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  1. One of my local shops has a zulu in I am going to have to go play with it. I may just go with a standard buff and a BCM gun fighter. The cheek weld is one of the parts I am concerned about.
  2. I will take a look at that trigger, thanks for the advice.
  3. The build so far is: Anderson upper and lower BHW 14.5 1x8 wyld in a light profile Fortis Red Comp Brwonells low mass BCG SI Forward assist plus LPK To come Strike Ind. Flip Switch Switch BAD extended Bolt release ALG 13" EMR V0 rail Adjustable gas block (odin works) Optics most likely will be a Vortez 1x8 in an Areo Precision light weight mount. Trigger TBD top contenders are Velocity and I have seen some great sales on Elfmanns lately now for the big question. I like the Odin Works Zulu 2.0. But can I use one of the
  4. Nice looking boom sticks. That is what I thought. I just wanted to double check what I was thinking.
  5. For a right handed shooter what is the advantages of a left sided charge, rear charge (ar style) or right sided charge receiver? I have heard a lot of the top RFRO shooters use the LHC. Thanks Majja
  6. That is also good to know. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. That is a good point, just something else to think about.
  8. I looked at trying to find a doner rifle at first and when the best deal I could find locally was 200. A Kidd std slip custom action is 175 the better way to go since I would gut it anyway. If I go with a standard Right hand Charging Handle I will most likely go with the Kidd Receiver, trigger and bolt. Other wise I am looking at the Tactical Innovations receivers. I do like the fact that the TI receivers have the rail milled into the receiver instead of being bolted on. I may have an in on a discounted Tacsol Barrel through a friend of mine and then I just need a nice light stock. I fig
  9. Ok I am thinking about building a 10/22 to start shooting RFRO. This is something I want to build over a bit of time. I was curious is it better to go with a reeiever like the Tactical elite 22LC with left charging handle or a standard Right handed charging handle. I am a right handed shooter. I have shot a lot of pistol competitions but no rifle comps. Is it better to practice clearing malfunctions with my strong hand while keeping the rifle mounted to my shoulder with my week hand, or keep the rifle mounted with the strong hand and clearing the malfunction with your week han
  10. So a friend of mine was cleaning out his safe and decided to sell me this at a steel. I know it has maybe a 1000 rounds on it. Where do I start to make this a sweet little open steel gun. I do plan on loosing the rail and the inexpensive dot for something like a vortex venom "6 moa dot". Thinking tandemcross Comp and Victory trigger, then voqartsen trigger group, extended mag release, bushing. Just my initial thoughts. Open to any and all options here so where do I start the project? Thank you
  11. I love the cuts in that. Congratz, someday I will own an Atlas.
  12. That is not a bad idea I do have one of those.
  13. Ok I am just kicking around an idea here. If I wanted to swap back and forth between open and limited, could I have a new top end built, so I would just have to swap back and forth on my open gun? It is currently built as a 38sc. If I were to do this what would I have to do to the lower when ever i swapped back and forth? Could I do this in 40 or would i need to build it in 9? I am just kind of wondering? And yes I do know i would need to pull the optic... for limited
  14. I have shot the factory gun also, that is why I am kind of leaning toward the hull built custom. I just do not know anyone with that frame.
  15. Ok all I kind of want to build a 22/45 to shoot steel with. My dilemma is to buy a 22/45 Lite (threaded barrel for 439) and then do the trigger and action work on it? Or would I be better off just buying the Volquartsen VC frame and bolt and then adding a tacopt's barrel. OR going with the above and then adding the tact opts barrel keeping the Ruger frame? With one I get instant gratification, the other will take me some time to save up and buy parts but I will have one hell of a sweet 22 at the end. I will most likely put a Vortex Venom as the red dot and a mad dog Comp. But
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