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Found 11 results

  1. This winter I am going to try and work on building a set of match mags for my 2011 edge in 40sw. I plan on getting the dawson tuning kit to build them. I will use sti tubes, the 4g2 taran basepads, and the taran springs. My current mags are set up with grams guts and one with Taran guts. The taran guts already get 20 reloadable and a VERY tight 21 for a 22rd start. However, I want to use the MBX followers for a couple of reasons. 1.) They are already set up to not allow slide lock, so it will save me some work for only $1 more per follower. 2.) They are cut thinner which means I would have a little more extra tension to work with in the mag. I was planning to do this with a Taran follower, but this saves me the work and the possibility of trashing a follower. My question is how does the MBX follower work in STI tubes? Does it require any/much fitting or is just flat out the wrong dimension for the body? Does it work well with taran springs?
  2. I am wondering if anybody is running MBX tubes/basepads with Grams’ springs and followers. Specifically 140mm tubes for a 2011 to shoot USPSA limited division. I have 4- 9mm STI tubes with TTI pads for my minor pistol that I have run grams in with great success. Looked on here and saw that people have used Grams with MBX tubes but those who are appeared to be using them in big stick 9 major applications. I think I’ve read that the MBX tubes are a touch wider at the transition from double to single and this is my concern. Thanks for any input.
  3. I am going to need to pick up a couple of new mags for my 38sc and I was wondering about the MBX 155's. Is there that much improvement over the 140's with the xtra rounds or do they reload more like a 170. Please let me have you thoughts on a 155 vs a 140. Thanks Matt
  4. Has any one gotten their hands on the new STI mag tubes and if so what do you think. I want to replace a couple of my older mags and am looking at either these or MBX. I am shooting 38SC in a std SVI plastic Grip.
  5. Has any one gotten their hands on the new STI mag tubes and if so what do you think. I want to replace a couple of my older mags and am looking at either these or MBX. I am shooting 38SC in a std SVI plastic Grip.
  6. I just purchased a new Limited gun, STI Apeiro in 40 Cal. I need to outfit it with a sufficient number of magazines and the options are overwhelming. New factory STI, MBX or tuned versions for double the money. There are used options of these out there also. I have talked to several people and there doesn't seem to be a consensus so far. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.
  7. I did do a search and found a couple of threads about this, but nothing really directly addressed the issue. I have 3 STI and a boat load of MBX mags and all of them hit the ejector when inserted. Is the solution in the ejector, magazine, mag catch, or a combination of the 3? Thanks. Jeff
  8. Are the 170mm MBX mags the best option for an open pistol or is there a better option?
  9. Hi all, I'm building a 2011 based on a CK frame, STI grip, Fusion firearms slide and Kart barrel. So far it's been a lot of fun and quite the learning experience; this is my first 1911 style gun. I just put in the followers and they seem to be tilting to the side, pointing upwards too much(?), and catching on the slide when in the gun and pushing forward. MBX Extreme tubes, springs, and G25 followers; all non-slide stop. I was planning to do the things mentioned in these two videos; is this an okay plan? Mostly just dremeling the follower and bending the springs (though it doesn't seem to do all that much, the little that I've tried on the 3rd mag). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1EclEpJc-g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLC8KEqY9Nc From looking around, mag tuning seems to be something inherent with the 2011's. I'm mostly concerned with how the follower seems to be sitting pretty high up and forward in the mag; not sure how to correct for this. Thanks for any advice.
  10. Been working on getting the set of 6 brand new MBX 155mm mags to work in my new STI DVC Open gun with a Phoenix Trinity grip fitted, and having a lot of trouble getting them to work. The first issue was the grip screw(s) spacer/nut rubbing against the mag tube just before the mag reached the fully inserted point. In order to have the mag catch snap into place you had to really SMACK the base plate...HARD. This took some investigation since at first I blamed the positioning of the mag catch inlet on the mag...then the mag catch itself. Both of which I worked on for a number of hours to no avail. Thats when I gave up and began looking for another culprit and discovered the lightest of markings on either side of the mag tube and realized they aligned with the grip screw spacer/nut. The spacer/nut already has a taper on the lower half to provide relief for the stock STI mags ( which work perfectly by the way, but I only have one and needed more mags so decided to try the MBX units since they receive such glowing comments...), and after 5 minutes with a file the MBX mags snapped easily up into place, and released at the tap of the button! Great. Except I was working with the slide removed the whole time. Put the top back on and inserted a full mag to check 'reloadability'...which is fine. Except now the mags don't want to drop out. AND the slide drags so bad it won't go fully into battery without a push, even on an empty mag. I seems like the MBX comes up just a little higher in the well than the STI units and the lips rub on the inside of the slide...is it possible this is the problem? I'm not sure what to do, I don't want to start 're-curving' the mag lips to clear the slide. Kinda frustrated after the $890.00 hit for 6 MBX 155mm mags. Anyone been there, fixed that???
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