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  1. Well......you are correct, spring/summer 2020. The fall 2020 thing was for the Ruger PC Stock.......whoops
  2. https://jprifles.com/ The original JPFC-1 $99.95........King and still champion. Personally, I'd 'bob' the hammer to make it look like the JP speed hammer and drive on.
  3. This what I used for my trigger job on the Ruger PC Carbine: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/928141815?pid=716391 $138.00 at Midway (out of stock go figure) I used the factory springs and theparts that I crossed out are specific to the 10/22 only. The Mcarbo trigger and the Tandomcross are only an alumnim trigger......this will include the hammer and sear.
  4. good to know!! We did just have that issue with a lower holding a magazine too high and hitting the bottom of the bolt......easy fix
  5. Do you think that the mag is being held up so high that the lips are hitting the bolt? AND....whn you say worn it, do you think that the aluminum mag catch has worn into the magazine catch, lowering the feed lips. Huh? huh?.....well, at least that is the first thing I was wondering.
  6. ETS mags are good for one thing I guess!!!.....otherwise plus one for the weber tactical one
  7. AHHHH.....have I ever told anyone how much I hate the factory tube???? Sorta/kinda commercial spec on the outside and WAAAYYYYYY smaller on the inside.
  8. did you maybe put a commercial spec Magpul stock on a Mil spec tube? I've seen stocks collapse when that has been done as well.
  9. Knowing that you are outside the USA, does complicates things a little.......keep an eye on it, run it till the wheels fall off and if you do ever get to the states, we will take care of you.\
  10. hold it.....and they will come!!.....sounds good!!
  11. The short throw safety barrel is out at plating right now, will be back in house by Friday or Monday, so we will have them up on the TACCOM website for sale today sometime and ship this next week
  12. First off......12 stages? Yeah, best to do that in a day 2 format.....Even if it's 8 one day and 4 the next. So let me ask this......you guys that love the 1/2 day format, what are you guys actually doing the other half day? Personally, when I am shooting in the afternoon.....I am up at 7:00AM at the latest, get breakfast, then basically putz around for a few hours (boredom sets in) and then head to the range and stand around. If I am shooting in the morning......I go back to my room, shower up.....maybe nap, then do some putzin' around and wait for supper time. Personally, I'd rather do a full day shooting format, stay with the squad, even if I'm standing around. I know, a few of you (very few) bring your wives and do the shopping thing or see the sights.....what say the rest of you?? As for the prize table, I've done it many ways......they all suck and and they are all awesome!! Depending on how ya feel at the moment. The easy way is performance based (1st choice) or random draw (2nd choice)......Matt's been in this long enough, which ever way he decides to go, I am pretty sure he will annouce it prior to registration.....then you get to decide with your money.
  13. I can't say as to why it happened without seeing it, I remember now, you are outside the USA......which totally complicates things. From the pic, it looks to be an early extreme bolt and looks more like tooling chatter marks.....but I can't be sure. The dull finish gives it away, early extreme bolts were only NiB coated, not polished and NiB Tim
  14. We should have them back in stock ready to ship next week.....everythign is out for plating, as soon as we KNOW when they are coiming back to our shop we will have them available for pre-order. We are also working on the 13.5" and a new 10" barrel with a pinned and weld brake as well......about 3 or 4 weeks for those
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