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  1. JD40


    Love it! pastor joe
  2. I actually drill a hole in the center of the IPSC box standard base pad and use the sti star keeper. Works great. I have used them this way on my 9mm and 40 since 2006. It makes getting the base pad off so much easier too.
  3. Ipsc box standard Dawson on my 126mm idpa mags. Grams on my 140mm 40 cal mags TTI on my 140 mm 9mm mags
  4. I got a good laugh at the picture of the sti that had the sight put on backwards! I was shooting my dvc limited 9mm yesterday that only has about 3000 rounds down the pipe and the front sight fell out! Those 6 inch plates were tough to hit with no front sight! This is after I had to fix several other issues with this gun to get it to run out of the box. Come on STI.... you are making us look bad in front of the CZ and Tanfoglio shooters.... this dvc cost almost as much as some of my custom guns built by Virgil Tripp. Virgil, if you are reading this, your old company could use some help!
  5. I am a Pastor in Texas that loves to shoot IDPA/USPSA/3 Gun. Everyday I spend time praying for individuals. I would like to pray for fellow shooters. If you need prayer please post your prayer here or send me a pm. Blessings.
  6. That would be nice! Anyone else have experience replacing the factory fixed sight with an adjustable sight?
  7. Thats great to hear! Does, anyone know why sti put a narrow dust cover on this model. Seem like a good idea, just don’t understand why not the full wide cover ? I am assuming to help make weight in IDPA?
  8. What bullet are you loading?How long are you loading your 9mm rounds. Glad to see that yours has been trouble free. The price of the Hawk sure makes it seem to be a good buy. Does the wide cut in the rear sight bother you? Are the fixed sights adjusted close enough for your liking ?
  9. RFP, Please let us know how you like the new sight! The Hawk seems to be a solid platform.
  10. Anyone have any experience with the Sti 2011 hawk? Likes or dislikes?
  11. They hammer steel. 9mm,40, 45 all work when the sights are lined up! Enjoy!
  12. Thanks to all! I hope you all have a great weekend! Spring Break starts here for me today so the party starts at 3:30. Anyone passing through Amarillo stop by for a beer or 20. joe
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