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  1. I've known Kevin at BlackDog for years.......he is not going to put out a product unless it is 100%. His 50 round drum for the AR22 is awesome!!
  2. Just an FYI......lots of talk about magnetic magazine holders out there.....My son Matt has been using a TACCOM 6up Quick Caddy MG (yes, old school shot shell holder) for a spare magazine holder for years in 3 gun.......turns out that it is PERFECT for holding a Glock Big Stick as well. Stupid strong magnets, so the magazine won't fall out when running around, but still allows for a fast grab and slide out.......per my son. https://taccom3g.com/product/6up-quick-caddy-mg/
  3. 3/32" dia x 5/8" long........and make sure you get a roll pin, not a spring pin. Over at TACCOM, we use roll pins as they are MUCH stronger than sping pins. WHATTTTTTT????? ....yes there is a difference: Roll pin: literally rolled up steel sheet Spring Pin: closed "C" Once you know......you have power!!!
  4. It seems to help.......and I can not say as to why......there is no where's near enough pressure in that area. Maybe a placebo? Don't care.....I think it works, feels better, so it must (probably 90% of the confidence factor), right?
  5. Very happy to say that New Frontier chose TACCOM for the Muzzle device and 3 stage recoil system for the Tier 2 set up. We've playing with that set up and a 16" barrel.....has been very soft and fast.
  6. TACCOM 3 stage recoil system........never had issues with slam fires
  7. https://prolong.com/i_afmt.html Nothing better.....period.
  8. Get our (TACCOM) G10 HG.......4 ounces.....slotted too!!
  9. Cleaning the UW barrel shroud. While we at TACCOM do not reccommend that you use cast or poly coated 9mm bullets in our ULW barrels.....you actually can!!! Cleaning that pesky lead or plastic out can be a pain if you don't know how to do it. Some of our customers have done the following and it works great!!! You get a piece of 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe and cut it to 15" long or so.....then on one end, cut teeth in with a knife, side nipper or dremel cutting wheel (as shown). and then slip the pipe down the shroud....it just fits in and with a twisting motion work your way down till it stops. Then spray the inside with a coating of WD40 to making cleaning even easier!! Whats nice is that with the pipe being hollow, you will not damage the crown of the barrel and if you keep after it, you'll have many, many years of shooting with the TACCOM ULW barrel and poly coated bullets. I do believe that the JP LW barrel is also the same ID as the TACCOM, so this will work for those as well......cleaning just in the window area is NOT enough when using polycoated bullets.
  10. TACCOM......check out the carbon fiber tubes we offer.
  11. If you are not in a hurry.......TACCOM's Project Gemini should be ready to go by the end of November.
  12. The simple answer is do not use poly coasted bullets in barrels with an aluminum shroud. However....if you must, get yourself a 15" piece of 1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe, cut some teeth on one end and work it down the shroud,, twisting it back and forth. you will cut the lead out and not damage the crown. I know for a fact that this works with the TACCOM ULW barrels as the pipe just fits down the ID of the tube, I do not know if this will work for the JP barrel as I do not know the internal dimensions. Once you get it clean, you will want to do this every time you clean your barrel. Cast bullets and poly bullets are known to spit lead just as the bullet leaves the end of the barrel.....the hot gases flame cut the edge and you have molten lead that will deposit inside the shroud. This of course, does not happen with FMJ bullets that come around the back edge of the bullet.
  13. Word of advice.......if you are looking to lighten the Ruger PC Carbine.......do NOT buy the Midwest Industries Chassis......it's a friggen pig!!!
  14. I wish we could ship to Canada.......the whole ITAR thing and having to go thru the state department is not something we are willing to mess with at this time. Sorry about that.
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