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  1. Aimpoint made a model called the Mag Dot. I have one I'm not using. PM if interested.
  2. I hope anyone who is going through what you did finds this topic. Thank you for having the strength to share what you have learned from this. I wanted to send you a PM, but in light of the fact that you shared.... The only way to defeat cancer is to unite where it seeks to divide. I have lost much of my family, and a few close friends to the disease. Last year at this time, My Mom was admitted into a small Kansas hospital suffering from COPD and Atrial Fib. They gave her drugs and cookies, and were nice to her; and released her for Christmas with a relatively clean bill of health.... The end
  3. yeah, I wrote "STUD" on the front of my bench, too!
  4. Is Nimoy REALLY humble? How could we tell, Vulcans are devoid of emotion? Too many years of wearing pointy ear extensions would make you humble, I guess. He did a great job on "In search of". Just looking at Alan Aldas smile on Erics link kinda turns me off of the show.
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