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  1. I didn't notice the mag release on the JRC. Ar based is sounding more appealing. I am leaning towards colt based. I can get the psa colt complete lower for under $200.
  2. Hello, tried searching. Either the engine sucks or I do. Couldn't find much on the JRC for PCC. I am in the planning stages of a PCC budget build. Right now it's between a psa colt or glock lower with a custom built 16" upper or a JRC. I've gone back and forth a ton. Does anybody have any experience or insight on the JRC and its suitability for our game. One attractive feature is they make an m&p mag version. I have a few m&p's and lots of mags. I don't own glocks or anything that uses colt smg mags. Though I'm not apposed to buying the mags. Any helpful insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I did a similar mod with a different approach. I cut the stock transfer bar in half, clamped it to a piece of copper, spaced it so that the bar would actuate the sear much quicker. I then welded it back together and cleaned up the weld. Now the takeup is very little. Along with the comp trigger kit I now have a very light smooth 2.5-3# trigger with very little takeup and reset distance. Why someone doesn't just make a longer transfer bar, I don't know.
  4. Youtube "retention holsters for 3 gun". Sorry cant post a link.
  5. Might check out the new GLS holster. sounds promising.
  6. Well I tried the ALS holster because I had a bad drop of my pistol when a rain jacket got stuck in my non retention holster. When I ran the jacket pulled my gun out of the holster. Gun landed pointing down range and due to the loose rules of the outlaw match they let me pick it up and continue. I went to a bladetech with an upgraded thumb screw. If I start on my pistol I loosen it up for a quick clean draw. If I start with the shotgun or rifle I crank it down a bit for better retention. That and I pay better attention to clothing getting stuck in my holster. Its a compromise but seems to get the job done. I still have thought about modifying my ALS holster so that I can use it without hitting the guns thumb safety.
  7. I think they do make it for the sti. I bought one for my sti tactical for 3 gun because I love the one I have for my M&P. Don't use it because it is almost impossible to use the thumb release without disengaging the thumb safety on a 1911/2011.
  8. My thoughts exactly. Nice to see see someone in the film industry that isn't trying to push a liberal agenda with all their publicity. It really looked fun. I am not sure how this conclusion can be made based on the video. Perhaps I missed something. There are plenty of hypocrite anti gun/ anti war actors who take firearms and tactical training so they can prepare for there there next shoot em up movie. Pretty standard practice.
  9. I could be and probably am wrong but I just don't see the market. That is a stupid price for a rds. I can get another razor 1-6 for that. I always thought the T-1 T-2 rds's were too expensive for what you get but this one tops them. To each his own I guess.
  10. I must be missing something. That seems stupid expensive for a red dot optic. What does it do to justify that kinda money?
  11. I have the aero spr holding my razor on. So far I really like it. Light and simple.
  12. Shoot...thank you. I have those all over the damn place. Hate them things. At least for their intended purpose. At least they will have a legitimate use now.
  13. Pics or links to these plastic anchors?
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