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  1. Many triggers will work in the GMR.....but putting anything else in from the factory installed trigger is going to be a HUGE downgrade
  2. Keep in mind......the TANDEMKROSS or MCARBO......is just a trigger, not the sear and hammer.
  3. So no one but myself has gone the route of installing the Volquartsen 10/22 trigger parts in there PC Carbine? That surprises me. I personally think that it is still the most viable option out there for the cleanest trigger I've felt in those carbines
  4. The ramp will protect the mag from blowing out. It will only work with barrels that have no ramp protruding back fro the bolt face. IE...our TACCOM barrels or Shooting innovations. On the plus side.....the TACCOM barrels have a built in feed ramp that comes back far enough to protect the magazine from blowing out.
  5. What he did is very sound......on the post thing, a little higher, like shouldn't be problematic at all.....but if you are concerned, it can be lowered a little bit with a dremel easy enough. Side note......I was at a match once where a guy did blow out the front of his magazine.....we had to unload it the PCC (of course) then take it to the safety area where one guy held the rifle with two hands and another pulled on the glock big stick with two hands......was a total tug of war going on!!
  6. Just an FYI.......that is pretty much one of the benefits also, of the TACCOM glock insert as well.
  7. Well THAT.....is an interesting question!!. Absolutely!!!! 100%.........we even sell complete ulw uppers with that hg
  8. PP........put it where YOU think is the best spot......then second guess yourself, analyze it, over analyze it some more, switch it up a few times.....you'll probably end up right back where you started.
  9. nope......the current HG can be cut to any length
  10. Not really.....the blast shield (removable and place-able) protects you hand from the brake gases, unless you shoot your PCC with the 'hand over the top' The shield covers 270 degrees and still allows for the gas to go straight up. Of course if you are shooting a UWL or standard 16" barrel, then you would not need the blast shield and the hand guard will be sturdy enough to run iron sights on the front as well.
  11. you could wait a month for this......14.5" long carbon fiber, blast shield/extension, colors.......solid mount.....small diameter, 6 ounces, $160 price range.....pretty much designed for any legal 16" barrel configuration.
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