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  1. BlackLion

    CZ Frame Widths

    Update for anyone else with a P-120: The CZUB Magwell for the CZ75 is VERY tight and will require fitting. The Czechmate/TS model is too large. I should have ordered the Shadow model.
  2. BlackLion

    CZ Frame Widths

    You guys are awesome. Thank you very much for the help and fast replies.
  3. Tactical Solutions PAC-LITE MK Series Holster https://tacticalsol.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1365487&CAT=12587 I have the TRAII-LITE Version for my BuckMark equipped with Compensator and Vortex Viper. Works well.
  4. I purchased a Smoky Mountain Concealment Canik Comp 2.0 Holster for my TP9SF and I'm very happy with it. I attached a Safariland QLS fork to the holster body. I have the BSPS BOSS Hanger with Safariland Option and a Safariland QLS plate on my Competition belt. This allows me to swap different holsters onto the same Competition belt. I replaced the spacers on the BOSS Hanger with washers to comply with USPSA/SCSA Rule 5.2.5 for Production Division. The Comp-Tac International holsters and the Red Hill Tactical holsters are also compatible with the Safariland QLS system. I have a Comp-T
  5. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. New member from Long Island, NY. Competitive Shooter in GSSF, Steel Challenge, Knockdown Steel, and starting USPSA. I also plan to begin shooting 3Gun as well. I've been lurking around the forum for a while and have found a lot of great information here. I look forward to being a part of this great resource. Thanks.
  6. BlackLion

    CZ Frame Widths

    I just purchased a TriStar/Canik P-120 and would like to add a CZUB Magwell. I noticed these Magwells are available in 3 different sizes; CZ75, Shadow2, and Czechmate/TS. I removed the grips on my P-120 and used a micrometer to measure the width of my frame at 1.023" Can anyone provide frame widths for the CZ75 Full-Size, Shadow2, and Czechmate/TS models? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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