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  1. I heard the blue bullets and precision delta had deals in the past. I purchased from xtreme bullets a couple years ago for Black Friday at 20% off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I also attended this match. They have around 13 large action shooting bays, a shelter with tables inside at each bay, water coolers at each bay, a safety table at each bay, and a large pavillion for awards and lunch. They used a local farm/store to give us awesome lunches with cherries, brownies, pulled pork in a pastry type pocket....anyways, lunch was not the normal and it was good! They had fresh peaches too! They have enough walls and target stands and steel for a 12 stage match. The awards came in a timely manner and it was really well organized. They even pulled in Nils Jonasson for this match! I am planning on going again. And the match hotel was $79 a night.
  3. Wondering if there are mags or mag extensions for single stack 9mm mags to get to 15. Thanks. A friend wants to shoot limited instead of single stack at an action pistol match I run. I allow 15 rounds for limited. see below if you have questions. I run action pistol matches at my local gun club. There are not enough experienced shooters or props or bays to run USPSA matches yet. I make up the divisions and have a 15 round limit for production and limited guns. This is to allow someone with 2 mags to compete and also to force reloads since we don't have high round counts becuase you need lots more stands and targets and large bays.
  4. I am left handed b class shooter. I am right eye dominant. I am doing lots of dry fire and switching to right hand. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I am a left handed shooter who is right eye dominant. I did not like how my target index and arm triangle felt. I thought that since I have to shift my arms to place the gun sights in front of my right eye, instead of my left eye, I was not aligned correctly. I decided to shoot right handed. I am now training to shoot right handed, but then started to think about arm length and how my arms align in front of my body. If I square up to the target and place my arms outstretched in front of my nose and place my palms together, they match up, since both arms are equal length. When I move my hands to the right, in front of my right eye, keeping my body aligned the same way, square to the target, my left hand comes back and my right hand goes forward, like it would be when gripping the gun with my left hand and using my right hand as the support hand. Now to another thought, Using my shoulders to blade myself, keeping my hands pointed in the same directing, it changes my arm length. Maybe the feeling I am having, not being perfectly comfortable, has to do with my shoulders and my lower torso and arms, not being in the best alignment. Any thoughts on this?
  6. CR Speed belts are 9" longer than the size you order. Per the CR guy at the shot show.
  7. Regarding my previous post, I went back from a regular lee sizer, to a lee U die and it fixed the problem. There is a thump on the press when the case come out of the die after sizing, but I can live with that. That is why I went back to the regular lee die in the first place.
  8. With a slim battle belt from HSGI I think I would be able to get the holster and mag holders very close to the same place as my regular belt. I guess the best woujld be a neoprene gun belt where it would stay put while I practice for 10-15 minutes. Click on and click off. No belt loops needed.
  9. Go to rackbuddy.biz and check out the video. You load dummy rounds and put a rack buddy on top. This allows you to rack the slide and not put a round in the chamber. They are flourescent orange. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Ok, I see the point of having the gun and mags in the same area and the gun grip at the same spot. I guess I will dump the battle belt idea and Velcro on and Velcro off when I do dryfire training. Thanks for all the reply’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I am posting this in the training forum instead of the gear forum because its more about training. If I am only dryfiring for 5-15 minutes, I don't feel like threading a belt through my pants, or even having to wear pants with belt loops for a short amount of dryfire practice. I was considering using what some call a battle belt that just straps on without having to thread on a velcro belt. It would be my dryfire rig. I would use a tech lock for my holster and have dedicated mag pouches, so I could move my holster to my live fire belt for range use. thinking of the HSGI slim battle belt. Which is held in place by neoprene and a cobra type buckle belt. Anyone use this type of setup for dryfire practice or just regular training? Thanks, Randy
  12. I am also experiencing bullet setback. I loaded 3k rounds of berrrys 165gr plated 40 cal bullets. I pushed them against my bench and they do not change oal. I ran out of that bullet and just loaded up 20 xtreme 165gr plated 40cal bullets to chrono. While waiting to get to the range to test, I decided to make some dummy rounds. I used Lee U die to size, then the expander, then skipped the priming and powder drop. I put it in the bullet seater station, and it dropped the bullet all the way down. Loading on a 1050. Using a redding comp bullet seating die. Then I used micrometer and bullet was at .400 or .399. I had a few montana gold 180 from a sample pack. Put those bullets in, seater dropped it all the way down. Pulled seater and crimper and cleaned them. Same thing. but sometimes they seat correctly. rnfp bullet profile then found about 10 berrys 180gr plated. used those, they did not get pushed all the way down. they do not give bullet setback. Neck tension is not there when using montana gold or xtreme. not sure what to do next. cleaned expander also. any ideas? I will pull and clean the lee sizer next.
  13. Put it in upside down. It is probably your OAL since you are using coated bullets. Press it in hard then push it out and look and see if the sides of the bullet have coating missing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Use dawson precision grip tape (sandpaper) or another sandpaper type.
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