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  1. Try Fire-4-Effect they do work on the TS.
  2. If you are just shooting USPSA, and decide that you don't need the slide to lock open, you can use the Checkmate pin, or file off the tab that locks the slide of of the slide release. The second option is free.
  3. Check out Linwood bay, they have monthly IDPA matches. Ted runs the matches there, and just a little over a week ago had a level 3 IDPA regional! It was great fun, great people! If you venture a little south, Linden, Brighton and Clarkston you can find more practical shooting clubs and your G34 and G17L will fit in nicely.
  4. Great tip!! I will file that away mentally (hopefully) as i have one that is starting to have a good round count on it.
  5. if you add the Eemann Tech flat trigger, then it would be CO legal and have the "flat" SAO feel to it also.
  6. I can't believe that!! Leave the safety off, on a SA while holstering, reckless...... Why would someone even want to do that?!?! No time saved, just the immanent danger of placing a hole in your own leg.
  7. Same happened with the one that I just got, about a month ago. This process, "fitting" a part will make the tolerance extremely tight and usually what people are looking for. Expect to have a very short reset when complete!!
  8. it is not exact to the TSO, but it is similar.
  9. the safety may need a little extra file fitting. Her is a good video that explains the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8NVFy2Kqm4
  10. I wonder if the "Crab mentality" is more prevalent regionally? I haven't been shooting long, 3 years and the 3 clubs that I go to locally are very encouraging places to be. I feel bad for the sport to hear that cranky MD are "almost" running off new people from being active shooters and active volunteers at the clubs.
  11. Here is a picture of the difference between the short reset and standard part. Short reset is on the left.
  12. I did place an order with Trifusion. They sent an update email out, here is some of the content. I also have talked to 2 of the people there an got a good feeling / vibe from those conversations. It is walking out on a limb a little bit, but I have all the other components for this next year, except for primers and 30 cents each is not in budget. We are writing to you today to share some insight into what is happening in the ammunition industry. We will be brief and to the point. We are seeing unprecedented chokeholds in the supply chain. Demand is far out pacing supply. Rest assured though, the entire team at Trifusion Tactical LLC are working hard to create a solution. Yes, we are literally CREATING new ways to bring ammo and components to the marketplace. Our President, Mike, is traveling to Europe next week to develop the necessary relationships with the necessary people in order to impact this change. We are working tirelessly sourcing powder, primers, ammo, etc…We are 100% committed to this journey. We can’t speak in specifics to availability; we’re not certain of anything other than our certainty to get this figured out.
  13. For rule ESP Permitted Features and Modifications (Inclusive list): BB. Swenson style thumb shields and frame mounted thumb shields. To me that sounds like a "*thumb rest [generic]*" and if it was, some what "discreet", un-like an open gun thumb rest, that would fly. What do you think?
  14. This is a hot topic for such cool conditions! Mid Michigan is 16f and we are digging out from getting a foot of snow last night.
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