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  1. LOK does custom cuts for their grips, all you have to do is email their customer service and explain what you want.
  2. I prefer tekloks for the small adjustments I can make.
  3. I am really liking the Innovative Targets star. Uses a trailer hub for the bearing so its grease-able and easily replaced. The base has a built in paper stand for added no shoot fun and the star portion itself is removable so that you can put a spinner on.
  4. 36/70 coarse from amazon. Jb Weld as my adhesive, I was even able to build up a palm swell on my lim major gun. Works great in wet weather, after it cured I had to knock off some rough edges but no big deal. If you do the palm swell watch for runs as it dries, I had to reform the swell as it was curing.
  5. I used a 36/70 silica carbide mix. It's easy to hold even wet. I would like to add a palm swell on my next set, mainly because I like it on my limited gun and want the same feel on the SS gun.
  6. Roughnecks are more aggressive. If you want the most aggressive and make weight get a set of lok grips in whatever shape you want, apply JB weld and coarse silica carbide. It's not as rough as the PT evo micro pockets but it's more than enough. I have cuts and nearly bleeding in my hands from my coarse just from a basic local match with like 200rnds.
  7. I've done bags, backpacks, pull behind carts, and jogging strollers. For me I hated the dead weight with a cart and my shoulders got tired and sore with a bag or pack. Jogging stroller with big wheels was the easiest on me. Plenty of space for multiple shooters and if you shoot 3gun you can add ATV gun racks for your long guns.
  8. It's hard to beat LOK Roughnecks on a 1911. They even do custom palm swells just email their customer service and explain what you want they can make it happen.
  9. The description on their V3 grip says the ICE is a good choice for their grip. I would assume it needs small fitting, but you may get lucky. https://www.blackmountainfirearms.com/product-page/2011-pistol-grip-v3
  10. Another option is remove your muscles from the equation not allowing you to anticipate recoil and drive the gun down. Bring your gun up and roll your shoulders straight down dropping them into a little pocket. Forces your arms to move with your upper torso and helps eliminate some muscle during firing.
  11. I bought this one below. It has done a bunch of glocks and a few 1911/2011s and I think a buddy used it on his CZ. Its decent for the price and I haven't had any issues yet. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DMZDD6V/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Separate pins, rinse, throw on an old sheet in a big plastic bread tray with an industrial fan on it while the 1st batch is in an old dehydrator. Time varies by ambient temperature.
  13. Usually 2 pieces of wood between the vise jaws and the part if it can be crushed
  14. Anyone ever printed their own 2011 followers?
  15. Dawson adjustable with fiber optic color of choice for the front. I run them on all my comp guns now.
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