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  1. I’ve done it with both 6.5 Creedmoor and 6 Creedmoor. Both 22” barrels and Factory Hornady Match ammo using ELD-M and ELD-X bullets. It’s surprisingly easy if you have good glass. Rifle: Rise Armament 1121XR (6 has Proof stainless barrel) Optic: Vortex Razor AMG 6-24x EBR-7b Mount/Bipod: Warne Skyline Actual distance was 1125 yds in Missouri with both calibers, then to 1050yds with 6.5 and past 1200 yds with 6 in Wyoming.
  2. We discussed this as an option when changing how the holsters would be made. The options were to either raise prices and offer discount codes, or keep prices the same and improve quality and finish without offering discount codes. When we discussed it, Adam agreed with many of us that the discount codes artificially lower the prices and it would be better for EVERY customer if the prices remained at current levels with expensive improvements made to the gear instead of only lowering prices for those that knew one of us that was sponsored. This is a policy I have discussed with, and recommended to my other sponsors as well.
  3. https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/ammunition/performance-standard/40s-w-180gr-fmj-long-remanufactured-match-pack/ If not going to load .40, like me, it’s hard to beat! The ammo cans are great to reuse for the calibers I reload too.
  4. Warne Skyline bipod with ARCA compatible head, and using an Area419 ARCALOCK rail on the bottom of my handguard. It was good enough to crush long range at the Vortex/ShootersSource match and is the same setup I'll use for the Vortex Extreme and PRS.
  5. With a frame mounted dot and thumbrest, I'd opt for the Limcat holster Scott Greene is using. I shoot for Weber Tactical, a kydex holster maker.....if I get a frame mount open gun, I'm buying a Limcat holster for it because I know just how absurd it would be to try to make a good open holster that worked with more than just one specific setup of open gun.
  6. If you're looking at a 3-gun pistol, the region of the country you shoot in and the targets/distances you shoot may make the Hyperion more or less enticing. It's a nice pistol, like most higher end 2011's, and shoots well with 9mm. I'd personally want a longer sight radius for the matches that I shoot, as I tend to shoot smaller targets and further away. I fully understand the different sized sights and how it's supposed to replicate a longer sight radius, but I still prefer a longer sight radius. I personally shoot a 3G Honcho and prefer the 5.4" length with irons, and my backup gun is a Hayes 5.4"...my only shorter 2011 has already been sold. As for retention and holsters. I prefer a hooded holster for 3-gun and a non-hooded holster for USPSA. I got both via Weber Tactical, and with full width frames and slides, zero fitment issues and no inserts required. I like the idea of race holsters and they should work well for most, but I still see the release being something that can be hit when unslinging a long gun.
  7. Do you have an accuracy or supply problems with the other bullets you listed? When I was in college, a professor mentioned a common phrase that seems to fit here as well. I mentioned, that my shoulder hurt when I made a certain movement..... he simply said "stop doing that" If the bullets you mentioned work perfect in your gun, why not just stick with them? The PD bullets are less expensive than the MG bullets you mentioned too.
  8. After loaning out my backup 2011’s at multiple matches to people who have broken links in those matches, I’ll stand by my statement.
  9. Patent pending with NDA signed on one part. extractor is Aftec
  10. To answer your question: The barrels are 100% machined in house and designed to work without a link, a weak point in the 1911/2011 design. Fitting barrels with the linkless system is different than traditionally found with a linked barrel. The barrels are single piece units, so there is no piece to thread onto barrels for sight blocks or comps....SO, no comps falling off, spinning loose, or attempting to thread them onto the .40 barrel. The slide remains a constant with the system, which is manufactured in house as well, and you will not get a varying amount of wear with one slide versus another. Barrel fit is consistent enough from barrel to barrel that I can swap between my 9mm irons barrel and my .40 irons barrel without having to adjust my rear sight. Tolerances throughout are maintained well enough that I can shoot my pistol in 9mm irons, swap to .40 irons with the same point of impact, swap the rear sight module off to mount the red dot with the 9mm comped barrel, maintain zero, then swap back to 9mm/.40 irons and the rear sight module while retaining zero. To do so, I use a torque driver set to 20in/lb and torque everything the same each time. Because of tech used, I've yet to use, or need, loctite for my screws when mounting either the rear sight module or red dot with receiver plate. I hope that answers your question, but if it doesn't, please let me know and I will try to get you the information you need.
  11. That's gotta be a Honcho-Mini in .22....... or Sanders squatch-gripped the Honcho and made it look tiny.
  12. Bring it by the office when there's some time to spare and we can get it all set up.
  13. I have openings this afternoon and my schedule tomorrow is pretty open. If you want to call in dead to work Friday, come by to get adjusted, then at noon, a couple unwashed 3-gunners are coming by the office to meet up and drive to the office. We are just getting dope for rifles and checking zero's for pistol and rifle to make some longer shots in Texas (100-125yd with pistol). If we get done in time, might hit BulletHole for indoor USPSA, and maybe Higginsville USPSA Saturday. You're welcome to join.
  14. PSSSSST......you're in KCMO right? Come shoot mine, I'm in KCMO. If you want to dryfire and check one out, my office is near Zona Rosa and I have areas to dryfire in the office. Mine is the 3G model with slide ride dot, so I don't have the 38 barrel or frame mount. It's currently set up for Open so I can shoot the Vortex / Shooters Source match in Texas next, but it takes 2-3 minutes to swap it over to irons if you want to try it like that as well. I keep all the parts and mags with me.
  15. Use cheap/bulk brass cased 55gr for hoser, it will be close enough to your heavy bullets. Find a handload or factory 68-77gr .223 that shoots well in your gun, chrono it, test it at various distances, and use that only for small and long range targets. Burning the good stuff on hoser paper just wastes money.
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