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  1. I think the P320 X5 would perform better than the RX. My thoughts on this are based on three personal observations. When tuned properly the X5 trigger produces a lower pull weight with a consistent pull. Barrel length and weight also go to the X5, & with the addition of a tungsten guide rod would feel more balanced due to the weight insert in the frame. And finally the X5 is more likely to provide a round count advantage for 140 magazine extensions.
  2. Slide lock in USPSA is a personal preference when discussing Single Stack. I assume the majority of competitors run active slide stops (open on last round), but that does not mean it’s the best for everyone. If you are interested in running a passive slide stop go for it. It boils down to whether you believe you are faster and more reliable dropping the slide stop or sling shoting the slide. The truth will present itself in the timer. Either way, if you know your stage plan there shouldn’t be a situation where an empty gun (slide lock) reload catches you off guard.
  3. To remove subjectivity in my trigger finger I decided to run the hammer springs over a Lyman gauge. Since the CGW 13lbs spring felt similar to the Wolff spring I cut 2 coils off to see if that gained any advantage. P226 hammer spring pull weights: Wolff 17lbs (control ) = 8.6 DA / 3.9 SA CGW13Lbs ( -2 coils)= 7.2 DA / 3.9 SA CGW8.5lbs = 5.3 DA / 2.12 SA
  4. I have a P226 that hasn’t had a lot of range time, in part due to the trigger weight. This evening I disassembled the gun & found out the hammer spring diameter is the same as a CZ. I cut a CGW 8.5 & 13 lbs (spares I had on hand) to match the length of the Wolff 17lbs installed in the gun. The clipped CGW13lbs hammer spring felt heavier than the Wolff, and the CGW8.5 appears to be too light. Wasn’t sure if anyone else had played around with “other than SIG” hammer springs, but I think a lighter hammer spring is something that could make the P226 more competition friendly. Will function test the CGW8.5 spring when I have the opportunity, and likely test an CGW11.5 when I get around to placing another order.
  5. I paired a Dawson 90 front with the CZC adjustable rear, great combination on a Shadow 2.
  6. JWard79

    LOK grips for a TS

    I'd recommend trying the grip panels out if possible. CZ grips are kind of like 1911's, everybody has a preference & every grip is "the best" on the market. Depending on what you're looking for, and your preference, this may be a quick or long road to success.
  7. I have one on a carry optic gun, and the only fault I've found is the battery compartment. Threads on the cover have been known to strip, so caution should be used when replacing the battery. Outside of that, the dot holds zero & is plenty bright
  8. PT has made a few one off runs of single sided safeties. Might be worth reaching out and seeing if they have any in the near future.
  9. I'd recommend using the wait time to catch up on some literature if you intend on shooting USPSA and have limited previous exposure. Ben Stoeger has a fair amount of literature and videos available to pass the time, but I think it goes without saying most would recommend "Practical Shooting: Beyound Fundamentals" by Brian Enos. I would also recommend starting research on the rig for this gun (unless you already have that sorted out), and the Benos forum already has a number of posts related to mag pouches, belts, and holsters.
  10. 9 inches is a significant deviation even with factory zero'd stock sights. Not sure switching sights gets after the issue you are experiencing. My question concerning your set-up is what size backstrap are you using, and have you tried a smaller size? Additionally are you experiencing the 9 inch offset at 7/15/25 yards? I say this because the issue may be related to heeling during the firing sequence, which will be exaggerated with a larger backstrap. I went through a similar learning curve when dialing in an XDM 5.25.
  11. I switched to MBX 155's & 170's and haven't had any issues. Still dryfire and practice with 140's, but feel the only time the short sticks may provide an advantage is for a speed shoot or classifier that requires a standing reload.
  12. Backstrap parallel. Holster positioned on belt to allow forearm to rest on thumb safety when hands are relaxed at sides.
  13. I recently switched to an IPSC magwell on my SS, and there are no issues or discriminators to speak of. I transitioned to this magwell because I use a raised mag catch on my 40 and wanted a positive reload. The IPSC magwell will expose more of the mag body & basepad than the traditional Dawson magwell. In my case this allowed the mags to be fully seated without having the basepads flush with the magwell.
  14. If this is a 3gun specific gun, I'd stick with a tuned edge from Brazos or another reputable smith. Not sure I'd feel at ease with throwing a full custom gun in a drop barrel. Biggest thing you should be looking for is reliability, and since it will be a 9mm there will be little gains in terms of recoil management if you throw more money at it.
  15. JWard79

    Shadow 2 Legal Date

    CZ custom still shows the Shadow 2 black polycoat in stock, ordered mine while I was at Optics Nationals and will pick it up tomorrow.
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