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  1. Oh, I've already broke brand new poppers, just ask Matt at Gem City. I'm looking for a new challenge! LOL! See you Sunday my friend!
  2. Who wants to be awake at the hideous hour we leave Ohio to go to Michigan?! Michigan of all places! Uugh!! LOL!
  3. Prop Breakers Inc will be there to test the winter repair work. It's around 3 1/2 hours each way for us. Well worth the trip!
  4. Sounds good! That's what you needed! Enjoy!
  5. Coming from an optical background, hot brass behind glasses is a safety issue. I'd be ripping my glasses off to get that hot bastard away from my eyes. You want to take a chance on burning and scaring your cornea, knock yourself out. Eyes aren't like the rest of the body where a scar really isn't going to affect much. Scar your cornea over your pupil and I'll almost guarantee you'll never see worth a damn out of that eye again.
  6. IMHO, no thumb rest. Some of us are southpaws.
  7. Type II anodizing is fairly easy, a bit expensive to get set up with the proper racking, sealants, etc. Type III anno is what you really want on a firearm. It's harder than type II. Sigs for example are type III to hold up to the battery. http://usanodizing.com/ Has (at least had) a good reputation for being able to redo Sig frames.
  8. Mine came yesterday, looked like it's been best around pretty good. Anyway, the format looks good but I haven't found the new Masters, GM's, RO's, etc. Am I just missing it?
  9. Thanks! I'm sure we'll be back! I've been pretty easy on props this year, or everyone stepped up the engineering after I demonstrated the design flaws. I'm not sure which, LOL!
  10. You guys put on a great match again! This one may have been the best yet! I know we (The Ohio Gang) keep saying it but it's worth dragging myself out of bed before 5 AM on a couple hours sleep to make the trip to shoot a "local" match. Pass it on to everyone involved please... You guys ROCK!!!
  11. A case full to the top wouldn't make major under 115's for me. It may work with heavier bullets but I don't know.
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