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  1. I don't know, but I've reached out to Rock Island to inquire. It's a Pro Match Ultra HC, which I call more of a 2011 clone than a pure 2011. The mags look more "normal" as well compared to the STI 2011 mags.
  2. It's a 2011 clone more than a true 2011. RIA Pro Match Ultra HC. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  3. I did a bunch of searching for ammo information, but I decided to post my inquiry to get more focused info from the forum. First off, I don’t reload and that’s not in my near future. So my inquiry is centered around buying fully created ammo. After some research on the forum and past inquiries with friends, I’ve created a list of ammo makers that aren’t the “big box” ammo makers (Federal is the lone exception due to their Syntech line). I don’t really have any desire to go “big box” so let’s stick with companies similar to my below list. Angel Fire Atlanta Arms Big Country Tactical Black Dot Epic Munitions Everglades Ammo Federal Syntech Fenix Ammo Freedom Munitions NC Shooters Oak Island Ammo Precision Delta Did I miss any companies similar to these? What are your impressions/experiences with the makers? Good, bad, ugly I’d like to know them all. Since I’m new to 40 S&W, I’m also interested to hear what you all think of the various grain weights (165, 180, 200) and what you think is the better option to help keep recoil down and to get back on target quicker. I’ll probably get a few boxes of each option to test myself in the pistol I’m getting (which is a pretty heavy pistol at 2.9lbs if that changes your reply at all) to see how it reacts to each one. But I’d still like to hear what you all think of the options and what your experiences have been.
  4. This begs a follow-up. I've never shot a 40sw before, only 45acp and 9mm. I've heard that 40sw is actually snappier than a 45acp (more difficult to control accurately, especially quickly). Is that accurate? I know many answers are "it depends on the gun," "it depends on the ammo," and "it depends on the shooter." But I'm asking in more general terms. I would be shooting Federal Syntech ammo as I do for 9mm and 45acp. I noticed the PF for the Syntech 40sw & 45acp is the same - 170. Obviously the 40sw is lighter and higher velocity. But that doesn't mean it's harder to control, at least in my pea-brain. So generically, is 40sw hard to control than a 45acp as I've heard?
  5. Thanks. It's on thing to think this but another to hear it from other shooters. I agree with it as well. I was mainly curious to hear what others thought and if they were things to consider that I didn't take into account.
  6. I'd be interested in using a 2011 type pistol of an STI caliber, but I've never seen them have mags about about 12-13 rounds. I'd be interested to know how many rounds he was running and if 16+ where he got them. Good to know that if one runs the gun properly, it's not a big deal. I agree archer/arrow comment.
  7. 1. I'm just talking about taking my 45acp ammo I use for SS. Not the actual gun itself. Although I could do that for L10 if I wanted to with longer mags. 2. I'm aware that there will be times when standing reloads or a "pause" in action may be required. I've had to do that as a newish shooter as it is. So right now I'm not so heavily worried about it. 3. I do it for fun mainly, but I do like to do well in my class and show well against those a class or two higher. I'll never compete with M/GM shooters at this point. 4. There would be virtually no out of pocket to do what I'm thinking about.
  8. Hey all, Has anyone ever seen someone shooting 45acp in Limited? Not L10, actually full-on Limited. I know most go 40sw for Limited major due to the larger capacity, but if you could get 16-18 rounds for a 1911/2011 pistol in 45acp is it even worth considering? I currently shoot 9mm in Limited due to only having 9mm or 45acp pistols in my safe. I've never actually shot 40sw before. I don't reload (and don't plan to any time soon) and shoot Federal Syntech for matches. I was thinking of taking the 45acp that I use for SS and shoot it for Limited major knowing I may have an additional reload possibility at local matches and for sure have one at a major match. I can run 16 round mags and base pads that would be +1 or +2 for 45acp, which isn't a ton less than my 20-21 round 9mm mag now or the 20-21 rounds for a 40sw mag (with proper base pads). Plus the PF between the 40sw & 45acp for Federal Syntech is the same at 175. I'm just trying to figure out if it's even worth considering knowing I shoot minor now and don't really want to add another caliber to my safe. For those of you who are laughing at this inquiry or think it's just dumb, please just pass on by. I think it's a legit question/inquiry and would like to know what the more experienced USPSA shooters think. I'm still new (only about 15 matches total over the past 2 years) and am looking for options to use stuff I have and not drop a ton to add another caliber and specialized pistol to the mix. So am I just being dumb here or is this something that's possible? I'm not going to be a GM or win Nats, but I'm just trying to compete as best as I can without getting a second mortgage to pay for something I'm not good enough to utilize. Thanks.
  9. I have the "standard" X5 with the GG competition trigger kit and really like it a lot. The pull is lighter and is down to 4lbs 6oz on average from around 7lbs to start. The reset is shorter (albeit not as short as I'd prefer, like my 226 SAO is). The over travel is pretty much gone. I do wish they'd just sell the kit without the trigger. I may get the Legion X5 and if so I'd keep the trigger (I do like the skeletonized version) but probably utilize the rest of the kit but would hate paying extra for a trigger I won't use. I have the Apex kit in my 320c and a 320f, but prefer the GG kit myself.
  10. streckjc

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    Try reaching out to GrayGuns to see if they'll sell their springs separately. Worse that can happen is they say no.
  11. streckjc

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    My X5 pull is down to 4lbs 6oz with this kit and nothing else. No over-travel and quick reset. https://grayguns.com/product/grayguns-p320-competition-trigger-kit/
  12. Yes, I found them before and as stated before they're too long to fit into the 140mm mag gauge to meet USPSA Limited Division specs. I love I can get 23 in them, but I need to still follow the rules in USPSA.
  13. I use Springer Precision base pads on my MecGar 18's. Raises the count to 21. If you use the Grams followers I think you can get to 22. I also have the Apex Tactical extended basepads that say they're for 40 S&W but fit my MecGar 9mm just fine. Ups the capacity to 23 from 18. But it doesn't fit the 140mm USPSA gauge which sucks. For the Sig 226 mags, those Apex basepads work and up the capacity from 15 to 20. Armory Craft also has basepads for the Sig mags. But they're only a plus 2.
  14. streckjc

    P320 X5 trigger options?

    GrayGuns Competition Trigger Kit. Pull is down to 4lbs 6oz average and breaks clean at 90* and no over travel. Great kit.
  15. streckjc

    X-five holsters

    I would have had to cut out a chunk of the holster to fit my extended mag release and get the entire pistol to "lock" into the holster. Just not worth the hassle and potential destruction of the holster. Just a choice we all make.
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