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  1. Smithcity

    RF 100 vs. Mr. Bullet Feeder?

    I have a MBF, MBF pro, and an rf100. The MBF will do more to increase production rate and save more of your time.
  2. Smithcity

    Mark7 Evolution

    Good data point. Its possible I'm "one of the few" with a powder drop that is speed dependent. However, if this is a more common item with the drop, I have no idea how you manually driven Evo users could possibly have good consistent powder drops. Over an hour loading session I find it hard to believe any human will maintain the same rate / force of pull. As a result, I don't know how you could do much better than a 0.4-0.5 spread. Obviously the spread is going to change based on the type of powder. I would prefer any piece of equipment not dictate what type of loading ingredients are being used. I agree, the machine is awesome. Now that I have most of the kinks worked out I'm really enjoying it. Powder drop could still use some attention.
  3. Smithcity

    Mark7 Evolution

    Regarding the powder drop accuracy discussion and comments on powder variation vs speed. Went and ran some tests. In the data below: "Manual" = machine isn't running, with the tool head in the up position, I placed a case under the powder funnel, pushed the powder funnel up until the powder funnel hits the top of the powder die, then I manually actuated the rotary arm with my other hand. "1k RPH BD:2" = machine set to 1000 rph and bottom dwell setting of 2 "1.9k RPH BD:2" = machine set to 1900 rph and bottom dwell setting of 2 The shell plate was completely empty except for one case under the powder station. I used the same case for each measurement. I also visually watched the powder arm fully rotate each time. I only have a dillon and hornady scale, neither are great. Dillon always measured a bit heavier than the hornady. I'm running VVN340 powder in 9mm cases. "MAX" numbers refer to the full data set for the particular speed from both scales. Seems the drop is indeed speed dependent. I'm getting +- 0.1 to 0.15gr depending on speed, which scale you pick, and if you pick the compilation of both scales for a run (probably not fair). A 4.42% to 6.76% variation. I'd be happy with sub 5%. So for any given speed, the drop looks decent. The problem comes in for the "overall" analysis. Up to a 0.5gr spread or 11.39% variation. Usually when I start the press up, I run at the lowest speeds single cycle while filling the shell plate, making sure every station is working correctly. Then I let it run automated at the lowest speed for ~20 rounds to watch the overall press. If everything looks fine I start speeding it up. Looks like a great way to have an inconsistent load.
  4. Smithcity

    Mark7 Evolution

    Yes. Mine had to rotate such that the back of the powder drop is facing the powder sensor.
  5. Smithcity

    Mark7 Evolution

    One thought. Dont bother with the emi filters. Get a good UPS with surge protection. Run the evo pro off the battery backup side of the UPS. A quality ups will feed clean power to your auto drive from the battery. Run the case feeder, bullet feeder, etc... off the surge (non battery) side of the UPS. Circuits are isolated, emi wont feed to the auto drive. Was having some electrical issues with mine I was initially running off the same circuit without the filters. Figured its worth some extra $$ to feed the auto drive clean power. Implemented the above configuration and everything runs great!
  6. Smithcity

    New Sig MPX ?

    Glad it is working well for you. I have a sample space of 6 mpx's, 5 of the 6 have problems. Glad yours isnt one of the lemons. just got my malfunctioning jam o matic back from sig. They fired a few rounds through it and told me it's all good. Didnt do anything to fix it. Claimed the groves dug into the upper by the cam pin is normal. going to try some higher strength recoil springs. If those dont do the trick im done with the mpx.
  7. Smithcity

    Vibratory dry cleaning case lube off finished reloads?

    Dillon tumbler + corncob + rubbing alcohol (optional) +20min does it for me. Once I accidentally left the tumbler on over night. Everything ran through the gun just fine.
  8. Smithcity

    Powder for pistol and PCC

    I was running N320, wasnt as friendly in my mpx. N340 seems to be working in my mpx, sig p320, and jp gmr 15. Difference obviously being velocity. If you want the same load for everything, load for 130pf in your shortest barrel platform with an understanding that it will be a higher PF out of your longer barrels.
  9. Smithcity

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    The MA decapper is universal. Sizing twice probably isnt buying me much. I had the dies and the enpty die spots, handle is already being pulled, so why not! I sort dirty then wet tumble before rolling and processing.
  10. Smithcity

    Mark7 Evolution

    Good to know. Ive already invested hours into the M7 powder drop and haven't gotten where I want yet, if I dont get there soon ill just buy the hornady and send the M7 drop back for repair
  11. Smithcity

    Mark7 Evolution

    Good to know. Ive already invested hours into the M7 powder drop and haven't gotten where I want yet, if I dont get there soon ill just buy the hornady and send the M7 drop back for repair
  12. Smithcity

    Mark7 Evolution

    Has anyone had success with a hornady case activated powder drop in the evo pro?
  13. Smithcity

    Mark7 Evolution

    To those interested in OAL. I set up my 9mm redding competition seating die. I chose 10 case stamps, 2 are winchester the rest are mixed. I am going for 1.13" oal. Below are the results organized by columns of the same length. 2nd picture are the corresponding head stamps. I.e. Evo Pro + redding competition seating die + mixed headstamp 9mm cases = 1.126" to 1.132" for a sample space of 10 cases. The two winchester cases did not come out to the same oal.
  14. Smithcity

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    Ehh, it feels better to not deal with other shooters and just have it all to yourself!
  15. Smithcity

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    Shouldnt post late at night when im tired, sorry. 1.127" to 1.133".