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  1. @Sarge do you have any idea where I could find an MRH? I PM'd around here and haven't heard much
  2. @ziebart I lost a belt a few years ago at MN Tri Gun on a stage..I was using a Safariland belt and I had previously thought that the velcro wasn't as good as it should have been or maybe that was due to the number of attachment holes on the belt. I ended up using a DAA belt that I drilled individual holes for where I wanted ELS mounts. It was ridiculous and isn't very adaptive but it seems to hold a lot better especially on long stages with 50 shells on my belt. Anyways, good tip and thank you!
  3. @Blockader & @usmc1094 Thank you friends. That is what I was going to try next. Thanks so much. Also playing with an FSTactical mag pouch to run a horizontal mag in the front. Trying everything to get it right. Thanks!!
  4. Question for those of you who have attached ELS clips directly to a magazine, how has that worked and do you have any tips? I got a few magazines so that I would have some to play with and modify. I have one magazine that I attached an ELS fork to directly but am getting SLIGHT interference on the inside with the magazine spring and I am worried that it will fail at the exact wrong time...any tips would be appreciated. I would love the idea of getting this to work but as a backup I will try the magazine pouches from FSTactical or the Dissident clips they sell. Thanks!
  5. FWIW I was notified that my gun will be ready around May 19. I ordered with the Veterans Day special so that will mark 28 weeks I believe.
  6. I did! I think I purchased on a holiday and they were offering 2 free barrels so I just got all the 9mm barrels. Excited to try out a few different configs
  7. I think maybe they are referring to 9 minor? I know when I spoke to Casey 2 years or so ago they were hesitant about doing 9 minor open guns. FWIW, I’ll be shooting 3gun so will be shooting minor pf
  8. Thanks for the answers you guys! I ordered back in November and haven't heard anything since the order date so maybe I will go ahead and give them a call. I will say my SV took nearly 18 months a few years ago so ~7 months seems easy at this point. @Robertwil18 Those look awesome! Congrats!
  9. Apologies for opening this back up but has anyone gotten a Honcho shipped lately? Trying to get a feel for where the lead times are right now. Are they still hovering around that 7 months timeframe? Thanks!
  10. That is sort of what I figured and I kind of want to give it a try. Most guys I know shooting this platform shoot a micro dot like a razor/dpp/etc and there’s probably a pretty good reason for it aside from them being sponsored/paid shooters. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Thanks @inertia and @Blockader again. Great points. I currently shoot an SVI 5.4" SightTracker that I use in TacOps and LOVE it. It has, god, somewhere near 40k-50k rounds through it now? It has been fantastic. I am waiting (not patiently) on a Honcho and I will be playing with both the slide mounted with single port comp as well as the frame mounted with the single port comp - MAYBE the 3 port comp if I could somehow come up with a friendly load that would cycle that. The absolute primary priority I have is a holster. One of my earliest and least fond memories of 3Gun is getting DQd on Stage 1 of a 3Gun Nation East Regional when my CZ jumped out of its USPSA style holster. I was frustrated and swore that would never happen and I have been running active retention ever since. I, like most 3gunners, run my gear way too hard. I prefer the long/terrain style matches (think Hard as Hell or Blueridge etc) so I will need to be finding something with retention and I really just don't know if there is a viable solution yet for frame mounted optic pistols. If someone out there knows better, PLEASE correct me. As for shotgun mags, I am still trying to figure that out as well. I haven't really thought about the shotgun set up only because I still don't have the Dissident, and based on their wait times, I have no idea when that will be. I have a feeling that getting the belt set up for that will require some creativity. This is all incredibly fantastic advice that I think any prospective-Open shooter would be glad to see. There is really not THAT much out there when it comes to getting into Open for 3Gun. Thanks guys!!
  12. @Adamj and @Blockader I cannot thank you enough for these responses!! so incredibly helpful. Some fantastic information in here. I have a lot to learn. Very excited though!
  13. Hi All Relatively new to these forums so forgive me if this topic has been discussed ad nauseam. I have been shooting 3Gun for a while and stayed within the TacOps division for the last 5 years and had a blast. However, Open has always been on my mind, and after shooting a KL-12 I knew I needed to do it. I have committed and am waiting on a KL-12 NNS, an open 9mm pistol, and will be working over my JP rifle. This is where I wanted to ask the forum if any of you guys and girls have any tips/tricks to Open that maybe seem insignificant to you, but have really made things easier/smoother or any gear that has saved you that you can’t go without. I would really welcome any and all advice at all for a new Open shooter. Thank you so much!
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