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Found 19 results

  1. Anyone have one of the new STI DVC Classic single stacks? I see there are some for sale, but I haven't seen any reviews by anyone yet. Thanks.
  2. Sunday, April 28th, 2019....IPSC 66 (also known as the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club in Romulus, Michigan) will be hosting our first ever Southeast Michigan Lo Cap Championship for Single Stack, Production, L10 and Revolver Divisions only. 9 stages, 230+ rounds in a 1 day format for a $60 match fee of American Funds (just an FYI to our many Canadian competitors). This is our normal shooting weekend so nothing special has to be planned for by those that try to make out match every month. For those $60, you will get a the above mentioned 9 level III stages, 230+ rounds, plaques for all recognized divisions and most classes and entry into the gun giveaway raffle that we have. We are looking to give away 2 1911's and 2 polymer guns to by random draw to any competitor that pays their match fee. (if you DQ at the match, you are out of the drawing...…..). We are only planning on having up to about 96-100 shooters maximum, so look at practicescore to enter your info and send your check with match entry fee to me (info is on practiscore…...or you can call me or email if you have further questions...). If this goes well (and we think that it will, then in October we will have the High Cap Championship for Limited, Open, Carry Optics and PCC) then we can start making this an annual type of event to kick off the outdoor season and possibly end the outdoor seasons here in Michigan. We look forward to seeing you out on the range as we host our monthly matches this year. Clear sights and crisp triggers to all. Roy Neal
  3. Need help finding a holster for my wife to use shooting 1911 in Single Stack. I am currently using a Bladetech Black Ice for myself but I believe that has been discontinued.
  4. I am a huge fan of the Dan Wesson PM9. But I went looking for a Major PF single stack and found that the PM7 in .45 lacked a lot of the cool stuff found on the PM9. So last year I had Keith at Dan Wesson build me a PM-45 with all of the goodies. I was excited to see that they recently added the PM-45 to their line up for 2018. Check it out here: http://danwessonfirearms.com/product/pointman-45-pm-45/ Also, Keith noted that the SSC is back in stock at CZ Custom for a limited run. Those who want a quality Single Stack in .40 can get it here: https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-pistols-custom/dw-ss-custom-cal-40-s-w.html
  5. single stack 9mm custom gun. new or nearly new mags. both wilson and Dawson. magwell is a new Ice. using both no-gap insert with no-gap mags, and using the regular insert with other mag pads. sticking occurs only after ejecting a round and then slide lock. the empty mags dont always stick but usually do. they stick at the top - not at the magwell. very tight stick. it seems the ejection of the round or casing and then the slide lock pull the mag body up and into the top of the gun, but I am not sure about this. thanks for input.
  6. Not sure where this gun fits into competitions other than Steel Challenge...but it is a fine choice for that!!!
  7. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!! Silver Bullet Production/Single Stack Championship, Sponsored by Limcat Customs - Reno/Tahoe NV WNPL is going to host a USPSA Level II match in Reno. This will be for Production and Single Stack only. We will have a Limcat Custom Single Stack pistol as a main raffle prize. Don't miss Western Nevada's biggest match of the year. 10 stages plus chrono 2-day, weekend format (130 slots) 7 stages Saturday, 3 stages Sunday, then raffle/prizes 1-day Friday option with approval (20 slots) Level II (Pending) Match Fee: $105.00 Hotel: Nugget Hotel/Casino or Holiday Inn Host Club: Western Nevada Pistol League, Reno NV Range: Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility Match Dir: Greg Blair www.SilverBulletChampionship.com Complete match details are on our REGISTRATION page.
  8. Hey guys. Hoping for a quick response. I am having trouble finding a lot of info on the sti tactical 5.0 ss tr I have an opportunity to pick one up local for 1300. Comes with 5 mags a leather holster and following work done to it dehorned frame.. match competition sti trigger polish feed ramp. polish internal slide. competition guide rod competition internals.. trijicon heine night sights. level one reverse crown .. What u guys think? Should I ask anything specific to the build? I may shoot it in ss a lil but kind of want a full length dust cover 1911. Thanks again. If I dont reply it's because I am horrible at forums. But I read and appreciate the input
  9. Akai posted a very cool single stack 1911 on Facebook recently. He maintained that this gun was legal for USPSA single stack division. Despite being very cool, I have mixed feelings about this gun. What do yall think? Per USPSA rules, is this gun legal for single stack? This is what Akai said on Facebook about the gun in question: "This may be the most badass single stack out there. The gun is stroked, lightened, tri-topped, fat grip and still within USPSA rules. About as close we as we can get to our Limited guns while staying within the rules. 40.6OZ with an empty mag. Has steel MSH and full length stainless guiderod." Here is where I question its legality per USPSA rules: 1. Where and how is it "lightened?" 2. Is stroking a slide legal for a goverment model in single stack? 3. How long is the dust cover? Is it under 3.25" measured from the back of the slide stop pin? Lastly, I would like to point out that per USPSA rules for single stack, "Slide lightening, cuts ports, or any milling deemed to provide a competitive advantage." is not legal. Is slide stroking exempt from this rule? Pictures attached are of the gun in question. These pictures were posted by Akai on his Facebook.
  10. I currently have 2 S&W 1911s in .45 that I use for practice and matches in USPSA SS. They are basically stock except for fiber sights, different springs, grips, and a nicer magwell. I am thinking that i want to upgrade to another .45 that may serve me a bit better. I am thinking about getting two of them, one for practice and as a back-up and the other for shooting matches. Something under 2.5k a piece would be nice, but I might also do a single custom gun instead. I am quite comfortable customizing a stock gun, so getting a good factory pistol that just needs some polishing/modifying etc is not a problem. I am looking for some recommendations. I would really like to hear from people that shoot the gun the are recommending, and why it is a great gun. The "why" is kind of important to me. I do like shooting .45. There is something very enjoyable about the big, clean holes a 200gr SWC leaves in a target. So unless there is some compelling reason to switch to a .40 that you can convince me of (which is possible) I would like to keep the discussion on .45. thanks. ps:I did use the search feature, and after a lot of reading did not find exactly what I was looking for.
  11. OK, So I bought a set of sights, that happed to come with a new gun attached. '-) So I got a new STI Trojan in .45 ACP, took it home tore it down cleaned and Oiled it, and the Slide stop wont go back in, it has a "notch" cut in it (see pic) and it will not allow the slide stop to fully insert back into the frame as it gets caught on the safety lock spring. So I grab a back up and slide it in, moving on.... Rack the slide or should I say TRIED... it was so tight I needed to switch my grip on the gun and force it open (not what I was expecting from an STI). Now mind you I am not a "little" human bay any stretch, and this was hard to rack. So I grabbed some ammo and went to range to sight it in and test the gun. before the match the next day. Ran 50 rounds through it, still supper tight, shot a match, 180 more rounds. still super tight... took it home tore it down cleaned it re-oiled dropped a 17# spring in and it is still hard to rack, took the recoil spring out and STILL hard to rack. I can feel where it is rubbing/grabbing and "binding" if you will. Is this normal for STI's to have this issue until the "broke" in. Trying to figure out if I have an issue and should contact STI, or just work through it, do something to the rails??? Just a note, the gun ran ok, but it did not have what I would call a smooth cycle
  12. What are my frame options for building a custom 1911 with a light rail? I know that most will have to be trimmed back but just wondering what the best is that money can buy. I like the look of stainless best but steel is fine as well. Pics are welcome as well
  13. Which one would be best, bull barrel or bushing barrel?
  14. Trying to get pros and cons on different 9mm 1911 single stack magazines
  15. I'd love to hear some user reports on the Para single stack 1911s. I'm thinking about one of the Elite Target models. Seems like a pretty nice gun for not too much money. Thanks!
  16. Hey guys and gals. I am about to get a single stack built. I am wanting to hear from you veteran single stack shooter on what you think is best and what may be a good idea not to include. Anything goes. I want to hear your opinion on magazines, grips, sights, internals, safeties, magwells, etc. I have small to medium hands and it will be a 40 cal. Thanks in advance, all is appreciated. Ric
  17. Texas Single Stack Championship August 24, 2013 $75.00 Match Fee 8 Stages 170 rnd count The Bullet Hole Shooting Complex 2715 Grosenbacher Rd. San Antonio, TX 78245 Pre-register by mail Match Day Registration at 8:30 am Match Start at 10:00 am Cash Prizes and Trophies for High Overall and Classification Winners Match Flyer and Entry Form: http://www.keepandsh...p-pdf-176k?da=y Hosting Club Forum: http://www.bullethol...hp?topic=1295.0
  18. So, I have decided finally to build up the STI Single Stack frame that's been hiding in my safe for a number of years. It's going to be a basic build, in .40 S&W, blue, with which to compete and/or carry. So, I've accumulated a few parts in the recent past: slide stop, pins and springs and the like.but I'm ready to complete the project. I'm looking for best places pick up the rest of the parts, slide, barrel, trigger etc. Where would you go? Feel free to post links in your replies.
  19. Anyone out there running these mag pouches for single stack? Basically the racer dedicated to single stack http://www.ceddaa.com/product_info.php?products_id=517{1}16 I can't decide on buying these, 771's, or getting the inserts for my versa pouches and running DAA standard racers for my limited setup.
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