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  1. https://www.facebook.com/redhilltactical/?timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=635886690&pnref=lhc https://redhilltactical.com/
  2. Look up Red Hill Tactical (Robert King)...huge supporter of the shooting sports and makes incredible holsters. Many competitors are using them.
  3. Ditto...I've waited on the 320 Target forever...finally picked up an RX from Cabela's and will still get the Target when it comes out more than likely. After Sig's launch (or lack of), Smith is killing it right now even having their guns available at all.
  4. I wish I had patience...I ordered the 11521 without safety...and of course the 11537 with...
  5. Grabagun has the 4.25" black and the 5" FDE models in stock...ordered both today. I have the full custom 2011s, CZ Custom Shadows, Wilson Beretta, tricked out Glock 34, Sig 320, and many others, but I still love shooting all of my M&Ps that for the most part have been problem free and great shooters. A gun feels and looks different to each and every person holding it, the M&P has always been very pleasing to my hands and eyes. I think it's a nice change...could have done more, but with Apex already having parts for this gun before it was even shipped to dealers says they have a very friendly relationship. And who doesn't like personalizing their guns to their own specs?
  6. https://www.truglo.com/firearms-handgun/brite-site-tfx-handgun-sights.asp?catid=E5FDB84FE8F74C239330C1841BDD3D5E I've had these on mine since winter and love them. Mine shoots right where I aim.
  7. https://www.truglo.com/firearms-handgun/brite-site-tfx-handgun-sights.asp?catid=E5FDB84FE8F74C239330C1841BDD3D5E I carry a P01 everyday...changed the sights to Truglo TFX and it's a winner with a change of sights...my fav carry gun by far.
  8. Sig rep at the NRA show said the RX model will be out very soon, sometime in june , with the Target model about a month after...
  9. The rep at the NRA show told me something very similar...the RX milled slide for reflex sight hits the LGS soon, while the Target model will follow mid July to early August.
  10. http://grabagun.com/armalite-ar10-3gn-762-13-5-25rd-mba1.html Considering the rifle above... Anyone have any experiences with it? Any other recommendations...I value your opinion/advice. I have several ARs in 223/556, one in 6.8, and would like to add a 308 as well. Will be used for some running and gunning, deer/coyote hunting... Don't want a real heavy rifle. Can't decide between 13.5"/16/18" barrels. Want great trigger... Thanks... and Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. M&Ps are my favorite line of handguns, but they don't compare to my CZs...quality, fit, finish, trigger, but you pay for all that. Hard to beat an M&P for the money. I have a Glock 34 also, I like options.
  12. Thanks for all the replies...I ask here because I know how much knowledge is present on this forum. Pushing him the Voodoo route...we'll see.
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