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  1. I wonder if the "Crab mentality" is more prevalent regionally? I haven't been shooting long, 3 years and the 3 clubs that I go to locally are very encouraging places to be. I feel bad for the sport to hear that cranky MD are "almost" running off new people from being active shooters and active volunteers at the clubs.
  2. Here is a picture of the difference between the short reset and standard part. Short reset is on the left.
  3. I did place an order with Trifusion. They sent an update email out, here is some of the content. I also have talked to 2 of the people there an got a good feeling / vibe from those conversations. It is walking out on a limb a little bit, but I have all the other components for this next year, except for primers and 30 cents each is not in budget. We are writing to you today to share some insight into what is happening in the ammunition industry. We will be brief and to the point. We are seeing unprecedented chokeholds in the supply chain. Demand is far out pacing supply. R
  4. For rule ESP Permitted Features and Modifications (Inclusive list): BB. Swenson style thumb shields and frame mounted thumb shields. To me that sounds like a "*thumb rest [generic]*" and if it was, some what "discreet", un-like an open gun thumb rest, that would fly. What do you think?
  5. This is a hot topic for such cool conditions! Mid Michigan is 16f and we are digging out from getting a foot of snow last night.
  6. I found that the CZ magwell, the one that everyone hates because of the lack of blending to the gun. It fits the box height, so all i need to do is trim the sides a little.
  7. Andy9

    CZ P01 basepads

    Here is another option. The full size 16 round with the base pad off the 18 round is a nice fit, and gives you an extra round Here is a comparison of the 15, 16, 17 and 18 round mags and then the fitment with the 16 round and the 18 base pad.
  8. Thanks for posting this up! My local club bumped its IDPA "frozen finger" match to the same weekend and i don't have availability for 2 matches in a weekend. Hopefully next month!!
  9. I found some old topics on this, but that was before the 2017 rule change. Has anyone, with the new CCP box dimensions been able to incorporate a magwell? If so, what mag did you find to work?
  10. Andy9


    I stand corrected.
  11. Hi, Is there going to be a February match? Would be cool to have a classifier match.
  12. Funny spell check changes.
  13. I guess that was a rather cliche term.
  14. Lots of people use the Saloman Speedcross shoes, it is almost the standard at a good USPSA or IDPA event. Last year I bought in on the winter version, their SPIKECROSS 5 GTX. These have been great!! no worries about slipping or sliding, just solid grip. These are also waterproof, so no wet feet. The price is steep, but being a big guy, with lots of responsibilities, I can not afford a fall and braking something. With these, there is no reason to slow down. The only problem, and it really isn't a problem with the shoe, is if you are standing around, the cold does creep in, they are
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