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  1. Welcome aboard, good to have you.

  2. Hey Bruce and Welcome to the Forum!

  3. is thinking of shooting

  4. You know you are a shooter when: The first question you ask the doctor after you had a heart attack and two stents implanted into you heart is: Will I be able to shoot the match this weekend? True STORY
  5. Is that TM262? In the flesh baby! Of course back in those days I did not know that I needed to wear hearing protection to get a good night's sleep. SingleStack will put a snore on you and you can't beat him to sleep.
  6. Congratulations GA state SS

  7. TM262

    Which one?

    Mow the yard Shoot in the rain? or Call off the match?
  8. That is good stuff Brian and Brownells. I will make sure I place my next order through the link above. Congrats!
  9. It is always a pleasure to see you at AL state. I hope to make it down to shot a match with you guys this summer.

  10. Sounds like the best thing to ever happened to a Diet Coke.
  11. ...because I am truthful and honorable... And when I started shooting this great sport, there was no Single Stack division. Atleast my skinny mag guns get shot and do not live a life of shame hidden behind the safe door.
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