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  1. Awesome thread with lots of information. I'm still confused about a couple of things. I want to build an open gun from my 9mm TS. Why can't I just buy a longer barrel from CZC, thread it and and add a comp? It seems from the thread that the Comp will need clearance to fit inside the dust cover but I can do that myself. The primary role of this gun will be 3-gun open division. The option of using SP-01 slide and stock TS barrel makes sense but I haven't seen a bunch of these for sale. Which comp and where to get it? Thx
  2. I have a Safariland 014 Open holster for a CZ TS that I am using. The holster works well and holds the gun. The problem is the safety catch. it has become very hard to move between positions. I have disassembled and inspected it several times and can find nothing that should be causing the problem. Any ideas?
  3. At the risk of getting yelled at for not checking the threads, I am going to ask if anyone could give me a starting recoil spring weight for a 1911 in 40 S&W. This is a new build (1st in this caliber). P.S I did do a search and came up empty Thanks
  4. That all makes sense, thanks for the education.
  5. Ok, I have a probably stupid question but i'll ask anyway. I have never shot open but have been considering it. Currently shoot Limited with a .40 and 3-gun with a 9mm. Reload both. It is easier to make PF with heavier bullets and my guns are more controllable with heavier bullets (147 gr 9mm and 180 gr .40). why doesn't this seem to apply to 9mm major? Why run 115 or 124 9mm?
  6. Henning is now making basepads for the 18 round CZ mags. The final capacity would depend on what followers you're using
  7. Just found this thread, wish I would have seen it a year ago. Awesome info
  8. Good to know, my CZC flat trigger also breaks way past 90. Maybe the AC trigger will be better
  9. Does the CZC flat trigger sit further back than the factory plastic TS trigger? I changed to the CZC trigger and it seems like I have more pre-travel. If I use the pre-travel screw, the trigger sits back too far.
  10. Cool website and company. I had heard of them before. I have always used CZC parts to this point
  11. I have both a Accu-shadow modified to SA only and a TS in 40. I use the Accu-shadow for 3-gun and love the feel. I built the TS to shoot limited and love it too. What I have found is that although the Accu-shadow feels better in my hand I definitely shoot the TS better. I did the grip reduction on the TS and it feels much better than factory. I am going to build another TS in 9mm for 3 gun so I can stay with the same grip. Can't wait to feel the TS in 9mm
  12. The trigger pull with be fine but you're not going to be able to adjust the length of pull like you can with 1911 by changing triggers
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