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  1. Hi George, mine is a .40 I’m using Missouri 140gr lead and LongShot powder.. still working on my loads atm.
  2. Hi, if your asking about the scope mount George 16 is correct but if it’s about the port holes.. in my opinion just go straight with MagNaPort. Just let them do standard autoporting. That’s what I have. How does it work for me... it has a significant difference and in all honesty every penny is worth it. Before I sent my upper to MagNaport I did a few basic test, double tap as fast as I can and see the pattern. When I got the slide back I did the same test.. second shot is a lot lower now. So from 13lbs recoil spring I went with 10lbs. to level the POI and using lower recoil spring it felt a lot smoother.
  3. That IPSC thumb rest is huge.. Cool gun! Nice to see we have similar set-up
  4. Thanks! It’s IPSC Alex Thumb Rest. The holes in the thumb rest actually lines up with the scope mount and after measuring my grip/hand that’s where we need to mount it.
  5. It’s a TS .40 ported it’s great just don’t go crazy putting too many holes or you won’t have enough pressure to control muscle rise.
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