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  1. Regarding my previous post, I went back from a regular lee sizer, to a lee U die and it fixed the problem. There is a thump on the press when the case come out of the die after sizing, but I can live with that. That is why I went back to the regular lee die in the first place.
  2. With a slim battle belt from HSGI I think I would be able to get the holster and mag holders very close to the same place as my regular belt. I guess the best woujld be a neoprene gun belt where it would stay put while I practice for 10-15 minutes. Click on and click off. No belt loops needed.
  3. Go to rackbuddy.biz and check out the video. You load dummy rounds and put a rack buddy on top. This allows you to rack the slide and not put a round in the chamber. They are flourescent orange. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ok, I see the point of having the gun and mags in the same area and the gun grip at the same spot. I guess I will dump the battle belt idea and Velcro on and Velcro off when I do dryfire training. Thanks for all the reply’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I am posting this in the training forum instead of the gear forum because its more about training. If I am only dryfiring for 5-15 minutes, I don't feel like threading a belt through my pants, or even having to wear pants with belt loops for a short amount of dryfire practice. I was considering using what some call a battle belt that just straps on without having to thread on a velcro belt. It would be my dryfire rig. I would use a tech lock for my holster and have dedicated mag pouches, so I could move my holster to my live fire belt for range use. thinking of the HSGI slim battle belt. Which is held in place by neoprene and a cobra type buckle belt. Anyone use this type of setup for dryfire practice or just regular training? Thanks, Randy
  6. I am also experiencing bullet setback. I loaded 3k rounds of berrrys 165gr plated 40 cal bullets. I pushed them against my bench and they do not change oal. I ran out of that bullet and just loaded up 20 xtreme 165gr plated 40cal bullets to chrono. While waiting to get to the range to test, I decided to make some dummy rounds. I used Lee U die to size, then the expander, then skipped the priming and powder drop. I put it in the bullet seater station, and it dropped the bullet all the way down. Loading on a 1050. Using a redding comp bullet seating die. Then I used micrometer and bullet was at .400 or .399. I had a few montana gold 180 from a sample pack. Put those bullets in, seater dropped it all the way down. Pulled seater and crimper and cleaned them. Same thing. but sometimes they seat correctly. rnfp bullet profile then found about 10 berrys 180gr plated. used those, they did not get pushed all the way down. they do not give bullet setback. Neck tension is not there when using montana gold or xtreme. not sure what to do next. cleaned expander also. any ideas? I will pull and clean the lee sizer next.
  7. Put it in upside down. It is probably your OAL since you are using coated bullets. Press it in hard then push it out and look and see if the sides of the bullet have coating missing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Use dawson precision grip tape (sandpaper) or another sandpaper type.
  9. I am running old style STI tubes, dawson +1 basepads, grams springs and followers for 38 super/comp I will be using xtreme 147 and 124 grain round nose bullets. I believe I have a bunch of rounds already loaded for my production guns at 1.50 oal. They are both 2011 guns, one is an open limcat, the other is an Atlas Titan in 9mm for limited. I have hardy steel spacers that I purchased about 10 years ago that are still sitting around. I will use them and maybe purchase 2 more. Not sure if the new spacers will be plastic or metal. Thanks for the replies. Randy
  10. Shoot the 40 with minor loads, it will work if you do you part and make sure the OAL is similar or the same and the recoil spring is not too heavy. Only shoot one gun so you get used to it and don't bother with switching to inferior guns that aren't 2011s or 1911s!
  11. I have an open gun that I have 6 mags for. It shoots 38supercomp. I just got a 9mm limited gun for 3 gun. I have 3 mags for it, but could have used 4 at the CO state match. I don't shoot the open gun much. Can I put in 9mm spacers and 9mm followers/springs into a few 38supercomp mags and make them work without messing with the feed lips? Thanks, Randy
  12. Flat top with serrations on the top, nicer finish on the PM-9 Also the slide stop is higher quality and not the standard on cheaper 1911s. You will be able to tell the PM9 is a 1k gun based on the fit, finish, and parts used.
  13. Just noticed that Grafs has PRVI brand 38 super brass on sale for 4.99 for 50. ($100 for 1000). 38 super only, no supercomp or rimless.
  14. are you talking about the recoil spring on the guide rod? If so, you would get malfunctions with feeding and other malfs that involve the slide cycling correctly. 5k rounds would be a good time to change it. proabably a 10 pound wolf or ismi spring. standard rate, not variable. These are 1911 recoil springs.
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