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  1. Hi IDPA Competitors. Has anyone used the CZ branded shooting vest and if so does it meet requirements as a concealment garment? Here is the web link: http://shop.cz-usa.com/ProductDetail/19859BLKXXL_Czusa-Ambi-Shooting-Vest--Size-Xxl And attached is a picture. Let me know Thanks, Andy
  2. I am using a CZ SP01, I really like it. I do wish i knew about the Shadow SP01 before buying the firing pin block model, but one day i will get another gun.
  3. Going form a total green shooter just a year ago to now placing in the faster half of my local matches! Just to make sure that it wasn't a fluke, it has happened twice. This little jurney has been fun so far, fun enough that I got my son a P09 with a Kadet 22 conversion and he has been coming with me and having a blast too!
  4. I assume that when you say Shadow Custom, you are referring to a SP01-Shadow that has been reworked by CZ Custom. Those would not necessarily be an effective comparison. Comparing a Shadow 2 and a SP01 Shadow would be a more direct starting place. There have been many comparisons done, a quick youtube search will give you plenty of information. But as it relates to your question directly. The Shadow 2 weighs 46.5 oz. and disqualifies it from use in IDPA. The SP01 Shadow weighs in at 41.0 oz. For IDPA the maximum gun weight with empty mag is 43.0 oz. but there is a provisional class for carry optics that has a maximum weight of 45.0 oz. for the gun with empty mag and the mounted optic. Both guns are USPSA Production class approved, However if you are planning to use it in carry optics there are unique rules for adapting the gun to fit if it doesn't come with a OEM optic mount. There is also a 45.0 oz. weight limit for carry optics in USPSA (same as in IDPA). In IDPA externaly modified guns are classed as ESP, of "enhanced service pistol", many internal mods can be done and the gun can stay SSP legal, refer to the rule book.
  5. Andy9

    CZ for IDPA SSP

    Hi, I use a SP01 and for the last year have been shooting in SSP and it has been great! Like SouperMan said, the SP01-Shadow does not have the firing pin block and for the most part is the only difference, that being the difference, functionally there is less trigger creep before the single action brake before the hammer drops. Also you pay 300 more for the FPB delete option. Recently however I decided that i would play around with my gun and fully outfit it with all the Cajun Gunworks internals including the forward and rear travel adjustable trigger and the race hammer the short reset system and 10x barrel bushing, then also the CZ Custome stainless guide rod and magwell and warping it up, fully adjustable sights from Dawson. Then a good polish job on the moving parts and SHAM WOW this thing is amazing! and fits just under the 43oz. limit. It is now an ESP gun.
  6. On the web page, it directs you to the correct front sight.
  7. I just installed on my SP01 with all the CGW goodies and the CZC magwell and grips. So far I have shot 2 practice sessions with it and the sights just POP!! The trigger is now awesome too.
  8. Andy9

    P09 22 Kadet kit sights

    Hi, I recently got a P09 and a Kadet kit for my son so he can shoot with me at IDPA and USPSA events. So far, Great!! But i want to get a fiber optic and not sure what is compatible as the rear sight looks to have a slightly different cut on the slide. It sits further forward and want to make sure that if i swap out the front, that it will match the rear. Any suggestions on where to look.
  9. Hi DCSigCZ, I appreciate you reply and i do want to connect!! Thanks for wanting to share your experiences. I think that these kits will not only help my son move past recoil bothering him but also make for economical training.
  10. The finger guard is significantly different between the two.
  11. Hi All, My son, 13, has been going to practice and a few IDPA matches with me and the Air Soft / BB gun is just not enough. He doesn't like the recoil of my SPO1 and i am looking as cost effective options for him to move to the next level. Just looking at option of a P09 with a Kadet Kit, looks very good, that way after he moves past the 22, he can swap the 9 mill slide back on and go. Then we can continue to use the 22 to keep costs down for practice and to introduce new shooters into the fold. I am wondering if the P09 / Kadet Kit combo is reliable? I have heard poor feed back and there are just not enough reviews out there to make a good decision. If not this what else could we look into? Would it be better to go into a 75 and that Kadet Kit? Cost and reliability are the top considerations, but i would spend more if the value is there.
  12. Andy9

    CZ SP-01 Shadow Target 2

    Then that completely makes sense. Thanks for that!!
  13. Andy9

    CZ SP-01 Shadow Target 2

    After looking at the CZC website (and I do ALL the time, cuz I'm a dork) a tuned shadow is a little less. is the additional cost the adjustable sights?
  14. Andy9

    CZ SP-01 Shadow Target 2

    This gun is some what confusing to me. It is not an Accu-Shadow (they cost a little more), and it is not a Shadow that has been that has been CZC tuned (those are a little less). What is it?? What sets it apart form the other variants out there?
  15. I thought that this could be done! Before jumping into the S2 i have been debating about just working up my SP01 due to shooting in USPSA and IDPA, and I would do that but i have short thumbs and cant reach the mag release in the SP01 with out shifting my grip. on the Shadow 2 I can reach the mag release and that will be a good time savings. It would be great to see the brake down of what it took to get it done, bullet point style. Again, Great work!!
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