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  1. I shipped a complete 1050 to Ohio earlier in the week from Wisconsin priority mail. $65 w insurance steve
  2. I have a couple powder drops. What are they worth these days


  3. I too just pick up four RL1000's and a bunch of parts. Really hard to find this stuff these days. Very few want to part with them. Steven
  4. Yes I did... The RL1000 is an amazing piece Steve
  5. Steve here... Looking for a pdf of the RL1000 owners manual. If any of you guys could hook me up that would be greatly appreciated Thank you Steven
  6. Steve here... Troll on occasion, never posted here before. Looking for any info you guys may have. I shot my 945 the other day right after my PC1911 Koenig in 38super. Always liked the 1911 grip better than the 945, but what I noticed the biggest thing that bugged me was the beaver tail grip safety. If I could get a flat grip safety like the 1911, it would help alot. Any ideas would be appreciated Thank you Steve
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