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  1. I have done the comparison. The legion trigger is ~75% as good as the x5 with gg trigger. Albeit, my x5 gg trigger has thousands of rounds through it, my legion only has a couple hundred i suspect after some break in the legion trigger will reduce in pull a little bit. Honestly, when it comes to running both triggers in a match, the difference wont matter for match placenent.
  2. Ahh interesting, i like the side charging option. Although it wont buy you any performance
  3. They have had the side charger for some time
  4. Im sure the payback on the steam unit is much longer. Im not in this for the most cost effective solution
  5. Which model does he have? I break the gun down, soak it in mineral spirits for a hour, scrub off anything that didnt dissolve, once dry, i oil and reassemble. Regardless, my method or the ultrasonic method, i always seem to need some amount of scrubbing. If the dry vapor method eliminates a scrubbing step, im intrigued.
  6. Thanks for all the input. Ill take a look at the grams follower. Took a look at my x5 vs my legion, indeed there is a difference in the ramp per stician.
  7. Having an issue with the legion. Using Sig's 21rnd mags with taran tactical base plates to get 23 rounds total. If I do a reload while I've got a round in the pipe to a 23rnd mag, it seems the bullets / tension in the mag spring puts to much pressure on the slide and the slide doesn't have enough force to cycle the gun and I get stove pipes. I'm using the exact same mags fully loaded that run flawlessly in my X5 (non legion). Anyone else run into this? Am I relegated to 22 rounds in my 23 round mags?
  8. Haha, I'm sure someone here will proudly let us know that not only is it meant for carry, but they use it on their carry gun, and you are a fool to think otherwise.
  9. The guys that are competitive in CO are shooting a configuration few would ever realistically carry
  10. This is ridiculous....is the romeo 3 max mounting pattern brand new or consistent with anything that already exists?
  11. For some reason i thought the R3Max mounted directly to the legion, and would need a plate to mount to a standard X5
  12. The brass daddy by sgcbrass will separate pins from your brass then dry your brass in about 20 to 30min.
  13. Would you say the bezel on the Max is less obtrusive compared to the SRO?
  14. I believe he is refereing to someone else that shot the match, not himself.
  15. With the competitors app you can open the results and see if there were penalties added. Ill get an example together. Its happened to me a couple times. After the first occurance i had to go through the math to keep myself from going mad.
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