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  1. Muzzle device - get one. You don't have to spend a ton but spotting your misses is av important part of the Game. Sling - use what you have. You'll use it 99% of the time to walk from stage to stage. Bags - I've bought a ton of bags. I minimized this year to two bags. A rear bag and a fat bag. I preffer armageddon gear but bags are personal preference. Id start wuth a rear bag and a larger bag. Like the fat bag. Most guys will run a game changer. Im probably the only guy who refuses to run them Rifle bag. Don't get an all in one bag and rifle pack. It will slow you down and youll never use inbetween stages. Most guys have separate packs for both. Unpack your rifle, sling it, throw on your pack. Again personal preference. However the bigger the bag you get the more crap you'll fill it with. Not fun for the amount if walking you do in some matches. Shooting mat - get a cheap midway. You'll never use it at a match. Nice for the range. Torque wrench - i got mine at harbor freight. Cleaning supplies - only clean when accuracy opens up. Get 6.5 brushes and carbon fiber rod. Also get a Chamber guide. I've used hoppes. I see no reason to change. Electronics - most matches are known distance. You wont need a range finder. Id spend the money on a kestral. Knowing your wind is crucial. You don't have to go all out but get a kestral or surgery variant. Also download one of the ballistics apps. If you don't have a chrono get one. Makes life easier. Or get a friend to loan you his. Get something to write your dope on for each stage. Ive used armageddon gear here and painter tape. You can get a cheap wrist coach. There is a ton of stuff to buy. I got involved in this game 5 years ago. And in the last two years the sport had sky rocketed and so has the innovation and the amount of gear you can buy. Good luck. I see you're from. the Rochester area, where I grew up. Glad to see some matches up that way.
  2. You'll be fine with Leupold. If you miss at a mile it's not going to be due to you buying a leupold. If you're willing to spend there are a lot of good choices at that price point. Leupold doesn't get much love due to being more expensive and a little dated in the reticle department. Maybe that will change at shot this year. I'd check out some other options and identify the features you want. At that price point most scopes are pretty similar but reticle design is really the big difference.
  3. Ar10. All day. Gonna get a lot more for the priced. I do love M1a's but each time I price one out I just cant justify it.
  4. 2900 is pretty low end of all the reports I've seen so far. I've seen 3000+for factory 143 eld-x and just under 3000 fur 147 (the hide claims). For the 140's 3050ish seems to be where most people are depending on powder. I get my 6.5 prc delivered on Wednesday. Looking trying this round out and see fur myself
  5. 100 yards. You'll very rarely have to deal with hold unders. Easier if you're always dialing one way. You'll find almost everyone zeros at 100 which makes sharing dope easier and you'll have very few atmospheric variances when you zero at 100.
  6. Modularity and adaptability. Trinity pic rail, barricade stops, rat rail. They keep adapting to the game. Best part is cost. To spec out a manners prs it's twice the price.
  7. Modularity and adaptability. Trinity pic rail, barricade stops, rat rail. They keep adapting to the game. Best part is cost. To spec out a manners prs it's twice the price.
  8. Don't forget about crux tripods. Shot off one at the kestrel challenge this year and it was pretty awesome. At 795 for the tripod it's in between the RRS and the manfrotto. The while system is a little more pricey.
  9. Finally took my mantis out to do more than dry fire. Love this as it shows me how bad I suck at shooting pistol.
  10. The Bushnell is on sale a lot of places. Brownells had it for 279 plus an additional 20 off. 299 and under is way to find. Can get that same package for well under $1k now.
  11. I own the Bushnell. Imo don't need them paired. I think you should carry a range finder as I find at most matches the distances arent always correct so its good to verify. If i was going to buy a new range finder I would probably do a Leica. The Bushnell is a bit big but works great.
  12. Sub $1k the bergara offers a lot. I've only shot a few rounds from one and played with it for a short time but seemed nice enough. Also look at tikka. Sub 2k I'd go with an RPR. At 1200 you can get a barrel from Patriot valley, LRI, or various other smiths and have a great shooting rifle for $1800. Dowside is that you're stuck with that set up. If you want a another chassis Or go traditional stock you can't. Or you could buy a tikka and go with a new barrel and chassis/stock upgrade, trigger and still be under $2k and get what you want. PVA does a barrel nut system for 500. Then you're really looking at 2500+ for a custom with your builder of choice. Lots if great smuths out there. But for 2500 you could do a stiller for 1025, barrel 300-360, trigger 110-200, chassis 600ish, then smithing fees for 300-400. That gets you right around 2500. Of course if you change options you can add to the price. If you're thinking about competing I'd skip the desert tech.
  13. Do you have a preference of stock or chassis?
  14. I may or may not adjust it. Really just depends on the stage.
  15. It'll work as long it's on 60 degrees not 90. I was running this before I switched.
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