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  1. Thanks for the update and info! I have a Gans that has some erosion. I noticed it shortly after I bought it, I don’t know if it was with the previous owner or me. It hasn’t progressed but it’s nice to know there are economical repair options.
  2. In the interest of good taste I’m not going to comment on that one
  3. I always stick around and help break down but I do want to get out early and help set up just because it’s the right thing to do
  4. All in all I would say that the match was more technical than what I’m used to. I had one stage that I had to back up a step to engage a target I had overrun and had 2 FTEs on the mags on barrel stage. There were 2 stages that I saw a better plan too late and decided to stick with what I had already laid out. I finished better than I had expected and my 2 takeaways are to work on visualization and have the patience to see the sights as needed, it turns out I couldn’t outrun my mikes. Ihavegas, I am planning on going to Riley Sunday and want to get out there early so I’ll have more time to b!+(h
  5. It’s a fun time for me now because any focused drill results in a marked improvement. I was lucky enough to be squaded with a national champ who looks like is going to take the overall win.
  6. I must have come off as a whiny b!#(h but that’s not me or how I live my life, I honestly thought there were regs concerning this. It’s not like if there were and I knew them I’d spout them off anyway. This was my second match above club level and quite an eye opener. There are a ton of talented guys out there and I learned a couple things directly and a ton of weak areas that I need to work on. On the plus side there’s plenty of quick gains available to me Peeling the onion...
  7. So really the time limit for the squad walk through is really more of a function of keeping the match moving than trying to equalize access? Makes sense. I’ll have to make an effort to get in early from here out but my alarm going off at 4:30 Saturday was painful enough:)
  8. Lol ^ already posted in my office at work^
  9. So these guys are allowed an unlimited walk through assuming it’s not impacting a squad? And believe me I’m not asking this in a snarky way. At my skill level on a more complex stage I can have a hard time locking down my stage plan in the allotted time without ‘hogging’ the areas from my squad mates. Getting better at planning is just some of my low hanging fruit. I don’t know, I guess after a long day it kind of rubbed me wrong and it seemed like there should be some efforts to dissuade this activity. Thanks for setting me straight guys
  10. I’m guessing this has been covered but none of my keywords in the search brought anything relevant up. Yesterday, on the second day of a level 2 match, I noticed a fair amount of guys observing the action. As the day wore on the numbers grew and as stages became empty I began to see them venturing into the shooting area and onto the stage itself. At one point I counted 11 guys on the next stage walking and air gunning as our squad finished our last. It just triggered me and as I looked over the rulebook this morning I didn’t see anything specifically barring observation but I don’t think the intent was for the RO to allow them access to the shooting areas. My thoughts are if you want to get on the stages before shooting them help set up. It seemed unsportsman like and I hope it rains on them today! Is there a citable rule that applies here?
  11. 180gr Blue at 1.183 and 4.7 WST out of a 5” SVI barrel was 170~ for me in 85° weather
  12. I have a similar spot worn on my slides finish from my thumb riding brushing it but I never felt like it was slowing the action and I never got bit. I avoided the Nitro for a while thinking it was just a add on widget but if you think about it your weak hand thumb doesn’t really do much to mitigate recoil unless you have something to push down against. It’s no substitute for a crushing grip but the thing I noticed is my major limited gun behaved much like my 9mm single stack in recoil. It sounds like the OP is on the right track by getting as high on the grip as possible but just needs to shift a thumb a little. If you distill the requirements for grip and trigger pull in this sport it is to be able to slap the s!@t out of the trigger without losing sight alignment and getting the gun back to where you started for the second shot ‘automatically’. Trying to crush your guns grip will help both dramatically.
  13. Parts wise you might consider a Nitro Fin, it has a ‘shield’ that will keep your support hand thumb off the slide. I resisted getting one for a while but tried a friend’s and was sold on it. If you don’t like that idea maybe some grip tape on the frame where your thumb should hit. I don’t have bear paws for hands but would occasionally feel the slide moving and thought might be a good index point if nothing else.
  14. I took a little off the inside ‘top wing’ that keeps your thumb off the slide because it was just touching the slide. Other than that it was a drop in. STI TG series frame I’ve had one practice session and one match with it and it definitely helps.
  15. I tell people that are interested in uspsa to shoot a couple steel challenge matches first. It gets you used to the commands and working under the clock with less concern of breaking the 180 and usually no movement. It’s a blast too anyway.
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