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  1. I have only shot a M9 a few times, but i think that the mount may block case extraction. Just something to think about. Good Luck!
  2. Not that my 2 cents has much value, but I will give it to you anyway Guns are mechanical devises, nothing in them is magical. With the amount of shooting that you stated you do, it appears to me that you should be more than familiar with the internal workings of your fire arms. If you have a failure to feed, have you looked at the breach face, the guide ramp, any related mag parts, the chamber and any other related components? Then same for the FTE, there are only a few functioning components. Firearms aren’t like working on cars, these guns have like 10 or 12 main parts and then some springs and pins. If you are not competent enough, then yes absolutely have a smith work on your guns. But understand the cost, smiths are not magicians, for them to spend time fixing your issue, what hourly rate and amount of time are you willing to spend to have it right. Maybe you need to pay them to shoot a few hundred rounds so that they can experience the problem. Again, no magic, and hour at $100 bucks an hour and $60 bucks of ammo. Then cost of repairs. Time on the bench is not free, but that is often what people expect. For me, I do everything my self outside of actual machine work, as I don’t have a mill. I feel that knowledge is power and the time I have spent to learn my firearms keeps me on the range more and that is where I want to be.
  3. Any US distributors? Double Alpha???
  4. I did this to my SP01, it was a little time, and some good beating. If you have the tools and time, and gear head know how, it should not be a problem. Just do remember that there is the locating pin slot that goes at the top to hold in the bushing and sight.
  5. Andy9

    Shadow 2 Kadet Kit

    Hi All, Looking for some been there done that wisdom. Will the Shadow 2 Kadet fit on the standard shadow? are there any usability concerns, like the pined front of the slide. I would assume that it would work. The reason for the ask is i have a SP01 and plan to get the Shadow 2 in the near future and am hoping for interchangeability. I have a P09 with a kadet kit and it works great but the platform is diffrent, at least the mags are, i didn't try to fit it.
  6. Has any one used these yet? What do you think? Worth it at 125.00
  7. Andy9

    CZ 22 fun

    Almost an open class rim-fire.
  8. I noticed these in my recent web surfing: http://www.fire-4-effect.com/THUMBREST-GAS-PEDAL_c_277.html They look great and adjustable.
  9. Try this, brand new from Lok https://lokgrips.com/search.php?search_query=brass&section=product
  10. My USPSA set up is almost legal for IDPA. I don't think that is good though......
  11. There are other options from CSC that you could look at: 0.55" D Threaded 1/2 x 28 By CZC SP01 - https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/barrels-complete-upper/czc-barrel-threaded-9mm-75-sp01.html?___SID=U 4.8" L x 0.55" D By CZC SP01 AUZ - https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/barrels-complete-upper/czc-barrel-extended-9mm-sp01.html And a threaded option from CGW 04200 SP-01 Threaded Barrel - https://cajungunworks.com/product/04200-sp-01-threaded-barrel-9mm/
  12. I have the CGW adjustable sear in mine and it does work great! But if that is not the rout that you want to take, there is a video on how to fit a safety in a gun from CZC, they are doing the job in a A01LD but it would be close to the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8NVFy2Kqm4
  13. I was thinking about the updated rules that apply to production and CO. The rules state that you can replace the slide and barrel with OFM or aftermarket.... That sounds like the CZ 75 SP01 Bull Shadow 9mm and Shadow 2 Bull Shadow are now ligit to use. Is my thinking in line? The CZ 75 Bull Shadow 4.925 inch barrel (42 oz.) has been on the production list, so the barrel and slide are good to go.
  14. Many 2011's are most often purposed for 3 gun or USPSA Limited where there are less restrictions, these guns are usually very heavy and most people assume that they are generally not allowed in IDPA. But the IDPA rules define the characteristics, not the make and model (like the USPSA Production Approved list). So as long as it fits in the rules, it is a GO!!
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