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  1. streckjc

    X-five holsters

    I have an RHT for a full size P320, P226, P320x5, and 1911. Not a single draw issue. My extended mag releases had issues with the Comp-Tac, but none with the RHT. Love them.
  2. Yes, remans are what i use mostly for practice. Although I've heard great things about Fenix that I may use them for local matches as well. I haven't heard anything about Freedom other than their bankruptcy restructuring last year (I think it was last year). I've had nothing but great experience with them. I personally wouldn't hesitate to buy from them, both reman and new.
  3. streckjc

    X-five holsters

    I agree that although the Springer is a top quality hanger, for the longer pistols it can "tilt" a bit. I noticed that even my P226 slants slightly inward at the bottom end of the holster. So it's like my pistol is pointing at my ankle instead of the ground next to me. Hopefully the BOSS fixes that since it has that longer body. The Springer SS works great since the pistol has to be at a different position, so like you mention it worked for you. I love Springers stuff, but I may be going the way of BOSS for my hangers going forward if it works as I expect it to (except SS, which I'll keep my Springer for).
  4. streckjc

    X-five holsters

    I've been using Springer drops up to this point and they work great. I did get a BOSS hanger system to try them out now too with my X5 RHT holster. So we'll see how I like them. They seem to be more stable than the Springer's (which are fine drop hangers). But yes, the double layer holster has proven faster than race holsters for several people I know who used to use those type of holsters and are now using RHT. Plus I like being able to customize to my personality.
  5. streckjc

    X-five holsters

    Agreed on both counts. I started with a Comp-Tac for my full size P320 in production, mainly because I didn't know about other holster makers like RHT. But the Comp-Tac couldn't handle my extended mag release for my P226 so I had to find an alternative, which is when I found RHT. Won't go back to anyone now that I have experience with the product and the people.
  6. Absolutely. Use what you have for sure, especially if that mag release style and feel is something you're used to.
  7. streckjc

    Sig X-ray-1 Sights

    Very true. Sometimes in a match I won't even see the sights at all for close up shots. All shot by feel or target focus.
  8. I'll grab a better picture of what it looks like now and post it so you can see it. But As Dingo said, it's black all the way through and has no issues being sanded down. Here's what it looks like from a picture I already had when I got it home. You can compare it to the initial image I posted at the beginning of the thread.
  9. streckjc

    X-five holsters

    RHT is so worth the wait. Love mine.
  10. That's really interesting. I use the Springer Precision extended mag release for my X5 and I really enjoy it. I have them on my 2 full-size P320's as well.
  11. Yup, that's what I'd look to do as well. I'll have a backup gun that's a bit different than my primary (X5 vs P320 w/ Magwell), so I got the holster and drop for it so all I'd have to do is swap that one large part out on my belt and I'd be good to go.
  12. streckjc

    Sig X-ray-1 Sights

    How's the sight picture? Does the curved rear notch bother you at all? That's my main thing is the rounded rear notch since every gun I own has a square notch. But the price I can get them for is super attractive and might be worth it.
  13. I have the Dawson on my P320’s and really like them. I’m sure those Trijicons are just fine, but Dawson is probably the most used FO sights around.
  14. streckjc

    Sig X-ray-1 Sights

    Does anyone here have any experience with the newer Sig X-ray-1 sights? Thinking about them for my 226 Elite SAO for competition. https://www.sigsauer.com/store/x-ray1-enhanced-day-sights.html
  15. streckjc

    Grayguns trigger kit?

    Sign up for email reminders at every single place that sells them if they’re out of stock. It took a couple months to get mine, but so far it’s been well worth it. Trigger pull down to about 3lbs 11oz and virtually no overtravel and a quick reset.
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