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  1. Just get a 9mm conversion mags and practice for cheaper, you will get more benefit from practice than a marginally more accurate barrel.
  2. Pushing a jogging stroller is easier than pulling a cart. Pick one up cheap/free on FB marketplace, add some ATV gun mounts, go use it.
  3. One gun has a Vanek trigger. Johnny glock can do the same if you call and explain what you are after. My other 34, Ive got a handfull on connectors and springs that I played with until I found exactly what I wanted. My 4.5Lb striker spring gets light strikes about ever 5k but I keep a rough count and a spare few in the range bag.
  4. Once you go from pulling all that stuff to pushing it in a stroller or cart you will wonder why you never switch sooner.
  5. Ive run hiperfire 24c, AR gold, CMC, JP, and a few others but I settled on the ELF 3gun trigger. It has been consistent even when gunked up from shooting suppressed, the wide flat trigger face with the ridges provides good contact in gloves or when its cold. Its adjustable and super easy to install and tune in the gun.
  6. You noticing any condensation with a trash bag? Area of country?
  7. sam_b

    Glock 34 holster

    RHT, get a double layered holster. You won't be disappointed. With that said my backup/loaner is a bladetech because it was much cheaper. Also support those who support us, RHT is a common match sponsor in the 3gun community.
  8. I sanded mine. Mainly because I wanted to remove the finger grooves and stay as small of profile as I could. When I did a friends he wanted me to just JB weld over his current stipple. Prep with alcohol or similar to remove any oils is the most important part. Once I applied everything and the JB weld got harder I added more silica carbide trying to force it into the areas of high friction where it tends to rub off. 60/90 mix super aggressive for long range days or classes but perfect for a match gun.
  9. I run my JP SCS without one per the instructions, but it ran fine with one in there. Its just an ease of assembly thing and I prefer to run them in my other rifles.
  10. Usually in load order candy caned on the caddie but if its a complex stage I will sometimes just run the chest rig or a different color caddie for the oddball stuff. It helps my slugs, buck, and bird are all different colors.
  11. Ive got one of these. https://www.voodootactical.net/voodoo-tactical-15-7622-56-3-gun-competition-padded-weapons-case.html If I am traveling to a match where I can drive to stages or a short walk I just work from the car, if I have to actually hike and carry everything for the day(major match I drive to) its the voodoo bag or a jogging stroller. Its usually a toss up between the stroller and the bag on which i will take, my bag tends to stay packed with all my gear minus the guns so that tends to be my go to. Also if I am taking new shooters to a local match I will take the stroller, I went with double gun mounts on each side so new shooters had more fun and didnt have to carry their guns as much.
  12. The deTurk 20 lite is hands down the best ive used. I am a smaller build and with just a simple neck strap it stays put on my chest for heavy shotgun stages even when running. My only complaint is I tend to share it alot and I am the only one who paid for it....but it was worth every penny.
  13. Like I said I used the hard/stiff cardboard but doing it again I will go with a cheap paintbrush, a little extra texture if any from the brush won't hurt. Will just need to be fairly stiff I would think. The only wear spots on mine are from where a ran a rifle slung for one stage in a weird position and the grit wore off in that area but I didn't lose any in any vital areas. Other than that It lost a bit just from initial use but its "settled" and hasn't lost anymore in about 1,000 rounds total since application.
  14. I did mine with the 24hr cure JB weld 2 part epoxy. The 2 small tubes version. Spread it with some stiff cardstock/cardboard to even it out and hung dry for 24hrs. It was still semi soft about 6hrs in so there was plenty of time to shape and apply the SC if I needed more time. As far as removing it, you really can't unless you grind it off back down to the plastic grip and reapply which is doable if the SC ever wears off.
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