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  1. There was a steel challenge match in Europe years ago that used circular plates with old car tires around them to catch the splatter. Really neat idea and kept everything contained.
  2. 2011's are awesome, but I learned I would have turned into a much better shooter if I had shot a $500 gun and spent that other $3000 on ammo and practice.
  3. Will_M

    Suppressing a 1911

    None at the moment, but if I remember I'll try to take a quick one when I get home.
  4. Will_M

    Suppressing a 1911

    Some manufacturers will sell a 9mm endcap for the large bore cans if you're chasing a few extra decibels. But even with an overbored can, there's simply less gas to contain from a 9mm charge vs the powder charge in a .45ACP.
  5. Will_M

    Suppressing a 1911

    Subsonic 9mm is always going to be quieter.
  6. Will_M

    Suppressing a 1911

    SilencerCo Octane 9HD Hammer fired guns tend to be quieter than the striker fired. The consensus is that the hammer keeps the action closed for a few milliseconds longer, allowing more gas to move through the suppressor instead of out of the ejection port.
  7. Will_M

    Suppressing a 1911

    I shot a match with my Freedom Gunworks 2011 suppressed. I shot Open minor but it was the most fun I've had shooting a match in a long time. The 1911/2011 is the quietest 9mm suppressor host I've shot.
  8. And just for shiggles, if you're ever shooting in a hurricane you'll need to hold about an inch and a half into the wind at 20 yards.
  9. I figured it would be better to provide some data. This is a chart I generated on JBM Ballistics. 124gr Winchester bullet. 1080ft/s muzzle velocity. That gave me half an inch of drift at 20 yards in a 30mph wind. I'd say you'd need to be shooting in a hurricane for it to matter at 20 yards. The column marked "Windage" is displayed in inches of drift.
  10. Will_M

    300 caliber suppressor

    There are lighter, shorter, quieter, and cheaper models available from other manufacturers.
  11. Will_M

    300 caliber suppressor

    Weight and length will be the most important. Find the lightest suppressor in your budget from a major manufacturer and you'll be set. Pretty much every 7.62 can is metering within a few decibels of each other, but weight is what makes it actually usable. I've got a Specwar 762 that is still the quietest 30 caliber can, but at 24oz and 9" long it's unpleasant to shoot. Shooting a rifle offhand with it attached is like doing dumbbell raises.
  12. Will_M

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    I never could get low-recoil buckshot to run in my M3000. Full house buckshot ran without a hitch and put down plates with a little more authority. I was more confident with the harder hitting shot knocking down plates with a glancing blow, vs having to aim hard with low recoil stuff. Plates going down and the gun cycling 100% of the time was more beneficial (for me). If I had one low recoil shotshell hang up during a stage, I spent more time clearing it than I saved shooting a whole match of low recoil ammo. Plus the standard stuff is usually cheaper.
  13. Will_M

    Sanding G10

    Sanding it wet is the way to go for one set of scales. The dust it lets off is bad news for your lungs.
  14. Will_M

    Rifle Build Help

    With low mass parts and the gas block running wide open, I'm guessing your gas block isn't aligned. I've got an almost identical setup and my gas block is only open about 50% and that's a few "clicks" past the point where it locks back on an empty mag so it'll still cycle when it gets dirty.