reset in PCC weapons.......if you are experiencing that, I can see why you'd get doubles.....looking at a different set up for the trigger may be in order. On the bolt.......that seems to be the wild card here. If it's aJP or TACCOM, those bolts will pretty much work with any decent trigger out there. The geomtry of depth of the ramp is very similar to the std 556 bolt carriers. Again.....speed of bolt can be an issue. As to addressing your problem, all speculative as I am not there. I'd check for some issues like trigger slap and overall feel of the firearm in recoil.....if seems hard or fast.....you have a buffer issue to address. You may also want to look at the trigger or possibly the the bolt. Only suggestions.....again, if I was there, it would be an easy diagnosis. Not being there......I can only give pointers on what to look for. Ammo as described should not be an issue if it's doing what is advertised......but you can always try another ammo too.
  14. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/939197390 Holds the weapon, holds the mags and holds the ammo......grab and go
  15. It's been tested on customers magazines for about 6 months now......zero issues
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