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  1. TBH I would welcome people doing that...I guarantee it is slower than reloading from a front "open shooter first mag position" mag pouch.
  2. The MPX really isn't a short chamber...at least mine isn't...
  3. Is it just me or does that sound slower than .07-.08 splits...?
  4. Yes, there is a major skewing of classifiers. It won't be fixed until they give PCC its own classification scores based on PCC data not open. Some of the classifiers are harder for PCC than open, but the vast majority are much easier with PCC especially those requiring offhand/one-hand shooting or uprange starts. IMO what would fix a lot of the actual problem caused by this is unlinking PCC class from the pistol classes. Having someone who makes GM in PCC an automatic master in every pistol class is a little silly. However, at the end of the day, classification doesn't really matter IMO. If you are worried that you won't get your earlier B class win prize walk over tanking in M then you are shooting for the wrong reasons anyway.
  5. I've done a taccom build, a jp, and an MPX. They will all get you to GM. I personally prefer the MPX and have since sold the other two. Now you also have options of a taccom MPX front end. The softer impulse is nice, but what I like most about the MPX is the mags. They are 100% reliable period. I haven't had a single malfunction on my MPX and have a tax stamp in to make it an 8 inch SBR at some point hopefully before next season. All you need for the MPX is a hiperfire trigger, a stock adapter, a buffer tube, and your favorite AR stock. The only reason I would go back to a blow-back is to tune one to easily bump fire like Max Leograndis. But my .11 splits aren't going to be the thing holding me back for a long time. My gains are in transitions and footwork at this point. Master at the moment and first two GM classifiers next season will get me to GM.
  6. I use a AMG UH-1 for PCC. I love it. Fantastic optic IMO. Would work very well for 3 gun IMO.
  7. Are you sure that's not powder fouling? Just throw a bore snake through every now and then. Barrel should keep itself clean for the most part.
  8. I don't have the plethora of reloading knowledge that some do. But...IMO skip the crimp period for 9mm. Just remove the bell. Use a Lee U die for sizing and a Lee FCD with the crimp backed out so you don't actually crimp the bullet. It full length sizes the case and removes the bell in the last station. There is no set back and no issues with mixed brass.
  9. LOL he obviously wasn't being serious
  10. Not even close a world record. People have shot groups at 200 yards free-hand (one handed) with fixed iron sights that have been less than the size of the A zone on a USPSA target.
  11. I haven't had issues with my PDR PRO II, but I haven't used any of the other shadow 2 holsters for comparison.
  12. Just wait, biting the bullet starts with the case feeder...then the bullet feeder, then a 1050, then an autodrive. Down the rabbit whole we go!
  13. I also found them here - http://www.tacticallife.net/Skeletonized-Billet-Aluminum-AR-15-Grip-Blue-Cerakote-_p_386.html
  14. I think you are correct. I have not had a single malfunction in my MPX all season. I shot area 3 with a GM MPX shooter, both of us made it through the match in one day with no malfunctions or stops to relube. Shooting 133 power factor 124 grain PD JHPs over titegroup. I don't see the obsession with the bottom floor PF loads on the MPX, the difference in recoil impulse between 120 and 140 is almost nothing. Keep the reloads in the 130-135 range and it will run forever in my experience.
  15. Would someone be able to PM me the best way to get a hold of Rick? I may pick one of these up.
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