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  1. paramajic4

    Hornady 75 HPBT match

  2. paramajic4

    Hornady 75 HPBT match

    Has anyone loaded the Hornady 75 grain HPBT at a 2.240 COL? I am looking to load it with 23 gr's of TAC. 2.240 is the max length I need to get it feed reliably from my PMAGS. Lyman manual say's 2.260 COL. I'm not looking for extreme accuracy, I am looking for a load to put the hurt on a MGM spinner target at 100 yds. Will the decreased COL make this round unsafe. Thanks
  3. paramajic4

    For 9mm MAJOR Topics

    That all makes sense, thanks for the education.
  4. paramajic4

    For 9mm MAJOR Topics

    Ok, I have a probably stupid question but i'll ask anyway. I have never shot open but have been considering it. Currently shoot Limited with a .40 and 3-gun with a 9mm. Reload both. It is easier to make PF with heavier bullets and my guns are more controllable with heavier bullets (147 gr 9mm and 180 gr .40). why doesn't this seem to apply to 9mm major? Why run 115 or 124 9mm?
  5. paramajic4

    Heavy Metal

    That's kind of what I thought. Want to buy an AR-10 and would like to use it for both heavy metal and long range local competitions. Probably should just go with .308
  6. Can a 6.5 Creedmore be used in heavy metal?
  7. paramajic4

    Xtreme Bullets

    I haven't used their brass but I like their bullets
  8. paramajic4

    Savage 10 Ashbury

    Great info, thanks
  9. paramajic4

    Savage 10 Ashbury

    Looking for a good rifle to give long range shooting a try. Found a good sale on the Savage 10 Ashbury in 6.5 Creedmore. Is this a good entry level gun? Other option is to rebarrel one of my AR's to .224 Valkyrie. Thoughts?
  10. paramajic4

    Xtreme Bullets

    Just saw on Facebook that Xtreme Bullets has filed chapter 11. Post says they are still in operation and selling product. I use a lot of their bullets. Hope they stick around
  11. paramajic4

    DVC open

    CZ or STI?
  12. paramajic4

    DVC open

    Thanks for the comments. Apparently can't really go wrong with either one.
  13. paramajic4

    DVC open

    So, I considering making the jump into open for both 3-gun and USPSA and I am considering the STI DVC open. As I am not sure what to ask for I would prefer a gun ready to run and not have to have something built custom. Two questions; is this a good gun for the price, and second, what has to be done to have the gun work right for 3-gun shooting minor power factor. I currently shoot CZ's, would a Czechmate be a better option?
  14. paramajic4

    MPX 24c trigger and safety problem

    Thought I would post an update on this issue. Took the upper off of the gun and looked at the trigger assembly with magnification. What I found was that the dis-connector and the hammer were touching when you let off the trigger. This would not allow the hammer to go back into position for the next shot. Fix was simple, I took a fine file and cleaned up the contact point and all is well.
  15. I got a new MPX carbine for PCC. As is usual the trigger sucked for competition. Replaced with Hiperfire 24C as this was recommended by several other shooters. Kept the stock safety. Installed and ran about 50 rounds with no issues. Shot first match today, ran great the first stage then had an issue during the second. The safety would not disengage. Move to fire and trigger would not move, cycle safety and fired one round, had to cycle safety again. Did this off and on for next two stages then ran great for final stage. Stayed after and ran 100 rounds with no problem. Another shooter with an MPX said his did this and he just replaced the the safety with a Noveske unit. I'm not opposed to changing the safety but would like to understand whats causing the problem. Any insight would be great. Thanks