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  1. I like both sets of books but Steve Anderson's "Get to Work" really helped me look at the game differently. I would also recommend listening to their podcasts. I have a lot of down time in the car and this has helped me grow a lot. Steve does a good job explaining on his podcast how to really utilize the first 12 drills in his first book. He has changed the way he recommends doing the drills and I believe his new way is more efficient. I have not read Ben's new book but am going to get it soon.
  2. If my main goal is to get better then I definitely find it useful to shoot with better shooters so I can learn from them plus it helps me to push myself. However, there are also times when I just want to have fun so squadding with my buddies is the way to go.
  3. These are going to be what I call "God Books" but they have both really helped change the way I look at things... The Greatest Miracle in the World - Og Mandino Heaven - Randy Alcorn
  4. I would agree 100% with what gdboytyler said. I have watched a ton of videos about grip and I have never seen someone break it down like Hwansik Kim does in his grip videos. They are over an hour long and he goes into a lot of detail. I have actually changed my grip to his "push/pull" method and it almost instantly solved my sore wrist issues I was having even to the point where he has literally saved me money because I no longer have to see a doctor for the pain anymore. He does a great job of basically showing you how to work smarter instead of harder. It was the best $25 I have ever spent plus you get all kinds of other training material and like he said you can cancel at anytime.
  5. I never saw much need for it......... UNTIL my 2011 slide cracked a month ago and the manufacturer will not give me an ETA on repair. I already have registered for numerous level 2 & 3 shoots over the next few months and will probably have to withdraw now. It's expensive to buy a backup gun but if there is anyway you can afford I would highly recommend it.
  6. I definitely find it beneficial to shoot with shooters above my skill level. It is a great learning experience watching them up close and seeing how they handle the stage. If they don't mind, then I also will record them on a few stages and then I can take it back home on the computer and compare with my video to see where they are actually beating me at. And just like everyone always says it's transitions, entries and exits NOT their foot speed.
  7. The one thing that has helped me with staying low is setting up very simple random 2-3 target stages that require me to move between each target in all directions. I then focus strictly on my movement techniques (staying low, entries & exits). I don't want to worry about draws, transitions, reloads, etc, ONLY movement. I never put more then one target at a shooting spot and I use a par timer so I can really see what helps me shave time off. Lots of trial and error. I start on beep with my gun already aiming at a target. I try to keep track of my par times over time so I can be encouraged when I see improvement. I do it multiple times so it counts as my workout also :). As mentioned, I also video this sometimes just to make sure I'm staying low. Just like everything it does take some time but my stage times have definitely improved drastically since I started doing this.
  8. I highly recommend the Lanny Bassham/Steve Anderson translation DKorn is talking about. Once I started following this way of thinking & training it kicked me up to the next level.
  9. I have done this exact same technique on multiple skills and it works awesome!! I personally learned this from Steve Anderson and he calls it "speed mode". Everytime I incorporate this learning technique it amazes me.
  10. Interesting, I will have to check those out. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I have been using them for over a year now and I have no complaints! Great bullet, great service, great price!
  12. How much powder are you using with 124's? Which load you like better? Does one track better than other? Thanks for info!
  13. I have normally done some basic dry fire drills in safe area but last fall at Area 4 I did about 20 mins of movement/dry fire drills (WITHOUT TIMER) in the hotel room right before I went to the match. I ended up shooting the best I have ever shot. I am definitely doing this from now on! Thanks for all the suggestions in this thread.
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