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  1. Today, didn't take long. Fixed the double post (I wasn't logged in originally, so inadvertantly submitted as guest, but then saw what happened and copy/paste, after which I logged in normally, but didn't realize it kept the guest post.) If you have concept of approach shooting slready and get good at that offhand rilfe, you'll be well-served, along with those pistol skills. There is a lot of time to gain on people for offhand shooting, accurate pistol at distance, and then minimizing make-up shots on long-range rifle shots. Yes, be prepared to s
  2. Can't recall a specific 3gun dry-fire book out there. Suggest to create your own plan, tailored to your weaknesses to work on. 3gun matches vary quite a bit in flavor, from bay hoser stuff to rather technical "close-range" stuff to long movement natural terrain stages. Thus, based on the flavor of the match you are attending, you'll tailor prep to it. Some things to work at home in regards to 3gun: Gun transitions - dumping a pistol or long gun and switching to the next gun. Lots of match time can be made here. Get an old sturdy plastic trash can, weight it dow
  3. Voodoo Tactical 3gun case. That's my current and it is really good. Only downside is that it doesn't have a handle on the end to pull it lengthwise out from a truck bed, for example. 2nd choice is the Hogue XL double 3gun case. It does have the handle on the end, but the layout and pockets are not quite as laid out as well for 3gun IMO than the Voodoo Tactical. Both are padded and protect well.
  4. What distance are you going out to? If out to 500+ yards at majors, hard to beat the Vortex Spitfire AR with the BDC turret. Zero at 200yd. Hold 0-300, dial as needed for targets farther than that. First round hits after dialing are faster than a couple misses. Has etched reticle with a sharp dot. Been using it for a couple years. Leupold supposedly has a similar 1X sight but haven't used it and it costs more as I recall it. If you are just doing short range matches, the Vortex Huey is pretty awesome. Very fast, sharp small dot for precise st
  5. I've attended one in Elite division. A friend local to me has finished 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Elite at each that he's attended, and he gets asked quite often what he uses: Overall thoughts? - Get in shape. My two cents would be to focus on cardio more than strength stuff. Work on doing things at elevated heart rate for longer stretches of time at a pace you can keep, not blowing out full effort right off the bat. The shooting looks very boring on video but is more challenging than you'd think due to VERY elevated heart rate. The shooting is not the attr
  6. Rack Buddy work well. They are little 3D printed parts. Depending on the sacrificial mag, you cannot always rack the slide without catching the rack buddy. Probably due to jacked up feed lips. The DAA are cheaper than setting up dummy mags, unless you have a few old beat-up mags already to sacrifice. Otherwise, 3 DAA ready to go for the price of a stock STI mag.
  7. Have 3 for 2011. For reference, I've got a Hays custom guns 2011 in 9mm. The mags lock in place without any slop, and they go in easily and drop cleanly. I did not have to Dremel on them or modify them in any way. There's no issue with the magwell that is on the gun which is a Dawson ICE. They do feel like they are a little bit more slick than standard mags so the action to seat is smooth. Don't think it matters as much for releasing mags.
  8. XLR AR lite stock. Highly adjustable, very strong.
  9. They aren't shipping yet. Scheduled to start shipping 5/15 from a pop-up window I saw.
  10. For sure, they are stellar at quickly taking of customers, minimizing down time. Can't say the same for a couple other companies.
  11. Ok. Doesn't change the fact that QLS is meant for holsters and ELS is meant for other items. Others have run holsters on ELS also; it's been done and not new. Having shot some of the longest SG stages out there (RM3G with 40+ shell round count), haven't ever been hindered by not having shells where the holster would go. If that was a concern, one could throw an ELS on a QLS though and still have the retention/safety margin of having a QLS on a holster. Depends on your loading style, but quad-loading weakhand with the SG trapped against your side and SG angled down for smoothest, unr
  12. The QLS is meant for holsters. ELS is for other items. Yes, QLS will work for holsters. Example picture: QLS receiver plate mounted to belt, Invictus Practical holster hanger mounted to QLS hook/adapter/whatever it is called, Safariland GLS holster mounted to holster hanger. Can remove it from belt as needed. Then, there are ELS receiver plates mounted all around the belt for mag pouches, shell caddies, etc. If you didn't want a holster hanger, the QLS would mount right to the holster, but you'll most likely want a hanger for easier draw.
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