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  1. I have a Sig 1911 which shoots and feeds everything and it's accurate. I also am lucky enough to have a Dan Wesson Marksman which is exceptional, the fit, the finish and reliability plus it's very accurate. Dan Wesson are seriously worth looking at, and bang for buck are very hard to beat. If I could afford an SVI without sacrificing other things I'd buy one but I like having money to also spend on other things.
  2. Well tried some zero s and they only just chambered and were difficult to extract. I checked my COAL on my Berrys and they are long at 1.273 however have always functioned without any issues. I m figuring with the difference in profile and .451 diameter of the zero s that I need to reduce that COAL to 1.250 -1.255. Power Factor will def not be an issue with that reduction.
  3. Thanks all for the valuable input. I will purchase the zero bullets next week and look forward to seeing how they perform. I only have 1000 berrys left so needed an exit strategy.
  4. Having trouble obtaining more Berrys .45 230 rn at .452 however can obtain Zero bullets .45 230rn at..451. Other than reducing the belling will these be a straight forward replacement ? I use 4.7 WST and make major in both the sig and Dan wesson 1911 with this load. Any help would be appreciated as I reload because I need to not because it excites me.
  5. Very nice and nice to see another very nice Sig 1911!
  6. Roll pin on one of those horrible Ellison sights on a Colt I used to have.
  7. Best looking Glock I have ever seen!
  8. Sorry for the loss of Charlie, they really are your best mates! They do not judge and dogs are zen masters.
  9. You will love the Sig. I have a .45 Tacops and it's never missed a beat, eats and feeds everything and is damn accurate. Sigs in my opinion are very underrated as a rule.
  10. Used to have the same problem until I put a rubber band over top of op rod and bracket, problem fixed.
  11. Sorry for your loss. Charlie was lucky to have someone who cared for him like did. They are damned special creatures!
  12. .45 is just plain fun to shoot regardless of the extra expense! I shoot both a Sig Tacops and Dan Wesson Marksman and both are extremely accurate. I use Cobra Tripp mags and the only time I have seating issues is when my brain fades. More and more are moving to 9mm 1911 for the reasons already outlined but I'm already set up for .45 and could not justify the expense to change to 9mm. Shoot both and see which you like is all I can offer.
  13. Very nice Tacops! I also have one and there is a lot of gun for the money.
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