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  1. SVs are pricy but definitely GTG I have them on both my limited guns
  2. I believe Burris makes a couple models that fit various sight cuts, I assume one could be fit to an RIA. I’m not sure what the RIA cut it
  3. There are some dovetail mounts available for Vortex that fit a 1911. I have one on my 22/45 and it’s pretty slick but the slide doesn’t reciprocate so I don’t know how solid it is under heavy use
  4. I was working on increasing my speed and like you felt I was hauling ass but the video proved otherwise. It took watching some videos on instagram and seeing guys drop their support hand and even pump their strong hand some while running to see what the real speed looks like. It is intimidating to feel like you’re giving up some control of the gun but the reality is your finger is just as off the trigger and the muzzle is just as down range as if you were taking baby steps. Steve Anderson’s exercise of facing uprange and pivoting your body and drawing on a target behind you without moving your feet further illustrated to me that you can do ‘odd’ things with your gun in hand and still be safe. As stated above exits and entries are where the time is but that longest yard between them can be pushed hard with some practice
  5. Cool! i searched and saw that the DAA needed a different insert so I thought it was worth asking.
  6. Has anyone ran a PT Evo grip with a Safariland 014 holster? I’m on the fence on the PT and having to buy another holster would probably keep me running a DVC. Besides I like the 014.
  7. I run SV safeties on my limited guns, they’re pretty wide on the left side. It definitely helps lock in the web of my hand to the beaver tail and stands the gun up a little to help grab the grip on table starts.
  8. Looks like that RIA might have had a little work done to it
  9. Take that $1200 and buy 4 cases of mini mags and practice till you can shoot accelerator with your eyes closed The VQ does look awesome though!
  10. 90% of my dry fire drills incorporate a draw and reload. You will develop a natural index point where the sights align with your eyes. This can be developed/checked by drawing with your eyes closed and then opening them to check sight alignment. Keep practicing and it becomes natural.
  11. Yep the VZs work, you may have to file a little bit around the safety/slide release plunger tube but it’s no big deal. Armscor offers some G2 grips as well but they aren’t cut as sharply as the VZs and don’t feel as good
  12. Yeah this has definitely helped me have the skills to leave more aggressively.
  13. How do you guys think the resale value would be between the two? Comparable?
  14. So I set up a wide transition to out of the box dry fire drill last night, it must be working because man am I sore! Thanks guys!
  15. I disengage the safety at about 45* through my draw but my finger doesn’t enter the trigger guard until my support hand is just about to make contact. It’s become second nature so I had to slow mo it to know for myself:)
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