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  1. I was running a 3 gun match and started getting odd questions from one of the open shooters that normally would do quite well on options. On the first stage everyone was pre loading shotguns and getting ready to go. He walks buy with a magfed shotgun and rifle with a bipod and a glock 27 on his hip. He had a brand new DVC Open on his belt when he was asking questions in the morning. He had driven 2 hours to the match and forgot his magazines for the 2011. I made a better friend that day when I told him I had spare mags in my car. He has never forgotten them again.
  2. You have no idea how often we had this happen at our matches but it was most common with shotguns. People would have a dummy round or two that they would leave in the gun from practice and on the first stage it would totally throw off the whole plan. It gets them out of place on their stage plan and then the gun locks open and a round falls out. We had a few new people stop they thought the gun was broken.
  3. They get dinged up a little over time but they aren't hard to clean up or have re coated.
  4. I have been loading plated for a 5" sig 1911 and it has always shot accurately. But I always watch the crimp. We shoot some longer steel on days when not a lot of guys show up. Just watch for under sized bullets order 4000 off gun broker a few years ago and they measured .354. They didn't shoot well in anything.
  5. If the weather is bad and I don't feel like taking an over under I take my 3 gun versamax. And it shoots so much softer then my over under. My only complaint is I have to pick up my shells. But what ever you had for 3 gun should get you out their and people will always offer to let you try theirs then you will get a better idea of what you want.
  6. It really depends on your strength as well. I am 6'5" and was shooting a short dust cover and added a stainless grip from PT it didn't increase my draw time. My wife is 5'2" and wanted the same grip because of how soft my gun shot. but it added .17 to her draw. So we went with a Shorty open with the short dust cover and let the comp do the work of keeping the gun on target.
  7. I started with the 4moa but only liked it with new batteries. It is nice if you are plinking and trying to take longer shots on small targets.
  8. I have 2 of the surefires and they work great most of the time. One of the guys I shoot with has a few of the D60's and they all worked great even with Binary trigger doing mag dumps. He did have one break but magpul took care of him. With all of the cases rolling on each other they have to be kept clean. I got some sand in one and it had some malfunctions until I got it cleaned out.
  9. We have the opposite problem up hear. We have a guy that brings a 2 headed Mr. heater to matches in the winter. He sets the tank behind his shooting bag and faces the burners back towards the handle of his cart. Everyone on his squad passes by his cart on the way back from picking up frozen steel especially when you have to did them out of the snow.
  10. The alpha X was a huge improvement over the original racer master that I started with. It allows a lot more mobility and with the magnetic block it even allows for reholstering.
  11. I ran the Q12 on the QLS fork. With all or the adjustability between the caddy and the holes on the fork you can adjust it to just the right angle.
  12. I did this for heavy and got a little to ambitious with cutting the polymer. you have to be care full that the shell catch has some thing to push the shell against on the opposite side I took too much and had to fill it back in to the right depth with epoxy. I was getting double feeds and couldn't figure out why and it only took a thin layer of epoxy and it has not had a double feed for a year.
  13. We always try to run steel no closer then 30 ft. Any closer and you get more and more splatter. I've seen them shot a lot closer but I have also picked pieces of splatter out of my arms. If the poppers stay undented with no pitting it helps a lot.
  14. Because the Versa max runs everything, 90% of the shells we run through it are the steel ones.
  15. When we got into 3 gun my wife went through 3 shotguns before settling on her Versamax. It started malfunctioning after about 6000 rounds and it was recommended that I should be switching out all of the springs every year. Since then it has been very reliable. I order a full set from Brownells and file off any burs and clean up the internals that I don't replace every 5000 rounds. This year she started having problems only a 1000 rounds after a tune up. The shells have actually worn at groove into the side of the receiver and starting to cause the lifter to hang up because the lifter is having to push the shell up out of the groove. I have tried to smooth out the groove with a drummel and it is working but the reliability my not be perfect so I think this one might get retired.
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