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  1. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate the help.
  2. I just bought a S&W 625-8 VComp 45 ACP, Can I use this revolver to shoot competitively in ICORE open division? It only got six shots.
  3. Anyone using S&W 625 VCOMP for ICORE Open Class? What type of load do you use?
  4. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. What do you recommend which revolver to buy for competition 627 V comp or (5"), 625 (5") or 327?
  6. I am interested shooting ICORE or USPSA revolver division. I need help in finding out which model S&W revolver is good for open division. Also what type of revolver gears (moonclips holder, holster) I need to buy for competition. Please post some pictures. Thanks for your help!
  7. That's very nice. Is your open 9mm or 38 super?
  8. That was a great video! Thanks for posting.
  9. Do you need any gunsmithing to fit the Marvel .22 slide to your STI lower?
  10. I am new to 3gun and I need a new upper receiver for my AR15 lower receiver. I need suggestion what is the best upper receiver for 3gun(JP, MSTN, Clark, DPMS, etc..)?
  11. Need a good source with the best price for a once fired 9mm brass.
  12. RSO773

    Pic Request

    Here is a picture of my G17 Open Gun built by Tom Novak of NHO.
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