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  1. I did! I think I purchased on a holiday and they were offering 2 free barrels so I just got all the 9mm barrels. Excited to try out a few different configs
  2. I think maybe they are referring to 9 minor? I know when I spoke to Casey 2 years or so ago they were hesitant about doing 9 minor open guns. FWIW, I’ll be shooting 3gun so will be shooting minor pf
  3. Thanks for the answers you guys! I ordered back in November and haven't heard anything since the order date so maybe I will go ahead and give them a call. I will say my SV took nearly 18 months a few years ago so ~7 months seems easy at this point. @Robertwil18 Those look awesome! Congrats!
  4. Apologies for opening this back up but has anyone gotten a Honcho shipped lately? Trying to get a feel for where the lead times are right now. Are they still hovering around that 7 months timeframe? Thanks!
  5. That is sort of what I figured and I kind of want to give it a try. Most guys I know shooting this platform shoot a micro dot like a razor/dpp/etc and there’s probably a pretty good reason for it aside from them being sponsored/paid shooters. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Thanks @inertia and @Blockader again. Great points. I currently shoot an SVI 5.4" SightTracker that I use in TacOps and LOVE it. It has, god, somewhere near 40k-50k rounds through it now? It has been fantastic. I am waiting (not patiently) on a Honcho and I will be playing with both the slide mounted with single port comp as well as the frame mounted with the single port comp - MAYBE the 3 port comp if I could somehow come up with a friendly load that would cycle that. The absolute primary priority I have is a holster. One of my earliest and least fond memories of 3Gun is getting DQd on Stage
  7. @Adamj and @Blockader I cannot thank you enough for these responses!! so incredibly helpful. Some fantastic information in here. I have a lot to learn. Very excited though!
  8. Hi All Relatively new to these forums so forgive me if this topic has been discussed ad nauseam. I have been shooting 3Gun for a while and stayed within the TacOps division for the last 5 years and had a blast. However, Open has always been on my mind, and after shooting a KL-12 I knew I needed to do it. I have committed and am waiting on a KL-12 NNS, an open 9mm pistol, and will be working over my JP rifle. This is where I wanted to ask the forum if any of you guys and girls have any tips/tricks to Open that maybe seem insignificant to you, but have really made things ea
  9. Thanks for the info! As a new Open-to-be shooter, there are a LOT of things that are new so all this knowledge helps a lot!
  10. That is awesome and sounds like exactly what I’m thinking. How do you like the fast fire for the shotgun?
  11. So I’m in search of an optic for my Dissident that is on its way. I’m going to be trying the Vortex Razor and the Holosun 510c. It might be a trial and error thing. I hope I like the Vortex Razor because I kind of want to stick with the same red dot for pistol, offset rifle, and shotgun as hard as that might be
  12. Paid a fair amount more for an SVI in 9mm as a purpose built 3Gun pistol. Pistol shooting is, by a fair margin, the hardest discipline in 3Gun and I know that’s a strong opinion but I have found that to be the case over the past 6 years of shooting 3Gun. It feels like cheating and has been rock solid through some very physically demanding matches where other 2011s have failed with mechanical issues. It was 100% worth the price considering how much majors can cost these days!
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