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  1. Damn - so no crawfish? Who runs that match do you know? It has been really good in the past.
  2. Make your call - if the shooter doesn't agree pull the target - call the RM - staple a new one - and get going. Don't over think it - if you only see 1 hole - then call it as Alpha (assuming it was an alpha) Mike and let him request the RM. No point in arguing or over thinking it.
  3. That's how the schedule reads. This is probably the most common format for matches that I've seen.
  4. In the process of building a new reloading bench and curious how people store / sort brass? I have a ton of brass in a bunch of random boxes - I'd like to organize them in a clean looking / easy to see qty way. Please post some pics of how you store brass.
  5. Figured it was time to take this one out the safe and actually shoot it - I've been keeping it away for over a year. Dan Wesson .40 S&W Custom Made for CZ USA and given the special treatment.
  6. Awesome - however did you see where I was asking about powder and primer storage?
  7. Hey guys, So I think the wife is finally about to win the battle and the reloading bench is going to be moved out to the garage in our new house. The question / suggestion that I need is what to do with primers / powder. Here in Houston the humidity can get pretty high and even though the garage is insulated I'm wondering what's the best option. Is there some sort of container I can buy / build and put a dehumidifying rod in? Should I stand my ground and take over some closet space? Is it OK and I'm just over-reacting? Thanks!
  8. I was planning on shooting production this year to whoop up on Lee G but I heard he had some sad excuse about work and wans't going to make it
  9. You were mentioned because you are famous all over the Benosphere for asking for stage diagrams from match directors at remarkably premature times. Like right after the match is announced. So do you have stages? Maybe I can send in my registration - I heard I have a chance of getting in still!
  10. Well this was a good lunch hour - I'm just curious how the heck my name got put in this post. I didn't even turn in an application this year (although I probably would have driven it from Houston to insure that it arrived in time - or made gump bring it)
  11. Ring Ring Ring a Ring a Ding a ring - we HAVE to find that video!
  12. How did you get by on the crawfish? Sorry I didn't get a chance to bug you - I was too busy tanking the match
  13. Perfect - I knew I liked you for a reason....be sure to stand next to me so I can get your stash also!
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