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  1. Similar experience with them messing it up despite multiple verification through out each step. I finally took the equipment to a local physical store front... explained the issue and got it all taken care of. My wife thought I was going to explode during those few days of pure frustration.
  2. Opinion from someone who doesn't know the rules or compete... I'd think it shouldn't be part of a real timed event due to randomness. Unless you can repeat the exact starting positions each time, that seems unfair. Are the Texas stars considered ok? I'd think since they start in the same position each time they would be ok to run vs something that randomly might appear.
  3. So I checked mine and no issues, but those with Shields might want to check out the recall details on the M&P Shield that popped up. Its regarding the trigger safety and a drop hazard on some with the recall issue. http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Category4_750001_750051_791654_-1_757978_757978_image
  4. splitime

    9mm O.A.L

    What he said, also don't forget to check that they also fit the Magazine. Each gun/chamber/mag dependency varies. I found a happy medium so I could go between pistols, a compromise, but I'm not really a competitor.
  5. What Arlin said, I found i needed to increase the belling to prevent the coating being sheared off sometimes. If only happening sometimes with mixed brass, you might have some shorter ones getting less belling than other cases...
  6. I really need to make more time for the hobby and use Wiilshoot.com more. Welcome!
  7. I LOVED my KelTec Sub2000... but it was in .40 and finding one in 9mm is practically impossible (let alone the markup due to the lack of inventory).
  8. Once I have a chance to do this right I'll report back. Thanks everyone.
  9. Thanks for sending me down the proper path of confirming things a step at a time. Fairly sure now that the issue was the chrono to close (or some other outside factor). Ran 10 rounds through it and did a pre-measure/post-measurement. The most setback I saw was .007.
  10. Chrony F1. Setup on a table, not optimized for any distance between shooter and chrono. First time using... probably not even close to ideal.
  11. Yah, I wish I could say that we had prepped with a fresh battery... and it wasn't so bright out (improvised shade for the chrono). But the Chrono was like 3 feet from muzzle... so that was probably it. I am also wishing I had a way to measure, I think I might cycle a handful of rounds tonight just to see if I get any obvious setback signs (measuring of course).
  12. I am quite suspect about the Chrono though also... as 1800+ is um... high.
  13. I finally had a chance to fiddle with a friends Chrono this weekend. And while it had a low battery warning, my AR/1911 and his 1911 were all consistent. I was all over the place with my Spartan's 9mm loads. On a whim, I pulled one after it was chambered and noticed slight impact damage on the front of the JHP. I am suspecting that I am getting setback. Should I start tinkering with the gun or put more crimp on my loads? Load is as follows: Montana Gold 124gr JHP 4.4grn of WST ~1.1 OAL Mixed Brass run through EGW U-Die (get a good coke bottle effect) Crimp is basically removing any hint of belling, I'd have to measure I was getting from 1300 fps to 1800 fps... you can guess which were probably contributing to some flattening primers. Brass looked safe still though and flat primers were just flat, no flowing.
  14. Will not be that one. Rear sight is Wilson Combat non-adjustable. Unsure on safety, trigger is right at 4lbs and grip safety is disabled, but moves. Taking it out for some pistol tree fun with friends tomorrow.
  15. I like Zombie movies... but I will not pay to see World War Z. It is basically just taking the name from the best selling novel to sucker people into the theaters.
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