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  1. ajjacks916

    Best glock magazine base pad

    Arredondo. Had mine for years for USPSA, easy removal and mag springs are still going strong. Only get 22 rounds in 9mm even after all this time
  2. ajjacks916

    Extended ejector for Glock

    https://apextactical.com/store/product-info.php?pid68.html They also have a Gen4 version if required
  3. ajjacks916

    Slide Cuts

  4. ajjacks916

    Taylor Freelance Barrel Shroud

    9mm option??
  5. Congrats on being sold out! http://matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=153
  6. This is instead of their regular scheduled monthly match?? 1st Saturday of the month
  7. ajjacks916

    USPSA Clubs in TX

    http://www.bayoucityshooters.com/MatchRegistrationList.aspx http://www.texassouthsection.com/jtssblazes/
  8. http://www.spacecitychallenge.com/stages/
  9. http://www.spacecitychallenge.com/
  10. ajjacks916

    Raceholster options for glock 34/ Open Glock 17

    CR Speed will work for both Open and Limited even after modification (Which is required for carver mount). You will move the muzzle mount for the length of your comp or barrel depending on the div you are shooting.
  11. ajjacks916

    G21SF comes in Ambidextrous?

    Gen3 G21SF with the Pict rail has the ambi release. http://03546f5.netsolhost.com/WordPress/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/glock21sf1.jpg
  12. ajjacks916

    Open glock recoil spring weight

    This is with a carver mount?? Carver comp and what barrel?
  13. ajjacks916


    6.4 Autocomp with 135gr Ibejihead
  14. ajjacks916

    Which vest?

  15. ajjacks916

    Anybody run one if these vests?