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  1. Is that an optic cut or is that built into the sight slot?
  2. Not looking to sell online or here, but wanted to know if there is a place to sell to.
  3. Have the following factory ammo I am just to sell, as I no longer have a 6.5 creedmoor rifle anymore. Any suggestions on best ways to sell factory ammo in the DFW Tx area? Hornady Precision Hunter 143 gr ELD-X 2 X 20 round boxes + 8 rounds Hornady Black 140 gr BTHP 6 X 20 round boxes Sellier & Bellot 140 gr FMJ 20 X 20 round boxes
  4. Does anyone have a 7.5" AR and if so what muzzle devices have you tried? Open to any suggestions, as I was originally going to run a Surefire RC2, but Surefire will not warrant the cans for barrels under 10". I would have to get a new can just for this build.
  5. Do not have a fluted version, but I have a low round count of a stainless F1 Firearms 16" match barrel. Been trying to sell it, but awesome accuracy. Also have a Rainier Arms Ultramatch barrel. Performance results I imagine would be similar.
  6. Geissele hands down has won my business for their outstanding customer service experience. Not the lightest handguards, but very durable and dependable. For a lightweight application, BCM KMR or Midwest Industries are go to's.
  7. Most people at my matches are still running MFT minimalist stocks for weight savings.
  8. Great shooting experience is the Venom Defense Titanium 3 port compensator. Feel no concussion as the shooter, but people 3 lane down dont like it!
  9. I have a f1 firearms skeletonized SBR that I have run many drills and competitions with. People seem to think that there the action is going to get gunked up more than what really happens. The only way I think that could happen is if I left it in mud to dry. Water and dirt have not been a problem so far. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  10. For my 10.3" SBR, I went with Ballistic Advantage Hanson Premium barrel. Comes with a pinned gas block. Replaced with Geissele super gas block. Sub MOA guarantee. I think I picked up for around $160+ when you can catch them on sale.
  11. I have tried all 3. Steiner is pretty good for the glass quality. Was using the XTR II for quite sometime, but it is way too heavy. The vortex viper PST II will be the most expensive, but slightly better glass.
  12. Unable to find any retailers in the US for this configuration or anyone who has tried one. Interested in anyone's thoughts on who have tried it out.
  13. Competition sights are Dawson sights hands down. Carry gun is Trijicon HD. I have used the Trijicon HD during a competition and it felt pretty good, but not as quick as fiber.
  14. For my carry gun, I leave the inside trigger components stock, but change out the trigger face. For a comp gun, I change everything, because the stock glock trigger is not very forgiving unless you train through it.
  15. Have you heard of any holiday discount codes for their holsters?
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