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  1. Do you recommend Blue Loc-Tite on the brass set screw of your new comp for the VR80?

    I put 242 on the barrel threads did not cover all of the threads though, just a band all around the center), set against the shoulder, clocked it so the narrower of the space between the ports faces up and tightened down the brass set screw. It loosened up.

    So I redid the whole procedure after cleaning thoroughly with Alcohol and used more 242 (completely covered threads). Did not use on the set screw this time either. Will let it sit for 24+hours and try it with my new 20 round drum.

    1. TRUBL


      I think you and I talked.....we have it figured out

  2. while I love the 510C........do not over look the Bushnell Lil Pris. When you first see it you'll think, what a friggen joke, a toy!! But look thru it.....and WOW.....you'll be a believer. Never mind the seemingly super small size of the glass.....I'd take it any day over a vortex
  3. +1 ON TRIANGLE!!!Benny knows his stuff and is reasonable too. And his turn around can be measured in days.
  4. Exactly......I just posted a video to the TACCOM fb page......our brake, top potted barrel. Flat, low recoil and shot pattern is not affected.......and not hanging 3/4 pound off the end
  5. I still submit that the only reason why the RIA long brake seems to be softer and less rise is due to the fact that you are hanging the equivalent of 3 McDonald's quarter pounders on the end of your barrel....that beast weighs in at 3/4 pound. I understand that you put a 19 round mag in or 20 round drum in and you say that negates the extra weight......but you are still hanging 3/4 pound in an area that you should NOT be hanging 3/4 pound. Even taking the RIA short brake and modifying it is a better solution than the 'pig' brake.
  6. I've not had an issue with mine on firing, but I can see where it ccccould be an issue......I personally do not think that the hammer goes far enough forward. So some surgery on either the hammer of hammer stop (IE Receiver) may be in order........I will say that I've not really looked into it hard, more of an observation at this point as mine has fired with every trigger pull so far. So take that with a grain of salt.
  7. the factory forearm (not tube hand guard) weighs about 8 ounces......so you would be losing 4 ounces with the TACCOM Hand Guard.
  8. check for dirt.....possible bent hammer? Broken firing pin? all factory on the trigger set up?
  9. Daku did some testing on the TACCOM brake and the shot pattern was not affected at all. In my testing......recoil was reduced better than the RIA short brake and about the same as the long brake.....the rise was minimally more than the long brake, but I believe that had all to do with hanging that 3/4 pound monster on the end of the barrel than anything. On one of my VR80's I also drilled holes in the top of the barrel and coupled with the TACCOM brake it was super linear.
  10. It is not.......ever since we went to the new patent pending ramp, we've stopped do that. It is not needed for our new barrels, but you will need to clearance that out for any other ramped barrel.
  11. Short Stroking is edgy at best.....from a trigger view point. The relation between the bottom of the bolt and hammer comes in to play big time.....sometimes, if you are short stroked too much, the hammer is still on the ramp of bolt and not the flat......works with some triggers and bolts, not with others. That's the main reason we came out with our ESSB bolt.....the hammer on the trigger will always be on the very bottom of the bolt when short stroking the lengths we normally do.
  12. hmmmmm.....why don't you send back that TACCOM buffer and let me preform a little magic on it. Tim
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