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  1. lucas

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    The two best ways I know to test spring binding is pushing the spring plug all the way down to see if it contacts the guide rod head and with guide rod in gun with out spring pulling slide all the back , marking on the dust cover ,then with spring seeing if it ends up to the mark. It fails the first test but not the second test. I'm guessing but I think it might have something to do with the Dawson guide rod. My limited division 2011's in 40 and 45 all have longer spring plugs than the 9mm. I don't know if that's normal for 9 mm 2011's .
  2. lucas

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    Thanks for the help everyone, got it now.
  3. lucas

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    The spring will not allow the plug to compress down the guide rod until it contacts the guide rod head. The recoil spring binds up and stops short. Is that coil bound?
  4. My old spring is 9 pounds which is what the person who built the upper said it was. I purchased two new wolf 9 # springs and both are the same length but longer than the original. All springs tested around 9#. None of the new or old springs will allow the spring plug to bottom out. Both new springs have 37 coils and the old spring has 31 coils but visually only looks like it is 3 coils shorter. While running bill drills, the front sight seemed to not want to get down in the back sight notch fast enough like before so I assumed spring was used up. Now with the new spring it comes down in the notch but likes to wobble around more in the notch than before. I wonder if that is because the new springs being longer are not allowing the spring plug to bottom out?
  5. lucas

    Found a simple method to measure spring rate

    Recently I compared my 9# spring, currently in use ,to new ones. Recoil springs set after awhile and in my guns ,3 coil shorter is the norm. Yesterday I tested my current spring against two other new springs , just incase ,and all register the same poundage range.
  6. Who was the company who makes a 16 inch ar 15 barrel that has a gas length a bit longer than mid length ?
  7. lucas

    Taylor freelance problem

    Anyone doing a u tube on chamfering the legs of a colt magazine follower?
  8. lucas

    Taylor freelance problem

    I give up. I did all that was mentioned and all I got was 39rds that stuck the follower in the extension. I held the base pad in my hand looking at the follower in it and wondered how am I going to get it out, when stupidly I started to probe it with a small screw driver when it launched out. I can't find the follower. Any one know where I can purchase the follower only. The magazine came with my colt PCC when I purchased it years ago so it is a metalform I think.
  9. lucas

    Taylor freelance problem

    Where exactly do you file on the base pad or follower?
  10. I Can 't get more than 38 rounds in the magazines. The first mag is the newer type that are more black in color , which would not feed anyway,The second mag is older which also didn't work. They were both made by the same company who supplied colt . I also tried different tension on the screw, factory spring with and without bottom plate, and the longer mag spring Taylor recommended on the newer model magazine, which would jam after 5 to 7 rounds every time.
  11. lucas

    Blitzkreig Hydraulic Buffer

    I changed to the Blitzkrieg aswell for my 7.5 SBR. I settled on the 147gr that felt much softer and might be better if I run into another spinner. I tried the AR10 spring but went back to the carbine spring.
  12. lucas

    PCC Essentials

    Your absolutely correct that is one of the reasons not the only. By the way, If anyone wants their 2011firearm to work as intended use Dawson base pads which prevents over insertion. I apologize, I know this thread is about PCC's not pistols.
  13. lucas

    PCC Essentials

    It always sounds like, I,m the only one who has lost his concentration or made a mistake when something unexpected happened while running a stage and went to LRBO. Recently while engaged in a 48rd stage with my PCC, I unknowingly started with a my down loaded mag that was to be my reload, instead of my fully loaded mag to start and guess what happened? I like LRBO because when my bolt locked back I knew instantly to reload instead of hearing click first . USPSA pistol is when a lot people don,t want slide lock because most of us shoot 2011 STI pistols and they are afraid, although I,m not, that their mag will prematurely lock back for a couple of reasons which has never happened in rifles unless something is in disrepair.