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  1. I agree. There is no M in DVC.
  2. Do you know if there is a left handed version available or in the works?
  3. Those who say it can't be done need to get out of the way of the one doing it!
  4. i got that much down i just need to stop moving it when i do :)

  5. Cool, thanks for the vid. I really need to learn to keep the gun up when I reload.

  6. Are you sure about that length? I use Montana Gold JHP's and can go out to 1.190" with STI mags and steel spacers without issue. Just asking as some progressive presses load "longer" when all stations are full verses one at a time. And I've found that Silhouette does vary some lot to lot. I had one lot that went 173 PF with 8.4 grains and the next lot I got took 8.8 grains. My current lot takes 8.9 to get there.
  7. When you've just read all 18 pages of this thread and thought... "Whew, I'm not the only one!"
  8. I wish I knew. I'd contact them and find out if their license was still good. I know Grafs use to sell it but no one knew where they were getting it from. I was under the impression it was Vectan/Noble sport's decision to not send it to the U.S. anymore. I read something similar... The containers that they've been using for years are no longer DOT approved. It wasn't that they wanted to quit, it was that they weren't going to change containers just to make one country happy. Following that was a rumor that Hodgdon was going to get it in in barrels/bulk, package it and sell it as the
  9. This is getting off topic but... So who used to import SP-2?
  10. Hi Venry! Keep up the fight and I'm sure you'll kick this crap! Take care of yourself!
  11. Like the topic says, is Venry still doing guns? I know he has / had cancer, spent time in the hospital but was getting back on his feet and even posting here some. Looking back it seems he hasn't been on since November of last year. Anybody have any information?
  12. The only Vit powders I've ever messed with are N320 and N340, both of which are a funky little stick. I don't know what 3N38 looks like, I've never seen it. A#7 is a very fine ball powder with good density, I'd say denser the Ramshot Silhouette but not quite as dense as True Blue but close. If I remember right 14 grains will fit in a 9mm case flush to the top. 10.4 grains leaves a decent amount of room in the case. My usual loading is with 115's and the 121's are the 115's with the nose filled in. With the 115's I run 11.4 grains at 1.175" and I'd the bullets are close to or sitting on t
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