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  1. Another vote for the KKM barrel. Have one for my G40. With factory ammo it was super light recoiling and super accurate.
  2. It’s you. The Spartan was a Filipino gun...cast frame and maybe cast slide. The Para is nothing but a rebranded Para...not seeing the increase in quality there. Simplifying manufacturing doesn’t mean reduction in quality.
  3. GeneralChang

    P320 X5 Thread

    What kind of accuracy have you gotten out of your X5?
  4. Thanks John for the goodwill and kind words, for the record, we are NOT "out going forward".
  5. We tried to do our best and I think we had a good match albeit with some hiccups. We'll try to manage schedules and logistics along with communication better next time. 70+ FFL items on the prize table...that was a sight to see. I'd like to thank everyone that made the match possible, STI and all our vendors were extremely generous. Thank you competitors, hope you had a fun match. While this is a forum, I really wish we could have heard this at the match. Chad you know me, you could have said something about it at the match. Sheldon Carruth
  6. Hi everyone, we are steadfastly working on getting registration up and running on our site, we have experienced some server issues but we should have everything up and running by Wednesday at the latest. It's going to be a great match, apologies for the inconvenience. Hope to see you in April!
  7. Anyone know of a holster in production yet?
  8. If you shoot an STI product and wear apparel that meets STI's logo requirements you may be entitled to STI products. Read more here however we are working on finalizing details for this match as it generally applies to USPSA Divisional Class Winners...more on that later.
  9. It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2014 STI Texas Multigun Championship where we'll be commemorating Congressional Medal of Honor Winners. STI has come through for us in a big way and we are proud to have them on board. More details to follow.
  10. Yes we have 2 lowlight stages. Lights will be provided by Surefire for the stage. Competitor will have the option to utilize a hand held light or weapon mounted light.
  11. The iBook format only works on iPads...Sorry for any inconvenience.
  12. Match booklet in iBooks http://www.texasmultigun.com/TXMG/Media/Default/MatchBooklets/TXMG%20Matchbook%202013.ibooks
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