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  1. Depends on the system, most of mine like to be ran wet (but not overboard) My 2 cents lol
  2. I considered both to setup my wifes pistol, went with a viper and dont regret it. Taking it off and on is no big deal for battery replacement and doesn't seem to loose zero after re-install. The viper is also shorter height then the venom bonus there (6 moa version)
  3. Would love to here review also
  4. Had a double-tap safety installed by them at the nationals we had last weekend, i can say its a great adition to my sti spartan
  5. Availability is a bit sparce depending what im looking for, the trojans price went up to almost 2k in cad funds because of the currency exchange so it was a bit to much money for me, the other 4 were between 1050-1300$ so a bit more reasonable. Yesturday tho a dealer i usually deal with found a sti spartan in 9mm that was hidden in inventory. Well for the price these went for and the features thats on them it was a no brainer so i bought it right away. If they would not ove found it the springfield would've been my choice. Now the task to get setup for classic, what mags have you guys been using lately (10rnd 9mm mags)? Any specific ones u like more? (Mec-gar, dawson, tripp??) For a magwell im gonna install the dawson classic legal magwell they make
  6. between these 1911's what would you choose (pro & con details welcome)
  7. I find classic division is setup perfectly the way it is...
  8. Take my money indeed
  9. Got my fns9 longslide (2013 production date) a few weeks ago, trigger out of the box was prob 6.5-7 lbs with a gritty break. Shot one match and a bit of practice in between and i noticed the trigger got a lot better on its own. Now it breaks at a nice crisp 5.5 lbs (prob 500 rounds thru it now) They seem to need a break in period, im not touching the internals in this one to see how it turns out in a few thousand rounds (Oh and gotta say, minus the factory sights, i luv these fn's)
  10. A tap could fix the threads of they got damaged somehow, but im not sure of the thread size
  11. Hmm, might be something going on in the frame, use a pipe cleaner (from a dollar store etc soaked in rubbing alcohol and pass it thru a few times to clean it good Then u could see if the threads are damaged
  12. Check for metal shards of debrie in the frame holes, clean them good Check the threads on the screw to make sure there good, could be a bad screw maybe
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