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  1. Works perfectly! One of the best upgrades on my 1050 so far. Thanks Jim
  2. What is the purpose of the zip tie next to the reloading station on a 1050? Anyone have a picture. Thanks in advance Jim Memphis mechanic- Thank You for the video!! Jim
  3. What is the purpose of the zip tie next to the reloading station on a 1050? Anyone have a picture. Thanks in advance Jim
  4. Just curious if your bench is Really Solid and Flat. Wobble and not being level flat could cause issues,
  5. jim m

    650 Sitting or Standing?

    My 1050 I do both. My 550 I only sit, don't know why. been doing it since I got many many moons ago.
  6. jim m

    Powder Measure

    Digital scales are great and accurate BUT there are things ypu must do because they are finicky. Make sure its on a level flat, sturdy surface. It should be away from all air ducts, drafts etc. Make sure scale set up to zero and back away to let it settle in. When weighing step back and let scale do its thing. I've dealt with digital scales commercially, some friends don't even use them near flourscent lighting. Personally use a Dillon and have no issues, if the above is followed. I know alittle overboard, but I like accurate measurements. Jim
  7. jim m

    Dielectric grease with DPP

    I use it on my boat trailer light connections, no corrosion. I would assume woks the same way on any battery connections. Nothing worse than corroded connections or batteries.
  8. jim m


    Been using golf gloves with the index finger cut . Get a tight fit because they stretch, the winter golf club works well, just alittle thicker.
  9. jim m

    glasses for trap

    My point ---- you just agreed--- personal preference -- what works for each person.
  10. jim m

    glasses for trap

    Respectfully right back at you LMS, it's all about personal preference. Different eyes pick up backgrounds and the bird differently. If what you say is true everyone on a trap line, skeet range or a sporting range would be wearing the same color lenses on a given day, and that doesn't happen.
  11. jim m

    Trap gun?

    Just remember shooting an auto, it will kick out the empty towards the person next to you. Unacceptable on the trap range. You have to add a device of somekind to catch the shell or deflect it downward.
  12. jim m

    glasses for trap

    Frames are a personal choice. I would suggest, try on as many different frames you can get your hands on. I have a couple of friends who tried wrap-arounds and the lenses kept fogging up. Lens color is also a personal choice, what works for someone else may not work for you. My optomologist told me for the best perception use the lightest possible color without squinting, because everyone sees things alittle different. Lastly ---- don't let your shooting glasses, lens color or tint take over if you've had a bad day on the range.
  13. jim m

    Primer Depth 625

    Alesmc Thanks for the info on my 625 trigger job. Seated the federal primers .008 deep, not one problem. I also used winchester's, not one went off. Guess its right where i want it. Great trigger!! Jim
  14. jim m

    Primer Depth 625

    alecmc Thanks for the info. Should I only use Federal primers?? jim
  15. jim m

    Primer Depth 625

    I'm going lighten the trigger on my 625 and I'm told i'll probably have to use Federal primers and seat them alittle deeper. How deep do I go?? Thanks in advance. Jim